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  1. Toby says:

    Hello , i rly like magic and i would like to try this out , but i dont own a psp
    so is it possible to play wagic throught Psp emulator , and if it is could u tell me how.


  2. wololo says:

    Hi toby, I see 3 solutions :
    – for the PC, you can try the excellent freeware “MTGForge” (just google it)
    – There is a Psp emulator around here, but I’m not sure it will work with wagic :
    – Wagic has a PC version, but it is crappy… I’ll try to include it in the next release, though

  3. bob says:

    Does this work on firmware 3.95?

  4. wololo says:

    @bob : haven’t tested myself, but I have reports on it working on 4.01, and I myself have 3.71, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on 3.95

  5. ShaggyZE says:

    Nice, its about time someone started on a magic the gathering for psp since wizards of the coast never did care for making good versions of magic on multiple platforms…
    keep up the good work and i’ll help to provide any bugs i come across.

  6. kupomogli says:

    Hey. Played your Magic the Gathering and it’s both good and true to the original game.

    There is one thing I’m curious about. Have you ever played the XenoCard mini-game on Xenosaga? I honestly think it’s the best alternative to Magic that I’ve ever played and it’s actually pretty deep.

    XenoCard has 148 cards(small list I know,) but you get to create a deck of 40 cards and it’s pretty in depth for the types of the cards. There’s also a very detailed guide within game as well.

    Because of how you have your Wagic setup, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to set XenoCard up so it’d play just like on Xenosaga. If someone was to go through all the menus and the instructions screens so you could see every screen, do you think you could remake this game for the PSP? I could record a video.

    Email me back. Curious as to what you think.

    -andrew- -kupomogli-

  7. wololo says:

    Hi kupomogli, sorry to disappoint you, but I have no current plan to do any other card game, mainly because of my lack of time.
    I believe that the engine I created could be modified to play other card games, but in all honesty, it is currently really tied to the rules of Magic… Someone with lots of motivation could easily adapt the sources, though.

  8. Game Master says:

    Hi could you help me I was working on putting some cards into the game and wondered how you would go about doing a card like (Scion of the Wild) which it’s toughness and strength are */*. Other than that I haven’t any other problem with it.

    I also would like to say that you did an awesome job on this game thanks.

  9. wololo says:

    hi Game Master.
    You cannot add a card such as Scion of the wild without adding it to the code currently.

  10. hi wololo just wanted to say i checked out your new forum, it’s very good, i just registered and posted the first topic on it as well,

    now c’mon guys if your fans of magic or his homebrew, join his forum now, just click his link at the top of the page

  11. jc21 says:

    where can i download cards???

  12. felix says:

    A adhoc modus would be great. so you can play again other Players.

  13. wololo says:

    See my post that explains why I’m not working on adhoc yet :

  14. Ryan says:

    This is an ambitious project. I would have thought nobody would ever try to make this happen.

    I’m very grateful for your efforts.

    Thank you.

  15. carlos says:

    First… Congratulations for all
    so cool your homebrew! thanks for this present!!
    have how i put new cards?

    what i need for put new cards, a software… or what?
    thanks again!!

    ps:sorry for my english i am brazilian

  16. wololo says:

    Carlos, see the forum for new cards

  17. carlos says:

    Hi! i am again from Brazil
    sorry i don t have see before the forum

    I want to give an idea for you,
    it is on the Shop, it could be different it is flat to have to be looking of 4 in 4 letters, it could be how the menu of mounting the deck or a list with bar of rolling and to the side the figure already with the price
    I wait what like and not understand badly! this one very good your homebrew

    sorry for my english

  18. carlos says:

    Letters NO! looking of 4 in 4 CARDS

  19. wololo says:

    Hey Carlos, the shop is here to give you a “reason” to win games against the AI. Like a real magic shop, you won’t find all the cards you want at a given time, it is part of the game.
    The price is also kept a secret until you display it, for some statistics reason

  20. carlos says:

    hi!! again
    Beautiful work !!! with 0.3.1
    happy merry christmas!!

  21. Hey,
    I really love your homebrew and I was thinking. How about a Dutch translation for this game? Sinds I am from The Netherlands I could do the translations 😛
    There are lots of ppl waiting for a Dutch translated version of this homebrew. Let me know by e-mail if you accept my offer 😀

    Many cheers,


  22. wololo says:

    I replied to you by email, but just so everyone know, if you want to translate the game :
    1) currently you cannot translate the game menus, etc, unless you recompile the game
    2) regarding cards, you can translate the texts, but be careful not to translate card names, abilities, types and subtypes. These are used by the code.

    The easiest thing right now I think, would be to either translate the “text=” lines in _cards.dat, or to find card pictures in your own language (which I believe has been done for German and French).

    I might try to ease the translation process in the future if I find the motivation to do it.

  23. JayzenFreeze says:

    help me understand how to use the real images i need it the way it was

  24. Malloxis says:

    hey i think i made an exploit for psp 3000 the sims 2 not the sims 2 pets check it out maybe you could help

  25. Timothy says:

    hey we seriously need to talk more i already have a pic exploit for 5.50 i will sighn up for dark alexe like i said before i can get threw any protection you put out sony lol please email me lets do the damn thing

  26. Malloxis says:

    Hey wololo i wanted to give you direct thanks beacuse im done because of those a-holes i wont be realeasing my 5.50 pic exploit either but i wanted to say thanks to you and if you i wouldent have done this without your help and your methods if wouldent mind tell everyone who didnt insult me thanks f freeplay miatiaz is cool thanks him and everyone else who didnt forget me i can make these easy and not braging but i really do make these in a hour and dont go back i literaly could make these everyday thanks to you dont forget meee…..

  27. wololo says:

    Then don’t brag about it if you don’t plan to release it, otherwise people will call you a faker

  28. Brendan says:

    Just would like to report a glitch. Whenever I play the card Rockcaster Platoon the game crashes. Also, when using Filigree Sages effect, which doesn’t cause it to tap, the game taps it. Thanks for the hard work!

  29. wololo says:

    Thanks, I’ll have a look :)

  30. Charlie says:

    Hey great job with this release and I think carlos up there was talking about a scroll bar when you buy a booster so you know when you reach the end of it. Honestly once i see the card stop moving i figure its done anyways but eh lol. Anyways I was wondering if there was any official date or any news on the next update (mana burn ugh XD). Well keep the great work I’ll try to think of other things that I can maybe be of assistance to you as I know coding something on your spare time is suckish.

  31. S1mm3 says:

    Hello wololo

    About Finding gamesaves exploits on the psp:

    I understand the strings, chars, ..etc

    you said if you have an array of size 10, and try to write 11 elements in it,
    you’ll have a buffer overflow of 1 element…. and this can give interesting

    then: a very popular way…. is to put a long string somewhere.

    these all are okay, and I also have good basics of python and C++
    but the question is do I write this string somewhere in the savegame
    according to something ? or just write any long string anywhere in the savegame and try to find a crash ?

    like when I open the savegame in a hex editor, then just write this long string randomly anywhere ?

    thank you for the great website that finally made me understand some basics of finding exploits


  32. S1mm3 says:

    btw, Is finding exploits in savegames the only way available, the safest way to avoid bricks or what ?

    I really want to help 😐

  33. wololo says:

    Hey S1mm3.
    Randomly inserting a string somewhere in the (decrypted) savegame file is *also* a way to find crashes and exploits. Inserting it at the position of the player’s name is usually suggested because there’s a better chance to have a security hole at this place than any other.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the “avoid bricks” things. If your question is “will I brick if I look for exploits?”, I’d say that if that happens to you, you are very unlucky. There’s always a possibility, of course, but that would basically mean that you found a kernel bug (so, a possibility of a kernel exploit)…

    Anyways it’s always safer to look for those on a fully hackable PSP.

  34. S1mm3 says:

    about the “avoid bricks”, no I did not mean “will I brick if I look for exploits?”
    AT ALL, what I mean when I said “IS IT THE ONLY WAY”, so I mean did you suggest this way to avoid bricks or “It is impossible to try to find exploits by hexing a video game itself or maybe hexing system files instead of the savegame” :)

    so is it possible ?

  35. wololo says:

    Yes, definitely. You can hexedit mp3 files, mp4 movies, images (a few exploits were found in .tiff files), html file (to use in the browser), game Demos… Basically, anything that is on your memory stick is a potential source of fun :)

  36. Allen says:

    Hey! I just found out about this program and it’s cool, but I think you should link to the x64 versions of the Visual Studio redistributables. It took me a second to figure out why I couldn’t get it working in Windows.

  37. nakano says:

    I started testing Wagic today. Really liked the game, but some bugs/usability problems were a little annoying. I run into this bug, but someone reported it already:
    – Enemy attacks and I can choose the blockers.
    – I use speciality of Orcish Artillery. Orcish Artillery should remain tapped, but it immediately untaps and I can cheat by using the same speciality again.

    These would be two minor improvements that would improve Wagic’s usability. First of all, the damage taken animation (and/or sound effect). Also different animation for healing if there isn’t. Hadn’t the chance to test it yet. In addition, a possibility to lower the number in the Option’s menu by pressing [X].

    Otherwise, I certainly enjoyed the game.

  38. Bill says:


  39. wololo says:

    Thanks Malloxis, I’ll check that :)

  40. wololo says:

    Hey Malloxis, sorry I checked, and I believe your crash can’t lead to an exploit, check the article at: where I explain why BMP files can’t lead to exploits.

  41. Brad Pulaski says:

    hi wololo,

    your gui is simply amazing but my only concern is if i can play it without the shop

    for you see i want to test my t2 constructed deck ideas and the shop feature

    seems to unable testing with my decks. i want to know if i can play wagic

    already with all the cards and sets on it without buying them with credits from

    the shop.

    sincerely, Brad

  42. wololo says:

    hi Brad. A few tricks to cheat can be found on the forum. Basically the only thing you have to do is add all the cards to your “collection.dat” file

  43. Brad Pulaski says:

    oh ok i see haha didn’t know how it was compiled i looked in and i figured it out

    also i added baneslayer angel to the m10 database although couldnt figure out

    protection from dragons and demons thanks though it is really an amazing


  44. malloxis says:


    Exception – Bus error (data)
    Thread ID – 0x049DE573
    Th Name – user_main
    Module ID – 0x049E5843
    Mod Name – psu
    EPC – 0x08AB1AC0
    Cause – 0x1000001C
    BadVAddr – 0x73BFFDD7
    Status – 0x60088613
    zr:0x00000000 at:0xDEADBEEF v0:0x00100200 v1:0x00000001
    a0:0x091BFF20 a1:0x00524E00 a2:0x00000015 a3:0x00000000
    t0:0x00000000 t1:0x00000000 t2:0x08FA250E t3:0x00100200
    t4:0x00000001 t5:0x08FB27C0 t6:0x00000000 t7:0xDEADBEEF
    s0:0x08AD3CC8 s1:0x08FBBBD0 s2:0x08FBC014 s3:0x08FBC05C
    s4:0x09FFF2B4 s5:0x00000053 s6:0xFFFFFFFF s7:0x00000000
    t8:0xDEADBEEF t9:0xDEADBEEF k0:0x09FFFB00 k1:0x00000000
    gp:0x08CCA020 sp:0x09FFF220 fp:0x094943F8 ra:0x08AB1AB0
    0x08AB1AC0: 0x8C490000 ‘..I.’ – lw $t1, 0($v0)


    host0:/> host0:/> Loading all modules … Ready
    Exception – Address load/inst fetch
    Thread ID – 0x049DE573
    Th Name – user_main
    Module ID – 0x049E5843
    Mod Name – psu
    EPC – 0x0895224C
    Cause – 0x10000010
    BadVAddr – 0xF81DF7C3
    Status – 0x60088613
    zr:0x00000000 at:0xDEADBEEF v0:0xF81DF7C3 v1:0x00000000
    a0:0x00000001 a1:0xF81DF7C3 a2:0x00000042 a3:0x00000030
    t0:0x00000042 t1:0x00000000 t2:0x00000000 t3:0xFFFFFFFF
    t4:0x00000004 t5:0x80808081 t6:0x00000001 t7:0x09FFEF74
    s0:0x00000000 s1:0x09FFF490 s2:0x00000042 s3:0x00000042
    s4:0x00000000 s5:0x09FFF580 s6:0x00000000 s7:0xDEADBEEF
    t8:0x091D42CC t9:0x00000001 k0:0x09FFFB00 k1:0x00000000
    gp:0x08CCA020 sp:0x09FFF480 fp:0x09FFFA90 ra:0x08952234
    0x0895224C: 0x8CA20000 ‘….’ – lw $v0, 0($a1)


    host0:/> Loading all modules … Ready
    Exception – Address load/inst fetch
    Thread ID – 0x049DE577
    Th Name – user_main
    Module ID – 0x049E5845
    Mod Name – psu
    EPC – 0x08AB1AC0
    Cause – 0x10000010
    BadVAddr – 0x0400011F
    Status – 0x60088613
    zr:0x00000000 at:0xDEADBEEF v0:0x0400011F v1:0x00000001
    a0:0x091BFF20 a1:0x00524E00 a2:0x00000015 a3:0x00000000
    t0:0x00000000 t1:0x00000000 t2:0x08FA250E t3:0x0400011F
    t4:0x00000001 t5:0x08FB27C0 t6:0x00000000 t7:0xDEADBEEF
    s0:0x08AD3CC8 s1:0x08FBBBD0 s2:0x08FBC014 s3:0x08FBC05C
    s4:0x09FFF2B4 s5:0xFFFFFFFC s6:0x00000030 s7:0x00000000
    t8:0xDEADBEEF t9:0xDEADBEEF k0:0x09FFFB00 k1:0x00000000
    gp:0x08CCA020 sp:0x09FFF220 fp:0x094943F8 ra:0x08AB1AB0
    0x08AB1AC0: 0x8C490000 ‘..I.’ – lw $t1, 0($v0)

    are these anygood

  45. wololo says:

