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  1. meysam25 says:

    i find out how you can download your psvita game with internet download manager
    if this is interest for you plz let me know

    • meysam25 says:

      i mean you can download your vita game by intenet download manager with full speed and some how copy pkg file to your vita and your vita will install that game

  2. Yoav says:

    I created a new PSN account for my new PS4, and since the US store is much cheaper than the one in my country, I decided to open the account on the US. I don’t have an american credit card, but since it’s possible to use US PSN gift cards instead of using a credit card, I thought I should try it.

    So then i tried getting the 14-day trial for PSN+ and some free apps such as SHAREfactory and P.T. But PSN wanted me to add a credit card to my account.. So I did.
    Now, because i’m not from the US I have no American billing address, So I used a fake American billing address, and thought, it’s free, they’re not gonna charge me anything so they won’t contact the bank about my real billing address..
    Was that thought true? Do you know if they do check my real billing address even though everything i downloaded was free?
    Also, if they end up checking my billing address, and i have to create a new account, how do I avoid entering my credit card again? Can I just input a gift card code without ever entering a credit card?

    Thanks in advance, Yoav.

  3. arcangelnew says:

    Guys, I know it could be a hoax, but why you had’t published the sky3ds card info on the main page (it could be posted as rumor), but I believe it could be important for some folks out there.

  4. Lauraine says:


    I’d like to inquire if it’s possible to purchase advertising space on

    If there is any space available please let me know and we could discuss further details.

    Looking forward to your positive reply.



  5. Hi!
    I want to ask a couple of questions. How can I call you?


  6. Q13E5 says:

    I has psvita version 3.18, i has patapon 2 on it, i has the patapon 2 exploit for psvita, and the latest version of content manager refuses to connect to my psvita. can someone assist me? I would like an older version of content manager if possible.

  7. Dear Sirs.

    My name is Pedro Miranda and I represent Nowads, a group that belongs to Clever Advertising Group lda.
    I would like to buy advertising spaces on your website and our main interest is in interstistal, pop-under and layer corner.

    We can work with a fixed monthly fee value or pay as CPM (cost per mille).
    Our products ( Fan Duel, daily fantasy football, MLB, NBA, NHL, leagues, Gambling, Gaming and Shooping sites) only open once every 24H, per IP.

    In either case, we can pay upfront as we are looking for a long-lasting relationship.

    You can see an exemple of our products here:

    If you are interested I am available to answer any question you may have.

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  8. Anthony says:

    plex is now available in the app store from playstation 4.

  9. Hellinferno says:

    By the way,i will buy tales of innocence r next year,and i will let you know how is the game,thanks for all your help i apreciate that.

  10. wololo says:

    Calm down please, this is probably a simple issue. You make it sound as if I intentionnally sc*** up with your account.

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