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872 Responses

  1. ravi says:

    hi everyone ………………….my problem is i buyed ps vita last year from shanghai that is a hong kong version till now i tried so many time but i can not able to install any hombrew……but i manage to copy it on my ps vita but at last nothing is shown on my psv i donot know wats wrong i done with my psv……….if anybody read this message plz give reply me on mail( )…….i will be very thankfull to you.

    • dude says:

      dude, you can’t just put it in the vita and make it work that easily. You need more knowledge about homebrews. Read some more articles.

  2. Zik says:

    hi guy wanted to help our category in this case to find out more one plays it possible to accept the unlock c send me by email a tutorial how to change the save of the game which would be the games that could be exploited cade need more of a tnv


  3. Herman says:

    Hi Wololo Team
    I just bought an ps vita, what do i need to do to play my old psp umd’s on my ps vita.

  4. ceknorris00 says:

    Hi wololo team…..
    I was wondering why you could not make for firmware Version 3.01 (ps vita) an exploit on fifa 2014
    thank you very much

  5. zik says:

    hi how to have a new exploit for 3:01????

  6. Gionny says:

    Hello wololo. I wanted to know what you put on the ps3 to adjust the fan speed. I saw your mod and I did the same. But I need the tutorial for the fan speed. Could you help me wololo? Thank you. ;)

  7. George Sam says:

    I am on 3.01.I haven’t bought any of the exploited games.Whenever i go to the psn to download them ,the system asks for the update.So, how can i download them now ??? Please help me asap

  8. Gionny says:

    Wololo aspect news thanks ;)

  9. ErikPshat says:

    Please help me! For some reason I can not get long forum. When you try to go at me every time show this page: (viewtopic.htm – open in brouser)
    Like I did not do anything wrong.

    Thanks if you can hear me!

    • wololo says:

      Can you try with a different browser? It seems our antispam tool thinks you’re a russian bot. I realize that system is blocking legit Russian users like you, Sorry for that :(

  10. wajid says:

    hi wololo
    i had bought ps vita few months ago
    i want to hack ps vita plss help me..
    current firmware of my ps vita is 3.12

  11. eric evans says:

    hiu guys its like my 3rd time of askin for help now… well i have a ps vita on firmware 3.01… last time i updated it any how lol… i have the numblast game i purchased but icant download it to my vita so how could i go about that if its possible n yes im a premium member as well… any help would be greatly appreciated please n thank email me at in regards to it please and thank you

  12. Iriez says:

    the xbone hack news is false. I have posted to clarify matters. Could you please remove the news topic so the information stops spreading and/or update a new post with the information i’ve provided in the maxconsole forums?


  13. russo says:

    hola,hay algun exploit nuevo para ps vita 3.12????

  14. deathblade200 says:

    been having problems logging in recently getting a 403 forbidden page with this text

    The detected reason(s) you were blocked are:
    No registrations, or logins, from hosts listed as hostile on Stop Forum Spam ( (local block).

    I had no problem logging in until about a week ago I thought it might have just been an error but I am still unable to login

  15. Wolfmade says:

    Yo, can’t access /talk, getting this:

  16. Gonzalo Aguiar says:

    Sign the petition for release Final Fantasy Type-O on PSVITA! Vita’s owners must be respected

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