    @malloxis: These 3 crashes do not look obviously exploitable to me, but I would need to see the file that caused them to be entirely sure.

    Examples 2 and 3 involve an “inst fetch” command, which is always better than a bus error (example 1).

    The question is then: can you put whatever you want in the value v0 ?
    currently it is 0xF81DF7C3(example 2) and 0×0400011F (example 3) which don’t look like you have any kind of control on them, but it deserves to be analyzed a bit more.

  46. Logan says:

    When I tried to download the Final Saga theme for WTH using the link you provided, an error occurred (file not found). Do you happen to know what’s the issue?

  47. wololo says:

    @Logan: maybe the file’s been removed, I will check.
    The file will be in Wagic’s next official release though, so don’t worry :)

  48. Logan says:

    ah, one more thing: how can I import my data from an older version of wagic to version 0.9.1? I want to upgrade without losing anything..

  49. Logan says:

    (I forgot to say that I’m playing Wagic on PSP)

  50. wololo says:

    ok, so first, do a backup of your original wagic folder.
    Then create a new folder where you’ll put Wagic 0.9.1
    Then from your old version, copy Player/* and settings/* to the corresponding directories in Wagic 0.9.1
    It *should* be enough, but I’m not entirely sure since we changed the setting files a lot between 0.8.1 and 0.9.1. You might have to unlock some things again, but at least you will still have your collection and your decks (they are in Player/)

    If you have images of cards, you can copy them from sets/*/, but be careful NOT to overwrite the cards.dat of 0.9.1 with those of 0.8.1. For cards, the safest way is to take everything from your old version, THEN overwrite it with the ones from 0.9.1.

  51. Logan says:

    got it, thanks a lot for your help!

  52. Logan says:

    Hi wololo, it’s me again 😛

    So, I did exactly what you told me, and in fact now many expansion sets need to be re-unlocked, but this doesn’t bother me that much. On the contrary, what DOES bother me is that even if I have unlocked some expansion sets, the shop will sell me only E10, RV or TMP packs/cards. Where could be the problem? maybe in the difference between the old and the new setting files? any ideas on how to fix this?

    I experienced also a minor problem regarding the translation: I set the italian _lang.txt as my language file, and immediately noticed that the various menus are mostly only partially translated (some items are displayed in italian while many others remain displayed in english, if you try yourself you’ll see what I mean). Could it be that the language files are somehow obsolete for the latest release? (Anyway, I offer myself to provide a more accurate IT translation if need be, as I’ve found many minor mistakes).

    That’s all, thank you and sorry if it took this long!

  53. Cyberpunk says:

    Hi Wololo, congratulations for you amazing homebrew… but, I’ve never been to Magic. Do you plan on making a pokemon version of the homebrew? thanks!

  54. wololo says:

    Hi Cyberpunk, right now the engine is tightly linked to Magic, but we are slowly taking our distances from it, and might be able to support other games one day. But that would be in the very far future.

    Right now, to do a Pokemon game based on Wagic, someone would have to take the sources and put a good amount of work into it. I won’t be the one doing it, as I have no interest in Pokemon, but if someone want to work on that, I’ll be very happy to help and the sources are available.

  55. darkstorm says:

    okay hi here to talk about making a cfw for psp so far we have gotten really far i had a video on youtube until we got suspended for copyright. we got the psp to run a different firmewire, it loads and everything but once it gets to the installation point it just restarts. so what i wanted to know if anyone that is in the psp hacking psp community could put a code or something into the file so it could run and install a new cfw update. plz reply

  56. wololo says:

    Contact me by email at wagic.the.homebrew at gmail, with actual code, and actual questions. What you said sounds an awful lot like what people who don’t have a clue would say, so I won’t reply unless you have serious proof.
    If you’re serious and have real coding questions, you should also try the dedicated forums.

  57. darkstorm says:

    ok i sent u an email of the file so when u get a chance check it out the subject is darkstorm psp cfw.

  58. Schmelzend says:

    hello everyone, where can I report issues/glitches/bugs I experienced on the latest version of Wagic? thanks

  59. wololo says:

    Schmelzend: use the dedicated thread on the forums, thanks in advance for the reports :)

  60. darkstorm says:

    so did u ever check out what i sent ?

  61. darkstorm says:

    okay ive been working on the file ever since i sent it to u here is a vid of it .can u tell me wat the error means and wat i should do next?

  62. wololo says:

    I’m not sure if you are getting either error 80020146 (SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_PROHIBIT_LOADMODULE_DEVICE )
    or 80020148 (Unsupported PRX type).

    In both cases, this could happen when the PSP detects your software is not signed.
    Try to run an M33 installer from your memory stick and see if you have the same result. In that case it would mean that this is the “normal” behavior of the PSP when it detects that you run unsigned software, and that would mean that you have pretty much nothing :(

  63. goblinstyl says:

    @wololo: Thanks for your fantastic work on Wagic!

    I wolud like to support paid content for online multiplayer options and complex cards, what do you think about it? An real alternative to MTGO would be nice!

    Best Regards

  64. wololo says:

    goblinstyl, thanks for your support. I imagined once that I could add some “premium” paid content for Wagic, but trying to mimic MTGO would be way too dangerous, legally.
    It does not mean that multiplayer is out of the question, but we will not involve money :)

    Regarding more cards: I did that once, and the operation wasn’t really successful, see (I got one reply).
    Again, it doesn’t mean that I won’t do it again, but you’d rather promise yourself (not me) that you’ll donate the day the card of your dream makes it to Wagic 😉

    It makes me more peaceful to now that I am not actually paid to work on the game :)

  65. goblinstyl says:

    thanks for your fast and kind answer!

    It is good to know, that this project is fun for you at first! The result is tarific!

    some further questions: The Gameplay Mode with the random decks – maybe you could ad an otion to limit the cards to one block, so it would not be as random and sometimes useless what you get….

    Is it complicatede to create “Kismet”? I wondered to not find cards like Brainstorm either.

    Best wishes

  66. darkstorm says:

    ok i tried it and it was no difference. so i guess i havent found anything thanks for helping me out though

  67. wololo says:

    For random mode, your idea is good, and you might want to follow the ongoing discussion on the forum:

    Kismet would be quite easy to “hardcode” (that is, add it to the C++ source code), but not to “softcode” (directly add it to the _cards.dat files).
    We try to avoid hardcoding cards these days, as they are difficult to maintain.
    The issue preventing us from softcoding it right now is that our parser has no way of telling the difference between “all cards come into play tapped” and “tap all cards”.

    That distinction might come one day though…

  68. darkstorm says:

    hey wolo can u c if this picture is a good crash. i cant use psplink because it dosent work as good on windows 7. the link is

  69. Leif says:

    great program keep it up!!!!

  70. Mellowcow says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I’ve found this website searching for the person who made the half byte loader. In your FAQ about it, you say that you are against running isos on the PSP and against piracy in general. However, isn’t it very probable that many people will use your work to run emulators which we all know exist to play pirated roms? In a similar fashion, Wagic seems like a project to play MtG on the PSP without any license or fees, basically pirating intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro.
    I do appreciate your work, I do play Magic in real life and on PC via MTGO and just would like an honest response. I’m neither entirely for nor against piracy and am in no way blaming you for anything. All I’d like know is a clear statement.

  71. wololo says:

    @Mellowcow: that’s a really good point. The following is ONLY my opinion, which is extremely biased of course, but I hope it will answer to your question.

    I’m not proud of Wagic being in a gray area in terms of intellectual property. Yes, it does use the rules and cards of a famous game, however it is still my work and I put lots of efforts in creating it, and for it to be as independent as possible from the original MTG game.
    This is why I think it’s very different from piracy (which consists in taking something and distributing it without any added value – although that can be discussed too seeing all the DRMs game companies put in their software nowadays -).
    If someone entirely remade the movie “avatar” with the same scenario and different actors, without the agreement of the owners of Avatar’s scenario, it would be some copyright infringement but not piracy.

    Even that example is not very fair because I think the rules of “MTG” are an “idea” and Wagic is an “implementation” of that idea. To me that’s very different of, say, taking “Duels of the planeswalkers” and distributing it for free. Plus Wagic is designed to work on a platform that WotC NEVER put work into, the PSP. I wouldn’t even had started working on Wagic if something half as good as Shandalar existed for the PSP back in 2007.

    Nonetheless, I’m a bit hypocritical on that, yes (it’s difficult to be non biased since I put lots of efforts in this). But then again, in terms of intellectual property, I’m not stealing anything. I don’t distribute the official pictures or a video game that I didn’t create, haven’t stolen any algorithm, don’t lead people into believing that I’m related to WotC, etc…

    Regarding emulators: as ISOs, this is the responsibility of people playing the roms. playing PSP isos on the PSP is dangerous for the PSP’s future. Playing NES isos on the psp is not dangerous for the NES because the NES has been discontinued. There is still a problem with the intellectual property of the creators of the games themselves, but my opinion on that is that the current copyright laws are just crazy. No offense to creators, but I think a game should become public domain as soon as the hardware running it is discontinued.

    There’s also a huge difference in the behavior of people who want to play pirated games and people who want to play emulators. I won’t pretend I’m a saint, I’m “judging” people when I shouldn’t, but I usually don’t like the way pirates “demand” things, or the way they clearly don’t care about the technical “coolness” of the stuff we do. In other words I think pirates usually lack respect, which is not entirely the same for emulator-addicts. Of course that’s only my opinion.

    Additionally, I believe Sony would be much happier with hacks that allow to run anything BUT iso’s of their own console. From a business point of view there’s clearly a huge difference for them between emulators and isos. Although, of course, someone who plays emulators probably buys less games but that’s another story.

    Finally, I know there are practical advantages to isos as backups, unfortunately I also know that a majority of people use isos for piracy. I acknowledge that some people are really using it for backup and practical purposes but you see my point. There’s also the technical limitation of being in user mode with a game exploit.

    As a conclusion: the line between piracy and “meh it’s ok” is very fuzzy, and everyone of course can draw the line wherever they want, I won’t judge. My personal line is that homebrews (even copyright borderline ones such as Wagic) or emulators are ok because they don’t bring a risk for the future of the console they’re running on.

    And unlike other people, I won’t cry if someone can come up with an iso loader through the HBL or the Patapon exploit. After all, respecting the programmers of the games we play is everyone’s individual responsibility.

  72. Rayhan says:

    Sorry I am not that smart about all this CFW. I have a psp go with the patapon HBL, but I was just thinking since you can load simple homebrew, can you just make a simple homebrew that enables CFW.
    Please send email back

  73. wololo says:

    Rayhan: please read which answers your question

  74. Breno says:

    hey man …
    when will you have a HEN for 6,xx?
    you have no idea of when you can finish?
    the kids in brazil are waiting for news
    me too….

  75. BR3N0 says:

    hey man

    let me ask a question…

    why don’t trying to change the kxploit tool???

    i’m making some tests with the kxploit and shows some emulators like an orginal game
    but, i’m afraid to try execute the emulator
    can exploit brik my psp??
    my psp is an 3001 6,10 ofw

    sorry about my english


  76. michael says:

    hey i need help with the half-byte loader i just wanna run T.O.M.E ON MY psp but 3000 v6.20 and i dont know how is there a way i can just fire it up without the menu cuz the menu doesn’t work with me so can u plz help me .it would be appreciated

  77. wololo says:

    michael: put T.O.M.E in the hbl/GAME folder. You should have hbl/GAME/EBOOT.PBP and hbl/GAME/libs or something like that. This will skip the menu

  78. michael says:

    wololo it didnt work i didnt have a game folder in the hbl folder is there an older revision of the hbl which dosent have a menu

  79. wololo says:

    If it doesn’t exists then create the folder.
    Here is what the code does:

  80. Michel says:

    Man, I love you for what you do.
    You have done a great job so far!
    Your name will be written in the PSP history.

  81. michael says:

    wololo, what version of the half-byte loader not have a menu. because the menu is the only thing that stops me from playing hombrew can you please tell me where to download the half-byte loader with no menu plz tell me were it would be obliged

  82. wololo says:


    1) ALL versions of HBL have the menu but can optionally run a EBOOT directly if the file hbl/GAME/EBOOT.PBP exists on your memory stick.

    2) The menu works fine, and doesn’t prevent you from playing homebrews. If the menu fails to load at startup, homebrews would fail as well

    3) I already explained to you how to bypass the menu, if you don’t read my answers, why should I keep answering you?

  83. michael says:

    sorry for not ttaking your instructions but i did what u said and it didnt work i was just wondering if there was a version without menu cuz i had a version that didnt have amenu right when the eloader thing came out i just wondering so soryy for making you mad

  84. Xyntax says:

    Sorry but can you explain when i dload the hbl i still get the ‘Hello world’ stuff?

  85. PhoenixV5 says:

    This is a (very STUPID) idea of a possible way to install CFW on a psp running 6.20.
    For this can anyone make or direct me to make a program (runnable from HBL obviously) which in turn can run 2 SPECIFIC psp applications?

  86. PhoenixV5 says:

    Why no reply?

  87. bryan1001 says:

    Hello Wololo, I was wondering if you could make the hacked Patapon 2 demo save compatible with the full version of the game? Thanks

  88. wololo says:

    @bryan1001: that would be completely useless, why would I ever waste my time on that?

  89. PSPatapon says:

    Hi wololo

    I love your work!
    But could you tell me wich C writer u use?
    im using a pretty crappy one..
    And could you give a download link also?

    thank you :)

  90. wololo says:

    @PSPatapon: for C++ I use Visual C++ express (a free IDE by microsoft). For standard C i usually use notepad++.
    Google will easily find those 2 pieces of software.

  91. PSPatapon says:

    @wololo: thank you.
    btw i found a crash but i don’t wan’t to give it to public.
    could you check if its a exploit able crash?

  92. wololo says:

    @darkdev: I deleted your comment, there are more subtle ways to advertise for a fake. As I told to you by email, I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  93. psphellas says:

    Hi i dont know much about creating ways to run homebrew on the psp but i found something that i think it would be extremly usefull for hbl project or anything similar its 2 pdfs that explain things where should i sent those to you at or somewhere else i cant use it but if someone can thats you answer to me on my email u can see it i think.i hope you answer because i want the psp scene to go live again its not what it used to be when my friend bought his psp 1001…

    ps:this thing i tell u came to me by luck…

  94. psphellas says:

    sory a friend which i told about the “thing” called and said it was patched before ofw 5 sory for the first post i didnt know…keep up the good work for the psp homebrew scene wololo…

  95. PSPatapon says:

    Hi wololo
    im sorry to ask but..
    i using the progams you told me.
    but i cant open thing like a 0x or C
    could you help?

  96. Thanatos says:

    Hi wololo,
    First of all, this is a absolute great game !!!
    And there are some things I would like to know , but I just cant find an answer in the manual or the forums.
    1.The difficulty settings , what exactly do they change , I noticed that the opponent gets 2 cards each turn , and can play two lands.
    2.The economic difficulty setting , what exactly does that change ?
    3. The Boni , like Miller Bonus or Fast and Furious , how do they trigger and how is the formula . It seems that the miller bonus is higher when my deck is still big when i win.
    4. What other Boni are there.

  97. michael says:

    hey wololo, i just wanted to ask when do u think we will be able to play the latest versions of counter strike 2d on the psp? or will we never be able to i just wanted to know cuz u cant play online on the version that workd with hbl,

  98. Shoron says:

    Hey wololo, I have a psp with 6.20 and model 3004.I tried the rev 93. Its superb but when ever I want 2 exit and return back to the psp menu,it shows
    “please wait…” and then shuts down. Please suggest a solution. Rev 85 worked best for me but I just can’t live without the wMenu. Please Help. Also the star wars mod for wagic does not work. It hangs. I removed the exception.prx but still. Help!!!

  99. MNX says:

    wololo the new petapon 3 demo has a save system simaler too petapon 2, I looked into finding a crash. I cant do it myself, I have no PC atm, my pc is getting fixed so nothing I can do. The demo came out after the fw update, Just look into it wololo. Its found on pdc right now. – MNX

  100. analysis230 says:

    wololo PLEASE READ THIS. this is not just a testimonial.
    i always wanted to play the pokemon emarald but never got one for my gameboy. now thanx to HBL and our efforts i was abe to play it on my psp. i think if we could create an online game which has all the features of the game and we can battle other users online with conversation(thru mic and txt) support. it could made different by giving a different storyline. please wololo i m your great fan and i need your help, i do not have any knowledge of programming but i can give ideas and write storyline etc.(i m not praising myself but i m a genius). please help me out i know if we could do it, it would create history. once again thnx for hbl. PLEASE REPLY.

  101. analysis230 says:

    hey wololo PLEASE READ, this i not just a testimonial
    i always wanted to play pokemon emarald on my gameboy, but i could not buy it(not much gba games were/are sold in my country i had to import them). but hnx to HBL and your efforts i was able to play it on my psp. i was thinking if we could make an online game with all the features this this game offers and more additions.this game is very interesting. we could make it different by providing a different storyline. people would be able to fight against real life trainers. i m ur big fan wololo and i need your help. i have no knowledge of programming but i can give ideas on features and storylin(i m not praising myself but i m genius). once again thnx for HBL. i know if we could do it, it will create history PLEASE REPLY

  102. Peppa00Jack says:

    Wololo PLEASE READ. I NEED YOUR HELP! I just want to know if you arer WORKING on an exploit that will load HBL on 6.30. Please just tell me if you are WORKING on one. That would mean the WORLD to me. Please respond ASAP. And if you are, if you dont mind telling me when it might be out. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much man.

  103. wololo says:

    @Peppa00Jack : I’m not actively looking for a 6.30 exploit, but I know that lots of game exploits are still here. Porting HBL to a new game exploit is lots of work and is not my priority right now. If other teams want to do it I am ready to help them.

    You’ll have to wait for a bit.

    After all, almost 1 year passed between the chikhen exploit and the patapon exploit, so don’t be too impatient or you’ll be disappointed :(

  104. Peppa00Jack says:

    Thank you very much for the reply. I know I ham very lucky to hear from you. But I hace one more question. I was wondering if you could teach me how to find exploits and build prgrams like HBL. I am very interested in these kinds of things and if I knew how to work it, then I would be happy to help you. Please respond. Thank you.

  105. Peppa00Jack says:

    I meant to say that I have* not hace. sorry.

  106. Peppa00Jack says:

    Oh. So do I have to have another hacked psp?

  107. Peppa00Jack says:

    Ok. So do I need a hacked psp too?

  108. Peppa00Jack says:

    Omg sorry for spamming you with all these fixes. I sont know why I put that last comment when I already posted something like it.

  109. GIGANTIC CHEESE says:

    Dear Wololo, I am surprised that, no one has hacked the 6.20 firmware like you, the best metod is the yours, and I downloaded the rev 95. I lost my PSP, with your program & with CFW enabler working (I’ M NOT JOKING, REALLY WORKEd PSP-2004, ITALY). Now I want to ask you a question: could you can make an exploit for the 6.30 firmware, are you working on it? thanks, & bye.

  110. Peppa00Jack says:

    WOLOLO THIS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I looked into the patapon 3 demo, rumors say that it has the same save setup as patapon 2 and 1. There could be a crash but I havnt had the chance because I sold my old hacked pap :/. But if you could please look into this, it would mean the world to me. I know that you are drowned in projects and emails but please check it out.

  111. Peppa00Jack says:

    I havnt had the chance to look* sorry again.

  112. kayak_esp says:

    Sorry, the English is translated by google.

    Like everyone else, thanks for your effort and dedication.

    My message is to say that with revisions 22 and 25 of HBL worked the sound in the Finalburn, from them to work longer, there are emulators that works and recreation in CPS1, CPS2, mameall … but the simple addition Finalburn made to run all of the other emulators together.

    My comment is to find out if it may sound in Finalburn could work in some new revision?.

    Thanks from Spain, for taking your time.

    A greeting.

  113. Peppa00Jack says:

    Wololo, this has puzzled me for years. I’ve hacked my psp slim, my ds, and iPod touch 2g. But whenever a new software update comes out for ipod touch, it is hacked in about 3 days. But when a new software update for psp comes out, it take months or even a year. I just dont understand it. Can you help me out here?

  114. wololo says:

    @Peppa00Jack: that puzzles me too. Here are possible theories:
    – iPhone/iPod hackers have access to more resources than psp hackers
    – Apple sucks at security, compared to sony (look at the ps3)
    – iPhone/iPod hacking is helped by Apple (internal leaks ?)
    – There are more iPhone hackers than psp hackers
    – …

    Honestly I don’t have the answer, but I’ve been asking myself the same question. It seems iPhone hackers have much more remaining exploits than psp hackers, and therefore can use them as soon as a new firmware is out…

  115. Peppa00Jack says:

    THose were my thoughts too. Most of the homebrew for the iPod touch and iphone, APPLE HAS COPIED!lol. For example, there is a homebrew application called catagories, which allows you to pu apps in a folder. next update (4.0) they creat and app just like it. Next is another feature that homebrew enabled you to have…backrounds on the springboard. Next update and POW, its there. MAybye apple wants to see wut hackers can do to HELP them. And plus, there are FAR more many teams for hacking iphones and ipod touches. U got the redsn0w team, blackr@in, ultra snow, pwnage tool, yellow sn0w (***? lol) white snow and many many more. i dont know. Man. Oh and BTW, Have you looked into the patapon 3 demo yet?

  116. MNX says:

    Hello, Im emailing this too I think its a grate idea,

    There is a flash game called “portal: the flash verson” and I thought being as you have a homebrew area that purhaps you well take a whak at it.

    It also has a map editor that whould be cool if you include that. Im not telling you too, but I can see this running on a psp.

  117. Esteban says:

    Hello wololo, I am currently working on an xmb exploit on 6.20. I’m trying to cause a buffer overflow with the passkey used in Bluetooth, right now i’m trying to find out where the psp save the Bluetooth information at, I already check all of the flash1 files but they might be at flash0…anyways do you think if I do manage this to crash my psp will it be a kernel exploit?

  118. tbh says:

    Wololo, if custom firmware was enabled on 6.20 will you continue working on the half bite loader or move on?

  119. wololo says:

    @tbh: if a CFW is made available for 6.20, I’ll work on porting HBL to 6.30

  120. Peppa00Jack says:

    Will you still port HBL to 6.30 even if it is like what they did to the 300. ChickHEN?

  121. Peppa00Jack says:

    Hey wololo, take a look at this:!

    Do you think it is real?

  122. wololo says:

    @Peppa00Jack: yes, mamosuke’s exploit is real. Unfortunately he’s having a few issues making it work on a pspgo with the PSN version, it seems…

    I will still port HBL to 6.30 if we have a good user-mode exploit for this firmware (and if no kernel exploit is found of course…)

  123. MNX says:

    From what I see this is a simaler explote too another one found not long ago, not the same but simaler.

    There has been rumors about a crack in the theams system, Whare if you have images that are animated and spiting out random code that hence calls for a crash and the psp is open with the Flash 0/1 editable, eh Idk but it sounds promising. But the ones working on it are not sharing it cuz its not working on psp 3000/N1000 and they want it working before they share.

  124. Peppa00Jack says:

    Why do you think he might be having problems wololo?

  125. wololo says:

    Well, maybe his exploit only works for the umd version, and maybe the psn version is a bit different, not sure honestly. Good hackers are secretive about their unfinished work 😉

  126. David95 says:

    Hey wololo do you think that in the future there will be a way to hack the the psp OFW6.20 using HBL?

  127. Peppa00Jack says:

    Are there any other exploits for psp go besides the one he is working on. Because I can’t wit any longer. lol. I really can’t. I need my homebrew man. Do you think that YOU are going to try to find anymore exploits?

  128. Peppa00Jack says:


  129. Pepp00Jack says:

    Wololo, doyouthink that custom firmware will ever happen on psp go?

  130. wololo says:

    @Peppa00Jack: there are lots of user mode exploits on the psp go still available, but they all have the same problem: they are game exploits, and will be patched as soon as they are revealed.

  131. tbh says:

    Wololo! I see you as a father of some know for making it possible for homebrew on the psp go…keep up the good work pal.:)

  132. Peppa00Jack says:

    It doesn’t sound like you are a very posotive guy Wololo. Lol. I didn’t mean that to offend you or anything. Anyway, do you know if anyone else is working on anymore exploits for 6.30?

  133. Peppa00Jack says:

    Is there a way to find a crash in a game without having a hacked psp?

  134. francis says:

    Hi wololo,
    I just wanted to know if it’s possible to use peejay with the hbl.

  135. seitentaisei says:

    I downloaded the HBL .95 and installed GPSP on it… after loading the HBL and it came to the “freeing memory” message it got stucked. I tried to exit and now its only showing “please wait…” on my psp. anyone here who knows how to reset my psp or something? I use psp 3000 ver 5.5… need help badly… :(

  136. Ajay Patel says:

    Hey Wololo, please can you tell all the people that are working HBL (including you) to just drop HBL and all of you get together and try and create CFW for 6.20. Because, together you people are brilliant i beleive that u can make every1 happy by making CFW! Please think about it, you are my hero!

  137. wololo says:

    @Ajay Patel : sorry, that’s not our plan for now.

  138. Ajay Patel says:

    Do you think if you used that plan, you would suceed?

  139. wololo says:

    I don’t know, I’ve never looked for kernel exploits before, that requires lots of time, and I’m not a student, so I don’t have that much free time…

  140. Ajay Patel says:

    kk HBL is good but the thing is we need some1 who is capable of creatin CFW (like u)

  141. PSPHACK1231 says:

    PSP GO 6.20 kernel Exploit

  142. antcapp says:

    wololo, you could create a guide for new hackers?
    so everyone can contribute and help you.
    What do you think?
    now you are few and you need help.
    -how to find bugs in kernel mode?
    who agrees with me?
    can you fulfill my desire?

  143. antcapp says:

    please, now you are my hero.

  144. MNX says:

    antcapp: You should learn some I.T before you bother.

  145. wololo says:

    @antcapp : everything I know about hacking that is worth mentioning, I usually write an article about it:

    The day I start looking for kernel exploits, I’ll write about it. For now, I don’t have that kind of time. My interest is in homebrews, and I don’t need a kernel exploit for that.

  146. antcapp says:

    thanks you are great.
    @MNX sorry
    @wololo sorry

  147. M says:

    Helloo, i have a psp go. Version is 6.30. how can i install half-byte loader? or 6.30 to 6.20?

  148. Shoron says:

    Hey you can play counter strike 3d also in HBL.

  149. Ajay Patel says:

    Wololo are u ever gonna look 4 a kernal exploit? If so, can u give me a specfic date?

  150. yeyo says:

    Hola wololo , soy yeyo , te mando este mensaje para avisarte 2 cosas. (Espero que puedas traducir este mensaje con el Google Traductor)

    1) Tienes muchos seguidores hispanoamericanos y españoles , y todos estamos muy agradecidos por el HBL , muchas gracias por aportar a la Scene PSP

    2) He hecho un video mostrando (Lo que yo creo que es un Fallo de los Ingenieros de Sony) , Se puede SEMI-EJECUTAR un Homebrew con el Nivel de control parerno activado
    Digo Semi-Ejecutar por que cuando aparece el logotipo PSP , Me manda al Menu XMB mostrandome un error.

    No se si se puede hacer algo mediante este fallo , Algun exploit o algo por el estilo , Espero que si.


    Espero que me envies una respuesta , Saludos!

  151. 1HandPlay says:

    @WOLOLO do you every turn off your computer or just leave it at sleep?

  152. Max98000 says:

    Hello,I think it would be nice if we could add background music for the wmenu, and modify it.
    Sorry for my bad english,i’m french :)

  153. Abrar says:

    WOLOLO!!!!!! I CREATED A CUSTOM PATAPON AND CUSTOM GAMESAVE!!! IT SAYS “wololo’s HBL” and in the backround it is the hbl logo!!! pls. answer me!!! would u llike it? just give it a shot… if u want it REPLY!!

  154. Dee says:

    Wagic is terrible…. before I do not know how to play, just aimlessly making the deck and being defeated by opponent.
    However, once understand how to play, addicted.
    Thanks wololo.
    However, Just have an idea. will it be possible to port this to android OS?

  155. wololo says:

    Thanks Dee, I assume you meant “Terrific” instead of Terrible 😛
    Regarding android..this is something I am thinking about, but I have no experience with this platform yet.

  156. Dee says:


    Both terrific and terrible. Terrific for sure, terrible because it is too additive.

    Actually I learnt how to play from a tutorial online. after download and play for some games, which it will step by step teaching the newbie, I get the clues for the game.

    I think of Android because this platform now is used in many mobile phones. I wish I can learn how to program something on this platform just for fun. Also no one knows whether the next firmware of PSP, or the next generation of PSP, can support such game. What I wish is that, even the next generation of PSP no longer support homebrew games or application, there is still somewhere that can still play this amazing game.

  157. mggboy says:

    I being new to the psp fd up and updated if some one would let me know when a hbl comes out on 6.31 it would be appreciated

    help the noob

  158. PSPatapon says:

    Dear wololo how do i create a next frame?
    s = loadimage( “001.jpg” )
    loadMusic( “001.mid” )
    waitkey( k_up )

    i want if you press up that its showing some text thanks

  159. Midna says:

    I wanted to know if I can translate this ( article to post it on a french forum ? (with credits of course)

  160. gravity or tony your chose says:

    Just want to say thank you so much for your hard work on the hbl deal
    n the fact i can still buy games to help sony out n still be able to play all my
    old school games if wasent for you and the hombrew people none of this
    would be happening sorry me english is bad i know but relly thank you everyone for your help i know donating would be better if i had good cridet lol but this is the least i can do to show how thanksfull i am for all your hard work
    p.s i never had a cfw on any of my psp simple because i never had a chance to but in a way that helps out eveyone hbl makes it legal to have old school games not pirecy i know having those old school games are copyrighted but come on WE ALL HAD THE GAMES ONCES IN OUR LIVE in that way makes use have that right to have those games in a way so again THANK YOU EVERYONE HBL AND HOMEBREW PEOPLE 😉

  161. wololo says:

    @Midna : yes, but please put a link to the original article, that’s all I ask :)

  162. matze791 says:

    Hi it seems like there is an bug in hbl r97. If you use the menu and browse to the root of your ms there comes up an message with something about the bios. After restarting my psp I played a game ( FIFA 09) and sometimes the psp turns off by itself. So I think that there’s a bug which modifies the psp bios ( or better to say damages the bios). It would be great if you could let me know if it is a bug or something other. I know that you don’t want any bug reports for stable versions, but I don’t know what I can do to repair the bios file. I’ve a psp 3004 fw 6.20. Hope you’ll answer soon and I hope you apologize my english i know that it is bad

  163. Dark Zero says:

    Wololo Can You Make A New Version Of Half Byte Loader That Can Loader ISO
    I Wanna Ask You Who Is To Make Half Byte Loader??

    And Thank You

  164. randy says:

    your latest half byte loade when i download i read the readme It says this:Half Byte Loader R95 for 6.30/6.31 v1

    ‚È‚¨A‚Ü‚¾“®ì•sˆÀ’è‚Å‚·B‚ ‚Ü‚èŠú‘Ò‚µ‚È‚¢‚Å‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B

    Eno debug”Å‚ÌŽg‚¢•û

    ‰½‚©‚ ‚é‚È‚ç‚΃[ƒ‹‚âƒuƒƒO‚̃Rƒƒ“ƒg‚È‚Ç‚Å‚Ç‚¤‚¼B

    ‚ ‚肪‚Æ‚¤‚²‚´‚¢‚Ü‚µ‚½B

    WHAT THE heck

  165. randy says:

    Ill check here tomorrow for a responds

  166. wololo says:

    @randy: that’s Japanese, incorrectly displayed on your computer.

    J416 is Japanese and therefore his readme as well.

    We are in the process of merging is code into our code base. J416’s release should be considered as a “proof of concept” rather than a “lambda user” friendly release for now. Meanwhile, be patient, or learn Japanese 😉

  167. Dark Zero says:

    Hey Wololo Answer Me
    Can You Make A New Version Of Half Byte Loader That Can Loader ISO

    Thanks For All Who Work To Make (HBL)

  168. randy says:

    i got one more question you know when psn requires you to update you firmware to use psn with this half byte loader can i still use the psn even lets say it requires you to update to say 6.40 and i have 6.31 can i use this half byte loader to acess the psn even though i i have 6.31 if you guy dont have a byte loader for 6.40

  169. matze791 says:

    hi wololo
    what is going on with the hbl using the patapon 2 exploit? will there be new versions coming out soon or did you stopped the project and concentrate on higher firmware exploits ?

  170. wololo says:

    @randy: no, if sony makes a higher firmware, you will need to update in order to access the PSN, and therefore you will lose the ability to run HBL, until a new hack is found.

    @matze791: this will be the same HBL. Every update we make to HBL will hopefully benefit both the patapon exploit and the Hot shots golf exploit.

  171. areilly111 says:

    heyy wololo i have some thing for you so give me a email back at plzz

  172. nick keller says:

    hey i just bought hot shots golf open tee…my parents dont know i bought really getting nervous thay’ll get real angry with me. please tell me what to do next and tell me it wasnt for nothing…please..

  173. randy says:

    you know when i told you i couldn’t read the readme well i don’t know how to use the latest HBL and could you tell me how to use it Half Byte Loader R95 for 6.30/6.31 v1 i need instructions send me at my email

  174. Nick says:

    will u guys make a demo version for the HBL? so people dont have to take a chance buying a game and it ending up to be patched

  175. MagicalGamers says:

    I guy. I have a PSP SLIM & LITE 3004 PW WITH A OFW 6.31 AND I WANT TO CRACK IT. Can you take(bring) out a hack for flasher this firmware to read isos on this firmware either downgrading this firmware.

    Thank you

  176. christof says:

    Hi Wololo. First of all let me congratulate you and your team for the excelent work regarind the HBL. I’ve been following your work since the beginning and I just say this: HBL rocks :).
    I’ve got one question. Regarding the latest R99 update, does it improve speed on all FW versions or just on OFW6.20?


  177. seth says:

    is there anything i can do to help the HBL community
    i love everything that has been done so far =) any way cant wait for more releases. Keep up the great work!!!! = )

  178. Max says:

    a question here,I have hbl working on my psp slim with no problems although it cant seem to work when I try to install on my psp fat i have an ofw 2.82 and on the patapon demo it says (this game cannot be started the data is corrupted).I installed it the same way just as the slim and still having problems,any suggestions?by the way thanks for hbl.

  179. psphellas says:

    Hi wololo you know the ps3 was recently hacked and mathieulh and his team released the code to make it a homemade exploit.For now it requires to program special hardware with the compiled code to work but they say it will be ported to the psp and require a hacked psp.Will we be able to run iyt through hbl it would be awsome to hack(enable homebrew) on the ps3 using our homebrew enabled psb.

    p.s. : imagine the possibilities for the homebrew we can run through the ps3’s MONSTER hardware…?

  180. Artoro says:

    You think you’ll be able to run newer homebrews like DS on the PSP someday with HBL?
    But more importantly, I found a video on youtube that works pretty good with HBL’s newest version, uploaded today, and I tried it on my PSP. Even with sound, it was pretty damn fast. But I really like audio with my games, and N64 was my favorite system while I was a kid, so would you mine trying to test a Daedalus emulator on HBL (Not sure about which version of Daedalus btw)? And here’s the link:

    Please reply… :DD

  181. PSPatapon says:

    Wich hexidecimal progam you use wololo?
    btw HBL is awesome! love making my own apps for it!

  182. tahmidk15 says:

    I have discovered that ofw 6.30 or 6.31 can downgrade by editing file version in updater file. Wololo please check your email.

  183. SaoAdrian says:

    excuse me wololo, i tested a iloader in hbl rev 99 and, well the iloader is useless for isos, but the iloader loads the demo of patapon 2 without the psp white screen, idk if the iloader can loads another eboot =S

  184. xerpi says:

    Hello Wololo, would you be interested in unirete to make PS3JB DeViaNTe pair? PS3JB good because it is a port of the PSP PSGroove the moment DeV has already got the PC to detect it as a HUB. Although it could do it alone, you prefer to deviant with someone who has enough knowledge, and that person you are looking for, it fits perfectly in you. Look, I post in a forum elotrolado the project and in just over a day and has 400 comments and have already seen a hundred thousand people, imagine exposing this project with deviant, I ariais famous worldwide. Well as a greeting and send me a email with your decision!

  185. wololo says:

    @xerpi thanks for the offer but I am really busy with other projects for now… maybe in the future…

  186. Usman says:

    Hey I used this program called VirtualCD 9 and by using it we can mount an image on a physical drive…..i don’t know how they did that but cant the same be done with umd drive on a psp….u know a program run through hbl and can mount an image on the phyical umd icon and exit automatically???

  187. ayarriquitukis says:

    hi, the lite blue tool by datel realy exist? work with psp 3010 OFW 6.2? where i can buy it? if it´s exist an workin should be a world tour for we can use….. wololo you can do ti…. i´m waiting….

  188. frapsp says:

    Hello Wololo, I’m Frapsp98 and I am from, I am doing a kind of Homebrew That speaks about Coming Soon Homebrew’s made by some developers, so it’s a kind of Interview…
    Have you got some idea about Homebrews that you want to develop?
    The 100 revision of the Half Byte Loader is the last one? Or you are going to do some more?

    By Frapsp98 from

  189. wololo says:

    Hi frapsp,
    I have lots of ideas for homebrews, but unfrotunately no time to work on them. So for now I’m focusing on Wagic and HBL

    There will be more revisions of HBL. I’ll keep working on it as long as people are using it. And I’m sure other devs too.

  190. mggboy says:

    hey i was wondering when there was going to be another demo exploit and in my personal opinion wololo i think sony or xbox should create a legally open platform for anything they want please reply and thanks for all the effort

  191. usap says:

    wololo, look took in this initiative, I see the future but I need good programmers cooperate!

  192. Lcher says:

    I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to release hbl for 6.31 using a exploit that not required buying a game from the store

  193. wololo says:

    @Lcher: sure, send me your exploit and I’ll adapt it…

  194. mxhack says:

    hi im am from mexico wololo look here and you can hack buy they charge. well i have one eboot it seems that it has nothing inside me and go into the screen goes black for half an hour till i get bored and i could go out m used to the hack? 6.31 my psp is 3000

  195. mxhack says:

    hola no se ingles pero el eboot vacio sirve para el hack? usa el traductor google

  196. fitteyjr says:

    hey wololo i was thinking that ur HBL has revolutionised psp hacking for people with ta-88v3 and 5.50 and above soo i was thinking wouldnt it be great if we had a CXMB that loads from the hbl were u could view photos music connect to usb and run umd of of it it would also be great for when keons loader starts working with isos ect it would be the new cfw for psp 3000 go 5.50 and above anyway i was just thinking that it would be awsome thanks

  197. Peppa00Jack says:

    Wololo, whever i try to start geometry wars on ,y psp gp 6.31 with hot shots golf exploit it doesnt load. When i start it from the hbl menu, it says: FATAL ERROR MISSING AUDIO CODEC. Please hep. That is my favorite game!

  198. Peppa00Jack says:

    Oops lemme fix some spelling. Whenver I try to start geometry wars on my psp go 6.31 with the hotshots golf open tee exploit it says this: FATAL ERROR MISSING AUDIO CODEC. If you can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  199. frapsp says:

    However, it will be possible to start (in the future) a CFW or an HEN on PSP GO? or Sony’s protection will succeed in making incompatible CFW and HEN?
    If will be discovered an Exploit in a game (I talk about an Exploit in Kernel Mode) it will be possible to start the owns UMD backups of games or write quietly in the Flash0?
    Thank you very much by Frapsp98 of

  200. antcapp says:

    @frapsp credo sia difficile scoprire un exploit in kernel mode in un gioco

  201. mxhack says:

    Hi I have a umd wololo vacuum that could be used to develop the hack? my psp is 3000 6.31

  202. frapsp says:

    @antcapp:è difficile,ma non impossibile…
    La speranza è l’ultima a morire…
    Prima o poi(anche tra 10000000 anni)un’exploit in kernel mode si troverà xD

  203. Stranger says:

    hi wololo,

    i would like to know if its possible to change the controls and make [] exit instead of triangle

  204. Stranger says:

    i noticed that if you might be able to downgrade from 6.00 without a pandora but infact through hbl, if you run the 3.71 m33 installer from hbl you might be able to flash your psp down to 3.71m33 and run cfw, i dont have a battery thats working so could you or anyone else please try this and get back to me, (where i live, you cant buy a phat psp battery from any store)

  205. Alex says:

    Hello Wololo!
    I read that was down, and I am completely happy with making another forum hosted on my website, free obviously, and you can use it there.
    So will I?

  206. cristian says:

    i have a psp go version 6.20 and whenever i run the exploit the screen keeps on turning black and it resets i did this for about 20 times and it kept on doing that u guys have any suggestions

  207. Andip says:

    Im already download ISO games from but I don’t know how to copy to my PSP GO 6.10 and play it.
    Thankyou for your kind help.

  208. Andip says:

    Im already download :
    1. Patapon2
    2. Hbl-r101-patapon2-wololo
    But I dont know to place in my PSP Go 6.10
    Please help me, thankyou for your kind help.

  209. Vk says:

    Hi wololo/all

    I have recently purchased the PSP 3001 with OFW 5.70 , i have these queries
    1.How i can use the HBL in it or any hack on this.
    2.Do i need to update to the latest version 6.31 or some other versions(6.30/6.20/6.00).
    Also i got the lastest game UMD data from china , I dono how to put it in PSP. Can anyone explain me how to do it ? I can share the games. Please reply @
    Waiting for the response.. Thank you

  210. topanyu says:

    Hi Wololo.

    I just bought myself PSP3000 which I bought in Canada and got it updated to 6.31 (at this point, I never knew there was such a thing to load game off stick).

    Now, I got HSG Greatest Hits and got the HBL some what loaded (sometimes either won’t load, freezes or goes back to PSP menu). I’ve tried to load some ISO’s using R101, but none of the game works either it’ll show “corrupted image” or when tries to load, it just goes back to PSP menu.

    Any idea or is this known issue?

    Games that I tried to load are:
    – Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki (JP)
    – Keion Houkago Live (JP)
    – Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

    I’ve even tried to load very small benchmark iso that comes with JAVA Version of PSP emulator…

  211. UNKown says:

    OK Everybody,
    You CANNOT load ISO’s on HBL.
    Hope i cleared some space on wololo’s email!

  212. vk says:

    can i play UMD backup data in HBL ?

  213. topanyu says:

    Forget what I wrote earlier about ISO. HBL does not run ISO just as UNKown said. Information can be found through Google search as well. It is considered to be illegal by law.

  214. antcapp says:

    @ frapsp hai sentito di Total Noob? sembra aver scoperto un nuovo kernel exploit :-)
    Devo ammettere che avevi ragione, però nn credo siano passati 10000000 di anni :-)

  215. illustrator says:

    hy there wololo first of all thanks for the good work that you`ve been doing, the reason that i contact you is to let you know that your page cant be deployed properly on movile devices such as black berry with opera mini, it would be nice if you do some thing about it so we users of black berry can follow XD, other thing is that i would like to know if there is any need to illustrators for HBL menus and Wagic Menus. thanks again .


  216. bmg1001 says:

    Wololo, I made this Wallpaper for HBL whil Rev.95 was out, I would love to see it in new HBL Revisions. It gives you a nice Mac style Wallpaper

  217. Hanseo says:

    wololo do you think you can hbl working on the non greatest hits version of hot shot golf open tee?

    please reply

  218. Jaziel says:

    sorry to bother you but
    know if the new hen served in the psp with 6.31 ofw
    You know if you can use the full set of patapon 2 for the xploit?
    cres that you could do something for 6.31 ofw without having to pay for a game?
    thank you and sorry for bothering

  219. abo el fadl says:

    hi wololo
    while i was playing a homebrew through your hbl i got a message that states warning memory leakage i saw that message while total noob was making his hen so did i found a new a new kernel exploit by that ??

  220. Martin says:

    Using revision 95 and playing geometrey wars my psp battery died. a screen popped up just before saying “please wait” and a loading bar loads whatever as it normally would. after plugging my psp back into the wall to recharge it, the light on the side did not turn red and it refuses to turn back on. bricked’ just a warning to anybody else. and hope this gets fixed

  221. wololo says:

    @Martin: you can’t brick your psp with HBL because it only touches the Ram, and can’t touch the firmware. Most likely you didn’t charge your psp long enough before trying to turn it on, or your hardware has a malfunction, which is unrelated to HBL

  222. abo el fadl says:

    wololo plz answer my question in last reply :S

  223. Andfoy says:

    How i can config the header menus in tarski?

  224. hugo says:

    hi,I am grateful for this great contribution for the magic and for the psp, it wanted to know if Basking Roorwalla, and Acuamiba edition TOR is going to go out in the following version of magic homebrew

    very tnx

  225. hugo says:

    In general the skill madness does not exist, he would be grateful for the introduction of this one

  226. ismokel says:

    Question, how hard would it be to port Wagic over to Android?

  227. ismokel says:

    lol sorry. i see this was already discussed.

  228. Yui714 says:

    I was wondering if there was an estimated date of release for the HBL Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 exploit that can run emulators :) I’ve been checking multiple times every day for a few weeks, and heard that it was to be released “soon” about 2 weeks ago. I’m just a really excited fan, and if it’s not to be released for another month or so I’d like to know so I can stop checking so often xD Thanks for all the awesome work! – A new fan

  229. wololo says:

    @Yui714: the code for HSG2 is in the SVN, very little work is required to get it to work, and anybody with enough motivation should be able to do the necessary changes. JJS and myself have been focusing on non HBL work for the past weeks, and we don’t know when we will find the time to get back to HBL.

  230. Yui714 says:

    Ah, thank you for your quick response! In that case, I’ll figure it out :) Thank you very much !!!

  231. blaine says:

    wololo…i want to send you a copy of hot shots open tee (not greatest hits) to see if you can exploit it also…if you don’t have it yet

  232. hugo says:

    I need the cards of the expansion Champions of Kamigawa with the skill flip as for example nezumi shortfang¡¡¡¡ :)

  233. PukkieFromBunschoten says:

    Hi wololo

    I didnt saw it on your frontpage but Total noob got a vid while the psp go running hen
    For your frontpage

    Greetz PukkieFromBunschoten

  234. zuko[zx] says:

    Hey wololo can u make a guide or something on how to work with the SVN on hot shots golf 2…or can u upload the one u have done?I Need HBL please… thankyou please email me at
    or reply on hear.

  235. wololo says:

    @PukkieFromBunschoten : thanks, I was aware of this, but I was asked to not publish anything before pspgen :(

    @zuko[zx]: ask for help on the forums:

  236. zuko[zx] says:

    why cant u just give us the one u have done?

  237. wololo says:

    @zuko[zx]: As I said, I won’t release any binaries until I am satisfied with the result. See this article:

    This shouldn’t prevent you from compiling HBL directly from the SVN and test it. When it works correctly, I’ll release it. Before that, feel free to compile it by yourself, but understand that there are good reasons for me not to release it, obviously…

  238. psp3001 says:

    u will work on it soon hopefully:p

  239. Shinny says:

    new updates on tn blog… plz post them…..

  240. LoKi says:

    Hello my name is Loki, and I just run a Nintendo 64 emulator with my psp 6.20 of the root of the PSP without entering Meneses demo Patapon 2, not as I do that, but maybe you could help me know I wanted you to know and communicate what you have been the one who found a way to load the homebrew demo Patapon 2 with HBL and wanted to respond as I managed to do this I’ll stick with my psp 6.20 emulator 3010 from sw DEDALUSX64 my psp root I am Argentinean msn so my groin is not very good xP please answer me

  241. hyperpspfighter says:

    hot shots golf 2!!!!! when?
    hello world sucks!

  242. wololo says:

    @hyperpspfighter : it’s work in progress, and you can help:

  243. hyperpspfighter says:

    tnx bro

  244. Dallox says:

    Hey Wololo.

    I’m learning C++ but do you need to learn C too?

  245. sping says:

    HI Wololo,

    Pls, dooooooooooooooo me a favor…..Would pls update your blog per 2/3days ,if no news,that does’t matter,u just let us know.Right now ,i am so sooooooooooo look forward the TN hen, one day such like a year……..Tks TN for great work……

  246. greku says:

    the future hen for 6.31 its for the exploid hot shots golf open tee and the other games of golf??
    i already purchase hot shots golf open tee,and mi psp go is version 6.31.

  247. Artoro says:

    Nice work on R109, Wololo! Are you planning to work on making Daedalus work on HBL, too (I know I and a ton of other people would love it, that’d be my favorite emulator if you made it work full speed)? And I also wish we had a PS1 emulator, too… Any chances of those?

  248. Pro X says:

    Hey Wololo,

    the PSP Firmware Updates 6.35 is released and maybe you could make a notice in the hbl page 😉

  249. Shinny says:

    ofw 6.35 wololo look for for exploit

  250. tony says:

    hey ummmmm wololo to everyone if u have a file that uthink that will brick ur psp then send it to me im not afriad bricking my psp plus u can unbrick it only with pandoras battery and magic memory stick it only works with 1000 and 2000 and phats and slim and also well a person made the very 1st worls pandora battery for 3000 and it works but 1 problem with it when you try making the battery u have to cut so many wires and it has a 50% chance of working it wont brick it for questons

  251. greku says:

    hey wololo sony sent me a message telling me to give me 3 games free and you must update the psp, do you think is a trap?

  252. Tony says:

    i remeber when they did that to me with 6.00 it was a trap and i upgraded to 6.20 so dont upgrade at all

  253. Psp Firmware 6..35 Exploited

  254. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    Wololo,I don’t think porting the HEn to 6.30+ is a good idea. I say this because there are so many cheaters and hackers on psp’s online games and letting people have the opportunity to add to that is wrong. I know there are people who want the HEn on 6.30+ for homebrew purposes (like me),but I know actual people who are waiting for the HEn so they can hack in online games.

  255. Tony says:

    wololo when is tn hen coming out 6.20 oh also check for 6.20 and 6.10 people say gen-a is out for 6.20 gen-a 6.10 gen-a but i dont know where to find it but its out i checked on a websites but i had to fill out surveys but

    6.20 gen-a and 6.10 gen-a is finally out

  256. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    Tony,6.20 HEN is comming out soon

  257. Golden_BARS95 says:

    Can you upload package.dat for Aquaria ?

  258. wololo says:

    @Golden_BARS95: please run the scripts by yourself on your own copy. These are copyrighted files and I won’t distribute them.

  259. Golden_BARS95 says:

    ok . But where i can this script ? I am Sorry . I noob =)

  260. Golden_BARS95 says:

    ok . But where i can run this script ? I am Sorry . I noob =)

  261. Golden_BARS95 says:

    But where i can run this script ? I am Sorry . I noob =)

  262. Victor says:

    Wololo, have you tried to use UMD Emulator to run the direct Isos version 6.20 of MS in the HBL, my psp is version 5.03 and 3000 and I’m scared to update to 6.20, and very hopeful to this version of TN but with a testizinho UMD emulator that bother you?

    I am Brazilian and my English is not very good, hope you understand, I want answers.

  263. Tony says:

    u could have got cfw chicken for your psp 3000 and with a little help with totorals you can play iso run flash and some other cool things

  264. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    Victor, you should stay with 5.03 if you want to

  265. Mingo says:

    Hello Wololo. I want to ask you a question. Can you use Everybody’s Golf 2 on 6.20 OFW? I’ve tried and I restart the PSP. I bought the game for 5 euros and wanted to try it. Do you do a great job.


  266. tony says:

    wololo fan 3 i know tn hen i coming out and just a question do u know how to make custom themes

  267. QWASZX says:

    @Tony….no i dont but you can find some custom themes (CXMB) online

  268. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    @Tony…i can’t make custom themes but look on google for CXMBs

  269. astrongel says:

    Hey Wololo, I was wondering if it was possible to adapt Rockbox to be a home brew..Idk if you have heard of Rockbox but i’ll leave a link to their site in case you want to check it out…

  270. astrongel says:

  271. Tony says:

    thanks for telling me wololo fan 3

  272. tony says:

    oh wololo i figured out how to make ptf themes for the psp if you like i can send u one as a preview

  273. tony says:

    oh wololo i figured out how to make ptf themes for the psp if you like i can send u one as a preview when im done with one

  274. tony says:

    oh i didnt mean to do a dupliate its just im i was on the psp and it goes slow

  275. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    No problem tony,do you think you could make me a ptf?

  276. Tony says:

    wololo i made a batch file and it imported codes into it and it speeded up my internet fast and im still fixing a little problems on it because is sometimes freezes when u open up the favorites and with the code i imported it to my psp and now fast interent and my real internet is the cheap kind and my psp internet speeds up and i kina glitched it up because when i went to battery information it went to 6:42 hours to 15:17 hours so i kinda fixing some bugs in it but ill release it when i finish it and its really easy to run too

  277. Tony says:

    and yes wololo fan what kind of wallpaper and icons?

  278. Tony says:

    if anyone wants the patch file to speed up internet and some what kinda enables flash enables java enables 32 mb enables fast internet 5+
    enables picture loader enables alot of other things and ill realease it when i have no more ideas to add in it and no it wont load iso or cso or homebrew
    but if i can input the right things in it maybe it can run it but im not going to add it now but ill realease it later and it works on all models of the psp and i think works on all firmware on the psp even 6.35 but u do not need to run it urself it runs on its own and thats pretty cool just for a batch file and i will make more of the batch files and right now im on PatchV2 but i wont realease it yet for more questions email me at:

    thank you and have a great day

  279. tony says:

    wololo i got a patch and so far got rid of all the bugs for now i might release the patch tomrrow or on saturday or friday and enabled lots of things like cpu speed 5 plus and extra 32 mb and alot of more things and so far the version of it is patch v3 and i think i can try to make it run on homebrew and iso and cso but dont know for sure so people i will release the patch tomrrow or friday or saturday k have a nice day

  280. wololo says:

    @Tony: just stop posting nonsense please, it’s not welcome here.

  281. tony says:

    srry wololo will never happen again

  282. Shinny says:

    wololo ofw 6.36 wia umd mhp 3rd

  283. The Z says:

    I’ve leaked the OFW 6.36 at this page:

    Hope it will help you, to make an OFW 6.35/6.36 compatible HBL 😉

    Greeting The Z

  284. The Z says:

    Okay, the downloadlinks in the news at pspking are removed, because the admin of the page could get in trouble, but here is an direktdownload link:

  285. shun says:


  286. Chris says:

    shun san gomennasai. kono pasokonn dewa nihongo ga itenai no desu.
    demo Total-Noob san wa kurisumasu no maeni dasu to itteirunode, matteteimashou!

    Replay above is a japanese reply for “shun”. I didn’t write in japanese but that was actually how you say it.

  287. Chris says:

    @ wololo: Is the HEN going to have VSH menu? ( Is that the same thing as “VSH exploit”? If it is, I know there is Going to have VSH menu.)

  288. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    @Tony:Ty tony…im a usc trojans fan and cud um make the icons footballs…tysm

  289. jonathon says:

    do you have to got to college to learn programming in the hacking section?

  290. p3ini says:

    Hey Wololo! Check this video:

  291. Shinny says:

    Wololo make a mobile version of the site…

  292. Shinny says:

    Yeah Wololo U R THE BEST:)

  293. Shinny says:

    Emm Wololo u can find some new info of the psp phone on wikipedia… Hope it will help u whith your psp phone saga:D

  294. Shinny says:

    wololo new info on tn hen on tn blog

  295. jonny says:

    Total noob will release HEN for 6.31?

  296. Neo says:

    hey i can help about to update the plugins, if u have any tuto please give to me and i working on that, greetings woolo bye my mail is

  297. P$ycho14 says:

    Hey, so i just got my Pandora Battery for my PSP 1000 running OFW 6.31, what MMS Maker would you recommend, and which CFW? thanx!

  298. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    Can you please post my game ( on the main page? Thank you.

  299. psp_expert says:

    Ay Wololo. How will we be able to enter recovery mode with the HEN?

  300. Walter says:

    Did you saw this jeerum released a demo exploit


  301. urahara72 says:

    i have no experience, but i wanna learn how to hack like you guys. i feel so helpless sitting here waiting for TN’s 6.35 release, i wanna be able to help. i’m fast learner so if your willing to teach, i’m ready to learn.

  302. greenzone_560 says:

    hey there wololo, i do a lot of hacking…like everytime i get a phone or any electronic device i try to hack it. Im not too advanced but i no how c++ works and would like to help if possible in any way. i have been into psp hacking since i was 13 but didnt understand most of the stuff…but now that im more familiar with it i would like to help…if u read this plz reply. thnx :)

  303. anonymous says:

    hi, I have a question about this PSP Google Chrome. I was wandering if you can tell me how to create such PSP browser apps. Are these html apps, can they be made on visual basic? I would like to create my own apps like those. Please provide me some links too, thanks.

  304. blahblah says:

    hey wololo,

    more news on TN’s Hen release date

    it says it could be released by midnight, (i think midnight in paris) or 12 hours earlier than expected, and that an updated version of the Hen was sent to them as well, from what i understand.

  305. 6fran says:

    TEAM GEN wrote early this morning that 6.20 TN-A will actually be relased earlier, because Total_Noob sent them a debugged version, so it will not need that much work. So it will be released tonight at midnight french time( 6 pm CET).

    source: PSPGEN

  306. ivan says:

    first of all, hats of to you sir.

    Please, wololo, confirm me if i will be able to hack my psp go on 6.35
    sorry if you said that earlier, but i got confused with all the articles you wrote.

    Thanks for your valuable time,

    -ivan 😀

  307. Ray-Z says:

    HI,TN‘s HEN has been released already!

  308. Venthar says:

    Hi wololo !
    Please check out my video
    Its PSP 3004 6.20 and TN HEN cant load homebrews. Please help me.

  309. DK says:

    wololo, seems like a china guy is making an ISO Loader. but dunno is true or fake. He said will release this afternoon (GMT+8) at the time of 3.00pm to 3.30pm.This news i saw from tgbus.

  310. Miluda says:

    Good time of a day, Wololo. Could you please add to instructions for TN HEN “How to launch a homebrew” and write this comment.

  311. pOrNsTaTiOnPoRtAbLe says:

    Wololo i have learned of way to succesfully run homebrews via TN-HEN on psp 3000 it seems to work for many people an it does work for me.
    Using the pack you have posted with the virtuos flame’s patch all people should follow this steps:

    1-Load the Hen (following the given intructions ).
    2-Verify the HEN is properly Loaded by pressing select to see if the vsh menu pops up.
    3-Exit the vsh menu
    4-Take out the memory card.
    5-press select for the menu again and choose the option “restart vsh”
    6- Wait for the psp to re-load and then insert the meory stick.
    7-Run any homebrew and it should load properly.
    It’s necessary to follow this steps EVERY time we want to run a homebrew.

    Credits for youtube user usamaaslam34 for discovering this.


    PS: It’s not a fake .I can confirm it does work but maybe it’s advisble to to tell people to use the pack you distributed since that’s what i used and not the link posted in the video. Please take that in consideration as soon as possible and post it so that other 3000 users can enjoy TN-HEN.

  312. KayOzGreevr says:

    Hey Wololo, quick question, my PSP is unable to update from OFW 5.03 to OFW 6.20, can you help me out with the problem? :S

  313. assault says:

    wololo can u please ask TN if when is the released of HEN on 6.35(PSP GO)???????

  314. Alexander says:

    Do you know this? Maybe will be useful to know. I posted it on YouTube

  315. kai says:

    Hi Dear Wololo! I wanna run homebrew Audio Boost Plugin v2b. My system is 2004 OFW 6.20 Can I do that? With your HBL I mean? I’m going to run yor HBL on my psp. Will that Audio Boost Pluging suported by your HBL? Thanks a lot, dear Wololo!

  316. kai says:

    Sorry my system 3004 not 20x! with OFW 6.20

  317. Lutfee says:

    Hi im asking your permission weather i can use the HBL picture in the R112 for minna no sukkiri exploit. plss reply me asap

  318. soulus_death says:

    if you are willing to teach i would love to help you program i have no experiance in c++ but a bit in fbide if that is close enough.

  319. soulus_death says:

    by the way my email is

  320. itoddx86 says:

    Hey i really need you to get ahold of me a.s.a.p i found something wired on the psp that might mean something to the scene then again maybe not but it is worth contacting me i looked on the web to see if anyone noticed it but no one has and i dont want to type it here just in case it is something well email me wololo so i can explain further (i have pspgo 6.20 tn-a hen (USA) )

  321. itoddx86 says:

    i thought maybe i can explain it another way that wont give to much details on how i did it so you can see if it is worth emailing me.. i found a way to boot HB loader And Hen after cold boot WITHOUT needing to boot up patapon2 demo to activate the hen all….this is what i do and its vage so if its worth something you can look in to it

    1.boot up patapon2 as normal and load tn hen and get back to xmb
    2.(this is the part that i want only you to know wololo dont know if its worth anything)
    3.shut the pspgo down completely so hen is no longer on the ram
    4.restart psp from cold boot (clicked on homebrew to make sure it cant start and hen is completely off)
    5.another step i only want you (wololo to know) and then homebrew loads or iso and tn hen is activiate (without needing to boot up demo and run hen)

    email me wololo if you think its worth anything
    by the way ive only tested this on my pspgo 6.20 tn-a hen HB loader

  322. itoddx86 says:

    lol Never mind came across it someone has already noticed it oh well lol

  323. highfy says:

    bonjours Wololo, je passe des jour et des nuit a chercher des méthode pour chercher des faille sur mes psp, met jusqu’a la j’ai trouver aucune programme ! sache que je fait rien de mes journée je suis au chomage et je veux me rendre utille dans le monde undergrand de la psp =) svp aidé moi je vous remerci =)

  324. Jericho says:

    Please Contact Total_Noob about the release of 6.35 TN HEN in PSP Go we need it because we 6.35 Users need the 6.35 TN HEN with VSH Exploit so we can play ISOs and put CXMB and give me the Email of Total_Noob i will be the one who will contact

  325. NatalGamer says:

    I can upgrade my psp 3000 for 6.20??

  326. NatalGamer says:

    I can upgrade my psp 3000 for 6.20?? it goes run iso directly of the MS?? any game??

  327. TimboSlice says:

    In the _card dat files, I have been very frustrated as to why there is nothing within the content section of each card except for “name”, “id”, and “rarity”. How am I supposed to see the exact mechanics you used for designing your card effects? I need to mimic abilities of cards, or just see how you mader cards work. But there is nothing there to refer to.


  328. PhoenixV5 says:

    Hen-B and what appears to be a downgrader, released on PSPGen……..
    Can you post translated tutorial(s) for these?

  329. andrew says:


    i was wondering if you could make a PSP games review section at this website.

    with screenshots, and ur comments on games, i think youd be a great game reviewer since ur pretty popular now at psp scene :)

  330. astrongel says:

    does any one know if the 3rd birthday theme works on psp go…if so, I need help??

  331. dark_arvi says:

    wololo is it true that magixien told you that he would release genA cfw6.20tn

  332. vagosgdms says:


    i found a way to downgrade faster and spoof my version to whatever i want
    but they don’t believe me
    however, i’ve tested that and it works
    look here:
    if u don’t believe me test it
    i swear its true

    also,can u remove the ban from my ip at

  333. hoolshazzam says:

    Tomorrow there will be a downgrader for the FW 6.35 to the OFW 6.20
    It works on the GO! too.

    I´ve heard that on the GERMAN site

    I just want to tell you this that you can put in in the News.

    The Guy who created this is: Davee

  334. Mingo says:

    Hello Wololo.

    I thank him for all he has done and continues to do for the psp scene.

    I want to know if there is no way to modify the EBOOT of Pastapon 2 to change the PIC1, the PIC0 and delete that music so upset.

    Thank you very much.

  335. Asif says:

    hey does anyone have any idea wat happened to the nintendo ds emulator for the psp? wat happened to yoshihiro, the guy who was developing it? wololo, do u know anything about it?

  336. Walter says:

    Look at twitter of Mathieulh
    He cracked the kirk!

  337. PhoenixV5 says:

    For some reason, it doesn’t display the posts after ‘Happy New Year’ on homepage.
    I only saw the new ones by chance, while browsing through PSPGen!!!

  338. Charlie says:


    ANY NEWS on a PS One loader??? I get copyright notice when I try to play my backups on my PSP Go

  339. Mobai says:

    How to load isos on FW 6.31?
    I can start the Loader, but i always get back to the xmb.

  340. mavamn42 says:

    I wonder if I can post my website link on your site!!!

  341. shoim says:

    Can anyone give me a good starting point from where I could begin programming for PSP. I searched the net but information is scares.
    I would appreciate a SDK and some techniques in which you can test whatever you are doing, or better : a programming flow with the needed tools listed.

    Thank you.

  342. hoolshazzam says:

    Total_Noob planns to release a downgrader for the OFW 6.35 to FW 6.20
    If Davee doesn´t release his downgrader he will release it till sunday (9. January 2011)

  343. Mobai says:

    Does anyone Know how to make Homebrew for PSP
    in Linux?
    OpenSUSE 11.3?

  344. Rombus says:

    Nice blog Wololo, Thanks for the HBL!! _|m|

  345. edua7x says:

    wololo actualize the openidea iso loader, already in the version v.0.2

    sorry for my bad english….

    you rocks wololo

  346. andrew says:


    pls make a blog about the current development in psx support scene? Is Zero-wave Hen-A promising? what do you think mr. wololo?

    any new projects or news on psx support scene?

  347. clockdryve says:

    Hey wololo, about an hour ago I got some downloads from one of the PSP Hack sites (one I’ve visited many times) can’t remember the name right now….any way, I installed a few homebrews to see if I could get them to run (wouldn’t before but thought with HEN they might). I have a PSP Go runnning 6.20 HEN-A with Prometheus Iso Loader….no problems, everthing DID work fine. Some of the things I tried to install were GoTube_v12 – PSPTV (PSP Live TV v0.5) – YourPSP-Radio, I TRIED these and again….they would NOT work. Well now I find a problem on my PSP Go 6.20 firmware. Everytime I try the SELECT button I do NOT get the VHS Menu and my PSP locks up…lights flash and then reboots back to XMB, and I lose HEN or HBL. When I run the Patapon2 Demo I can enable the HEN (I even tried the TN-HEN-B also) and allow Emulator plays from the XMB (and run the HEN from inside the HBL) *BUT it never shows 6.20 TN_HEN (or whatever it USED to say before) although I do have HEN support AND I can still play my ISO’s from the Prometheus ISO Loader with no problem. Only issues I have are the “lockup” and reboot (loose the HBL-HEN) when I try the VSH-Select, and the firmware will not show the HEN is enabled even when it is. Do you know what has happened… there anything I can install to help? *I don’t think the DEV version and HBL is available for download anymore?? I have TRIED a “Restore Default Settings” with no help. *One other thing….I DID have the FLASH0 protection Enabled in the VSH menu. Any Ideas or something I can run to find out what has happened??

  348. devi59 says:

    Hey, I emailed you about porting to the PS3. Now that pkg’s can be signed thanks to geohot, are you thinking more strongly of porting it over? As I said in my email I would KILL for this. Also, I was looking at the file structure of the ps3 harddrive using the file manager that was just released and signed and all the homebrews use eboots (which I know that the psp uses) so would porting it over be hard and would you have to re-write everything? I dont program so I don’t have clue.

  349. werter222 says:


    i’m a user in PSPKING and are you really registered at pspking?

    PS: sorry for my bad english^^

    • wololo says:

      @werter222 : yes, I registered today to correct a forum post that incorrectly said that Mathieulh had released some code for the Kirk engine, while the only thing Mathieu did was thanking ALL the people who worked on it.

  350. Roxas says:

    Hey wololo i’m not the biggest hacker out there and im abit confused so heres my question:

    I have a psp 3002 with version 6.35, is it Hackable?

    • andrew says:

      yes, as of now everything is hackable, but u gotta run them on prometheus iso loader.

      go to hen page, and follow all instructions :)

  351. zuko-zx says:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play preview

  352. ricardo says:

    alguein sabe de algun downgrade para la 6.31 si lo sacara davee o total noob o no habra??? ayuda

    • Alex says:

      Hola Ricardo,

      la verdad no se para el 6.31, pero porque no lo haces upgrade al 6.35 y usas el HEN. todo lo que he leido no recomiendan el downgrade. con el HEN y el openIdea loader, todo trabaja muy bien.


  353. luis says:

    Release (Beta!): 6.35 Custom, a 6.35 custom firmware by neur0n

    I followed the steps and I can not load isos homebrew I have less support and I can not load ps1 games from psn when I can not completely turn off the psp I can not see my mac address my recommendation is to continue using those pro hen 6.35

  354. luis says:

    Release (Beta!): 6.35 Custom, a 6.35 custom firmware by neur0n

    I followed the steps and I can not load isos homebrew I have less support and I can not load ps1 games from psn when I can not completely turn off the psp I can not see my mac address my recommendation is to continue using those hen pro 6.35

  355. BOBBBB says:

    hello does any1 know where i can get a umd dumper for psp 3000 v 6.35?

  356. thewitchslayer says:

    Hey wololo, IDK if it is only on the psp 3000 6.31 pro, but while i am on 6.31 pro i can access the store but not when i am on ofw 6.31.

  357. reporter says:


    nice cfw but if i started dragonballz tag team he will not started en he will return to ofw can you fix it

    i tryed already m33 driver
    n9. al tryed but not working help plz i think is from cfw

    i have psp go

  358. Shinny says:

    hi wololo light vsh is on the net for hen 6.35

  359. hoolshazzam says:

    6.35Pro signed and downloadable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. Alex says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Currently running PSP 3001 TN-Hen 6.20-B, I am unable to run coded arms, I thought my iso was corrupt, so I got my disk and did a redump and created a new iso, but still the game just gives me a blank screen, I tried openIdea loader and prometheus iso loader with m33 driver, I have no luck, just get a black screen and PSP shuts down.
    does anybody have any advice or can point me in the right direction?


  361. De'Fiant says:

    hey me(De’Fiant,pspgeneration and iceman are working on a cfw for 6.35 right now we have it load up ofw but we are still in progress.

  362. De'Fiant says:

    if you want to try it email me at

  363. kiddyshaq34 says:

    I have an exploit that I need help with. The binary loader is not working at all.

    here’s the crash before and after I put in the binary loader:
    Exception – Bus error (instr)
    Thread ID – 0x0473D479
    Th Name – Saru
    EPC – 0x65656564
    Cause – 0x10000018
    BadVAddr – 0x050000E9
    Status – 0x60088613
    zr:0x00000000 at:0x000000FF v0:0x00000000 v1:0x08CDA440
    a0:0x08CDA500 a1:0x08CD9CA0 a2:0x08CD7450 a3:0x00000000
    t0:0x09F7FB40 t1:0x00000030 t2:0x09F7FBD0 t3:0x00000000
    t4:0x09F7FB70 t5:0x00000000 t6:0x08BE9AB4 t7:0x08BE9A74
    s0:0x65656565 s1:0x65656565 s2:0x65656565 s3:0x65656565
    s4:0x65656565 s5:0x65656565 s6:0x65656565 s7:0x65656565
    t8:0xDEADBEEF t9:0xDEADBEEF k0:0x09F7FF00 k1:0x00000000
    gp:0x08AE34B0 sp:0x09F7FE60 fp:0x65656565 ra:0x65656565

    Exception – Bus error (instr)
    Thread ID – 0x0473D47B
    Th Name – Saru
    EPC – 0x65656564
    Cause – 0x10000018
    BadVAddr – 0x050000E9
    Status – 0x60088613
    zr:0x00000000 at:0x000000FF v0:0x00000000 v1:0x08BDA440
    a0:0x08BDA500 a1:0x08BD9CA0 a2:0x08BD7450 a3:0x00000000
    t0:0x09F7FB40 t1:0x00000030 t2:0x09F7FBD0 t3:0x00000000
    t4:0x09F7FB70 t5:0x00000000 t6:0x08AE9AB4 t7:0x08AE9A74
    s0:0x65656565 s1:0x65656565 s2:0x65656565 s3:0x65656565
    s4:0x65656565 s5:0x65656565 s6:0x65656565 s7:0x65656565
    t8:0xDEADBEEF t9:0xDEADBEEF k0:0x09F7FF00 k1:0x00000000
    gp:0x08AE34B0 sp:0x09F7FE60 fp:0x65656565 ra:0x65656565

    and here are the memory addresses:
    before binloader:
    – 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b 0c 0d 0e 0f – 0123456789abcdef
    08cf6b90 – 00 00 00 00 10 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf6ba0 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bb0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bc0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bd0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6be0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bf0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c00 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c10 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c20 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c30 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c40 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c50 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c60 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c70 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c80 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….

    and the addresses after binloader:
    – 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b 0c 0d 0e 0f – 0123456789abcdef
    08cf6b90 – 00 00 00 00 10 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf6ba0 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bb0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bc0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bd0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6be0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6bf0 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c00 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c10 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c20 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c30 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c40 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c50 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c60 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c70 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    08cf6c80 – FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF – …………….
    host0:/> memdump 0x08CF5AF8 20
    – 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b 0c 0d 0e 0f – 0123456789abcdef
    08cf5af8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b08 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b18 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b28 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b38 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b48 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b58 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b68 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b78 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b88 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5b98 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5ba8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5bb8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5bc8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5bd8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….
    08cf5be8 – 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 – …………….

    sorry if it’s all cramped up. I can send images if you want, but that would be harder.

  364. edua7x says:

    Wololo is a new update of tn hen it is the TN HEN – C

  365. DK Nian says:

    6.20 TN-C Download-able~
    Direct run on XMB. =)

  366. luccAS says:

    im need the iso loader for 6.35 and update for iso loader 0.3 tenkyo now

  367. logical says:

    Liquidzigong reported on tweeter that he had downgrader for 6.35. It works and he can downgrade to 5.00 all psp,EVEN 3G and 4G


  368. Shinny says:

    hey wololo can u add vote stuff like tn hen vs hen pro… what do u think???

  369. foxnaur says:

    nao sei se alguem pode me ajudar mais vamos la
    eu estava atualizando meu psp modelo 2003 para a versao
    6.35 quando ocorreu erro ai ele travou e depois desligou
    agora a luz verde acendo por cerca de 5 segundo e apaga
    levei em varios lugares e nao teve jeito
    usaram a bateria pandora e o memoria. nao funcionou
    todos falaram que o defeito é na placa, mais tudo é na placa
    gostaria de saber se tem como me ajudar. ultima atualizaçao que tava nele era a 6.20

  370. Shinny says:

    downgrade 6.xx to 6.20 on

  371. Hi! Congrats for the great game! It runs on gentoo linux smoothly!

    Tell me: any plans of porting it to Android?

  372. SunZero says:

    I have a question im trying to make a prx file but i dont know how to create one so does anyone know how to create prx files some one awnser please!

  373. Sunzero says:

    nvm i figured out how

  374. BOBBBB says:

    Hi guys i have a question
    Im using the pometheous iso loader and some games dont work on it
    i load the game and like a minute later the psp turns off
    how can i fix it

  375. Sunzero says:

    Make sure you dont have the m33 dirve turned on and make sure u put your iso in ms0:/Iso if you dont have one then create one

  376. jsngrimm says:

    PS3 JB 3.55 Mirror hosted by me -also has links to private crypt keys and signing tools plz reply if it doesnt work and i will fix it -jsngrimm

  377. nightcraver says:

    yo wololo
    you rocks and plz tell mathieulh that he rocks too
    so does liquidzigong and total noob

    just thought you should post on your site that there is a port of PMPlayer
    that works on tn hen c. this is ironic given your complaints abt psp poor video compatibility. this should solve the problem for many people i hope
    this is the link

  378. Tara says:

    I have PSP GO OFW 6.37. unable to load HBL to meory stick. had it on there yesterday.but it didn’t work. now it won’t load. says corrupt data. plaese someone give me a step-by-step. Obviuosly i’m missing some step.

  379. tony says:

    well you can try to reinstall it or reload the hbl

  380. Tony says:

    sorry for double post
    6.35 PRO-A1 released still works on all psp models:

    * [!] fix order of ISO
    * [!] fix large memory support, and now we can unlock the memory 55M
    * [!] cannot run after the fix into the UMD ISO
    * [!] fix USB Device can only be enabled once
    * [+] Merge HEN and installation procedures can be directly installed in the OFW
    * [+] Add Tekken and Soul Calibur patch
    * [+] Add key D9161AF0
    * [+] Add in the RESET VSH VSH MENU

    eatures (via translated readme.txt)

    * Support all types of PSP, which PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-GO is strictly tested
    * Support the unlock 52MB of memory, has reached the level of the times 5xx
    * The NP9660 has a built-in and March33 ISO driver to support more games
    * XMB ISO has indicated support for ISO & CSO
    * Has nodrm engine, support for direct reading of the DLC and the decrypted EDATA / PGD file
    * With VSH MENU, you can view or change system settings, etc.
    * Redesigned NID Resolver, support more home-made software, including CMFr21c
    * Has a variety of patches, such as brightness and video resolution four other patches
    * Support version.txt, put it in ms0: / seplugins / version.txt to take effect

  381. Tony says:

    6.35 PRO-A2 realease still works on all models

  382. irving says:

    wololo I have version 6.37 and they wanted to see when leaving the chicken and hbl there but I want to play isos you could give me an approximate time out

  383. vivanildo says:

    wololo sou muito fam seu no site só falam de vc, vc é um cara surpreendente quando se fala de psp. estou precisando de uma ajuda seu pra instalar plugin cwcheat no psp com firewal 6.20tn já fiz de tudo vasculhei a internet toda mas não consigo colocar ele pra rodar vc poderia fazer um favor pra mim de mandar pro meu email como instalar o plugin a adicionar cheat nos jogos por favor me ajude vou ficar esperando a resposta valeu brown.

    • OiexD says:

      Existe FIREWALL para psp????
      Acho incrível você falar com gírias e abreviações ainda mais em português como se ele fosse entender…. sem contar os gritantes erros de português…
      Cara, deixa de ser preguiçoso, na internet tem tudo isso que você está “procurando”… você que nem sabe como começar a aprender a usar.

  384. bob says:

    hey i just wanted to know how does all the hackers do to create homebrews and stuff like that?

  385. Tony says:

    Custom Firmware Pro-a4 released and now supports PS1 GAMES!!!!!!!!!
    Download from here:

  386. Tony says:

    custom firmware ME released for 6.37 but only works on 2000 non ta3v models i think i spelled it wrong but u can download it from my last post it should be above me

  387. Javi says:

    I only wanted to know, if anyone knows how much will take to exploit the firmware 6.37

  388. V1x0r says:

    Hey, I won’t be checking back here in the future for updates, but I figured I would post a link to an app that I just put together. I call it “Iso2Eboot”.

    it’s a .net app with a single button. You copy the exe into the directory containing CSO’s, DAX’s, JSO’s, and ISO’s. It first converts all CSO’s, Dax’s and JSO’s to ISO (as that is what is compatible with fake_np v5 by tpu) then from ISO to eboot! it’s a very basic app that automates the whole process. I really only made it because i’m going to have about 140 psp iso’s and i’d like most to be eboots for while i’m deployed…makes use a little easier. I figured I’d share with the world so here it is.

    One link is to my mediafire hosting and the other to demonoid. if you have questions then please e-mail me at or message me on facebook. peace easy guys! and freaking enjoy!


  389. Raven Exhile says:

    hi V1x0r i was wondering how that Iso2Eboot works because im intrested in what the work you did because doesn’t it convert the iso smaller and even smaller that a cso i would like to know so i can save some gb on my psp go oh does it work on psp go or on a 3000 model without custom firmware sorry for so many questions.

  390. Raven Exhile says:

    oh PRO-B released and the ps1 games work very well on the psp go heres
    the video below me showing how good i works:

    and Total Noob i know u won’t read this but please release TN-D because
    your vsh can translate and play ps1 games and runs hombrew very well.

  391. V1x0r says:

    @Raven Exhile – it converts from iso to eboot and digitally signs it. it doesn’t compress it. your image will actually grow a few mb’s from the original iso size. plus, if your images are a CSO, DAX, or JSO it will expand even further when uncompressed into an iso then converted to eboot. sooo…no…no compression. if you want to save space then convert with a HIGH compression in DAX. (I don’t know if jso is a higher compression than dax so you will have to play with it). but you will need a cfw on your psp to play them then.

    With the iso2eboot app you DON’T need a modded psp to play. and ANY psp will load the games (so long as the game is compatible with fake_np.exe).

  392. Raven Exile says:

    oh cool thanks

  393. Bunk3r says:

    The pspgo is now 149 dlls 😀 another price drop, now we need a ps3 price drop to get a few more 😉

  394. Bunk3r says:

    PRO-B2 already realesed 😀

  395. Shinny says:

    tn hen d on psp gen is released

  396. Tony says:

    PRO-B2 Adds Recovery menu on all psp models and a big plugin support

  397. BoltRoxas says:

    Hi ive been looking for cwcheat for my psp 3000 with 6.35 pro hen and i dont really understand the stuff so i wanted to know if its possible

  398. urahara72 says:

    Wololo, ik ur on vacation. But I have a suggestion for your page. Try adding a link from the forums back to your blog 😉

  399. Rg says:

    I heard about Japan tsunami, i hope all is ok


  400. Basch says:

    Hi Wololo, u r great! First of all, sorry for my bad english, u know, I’m Italian. Some week ago, I downgraded my psp from 6.31 to 6.20 and downloaded ur TN-D. Yesterday I tried to put vsh menu in my psp and, once I did it, my xmb began to move slowly, the definition got lower and suddenly it automatically shut down. I’ve tried to re-install it several times, and had the same problem all the times, even with 6.20 TN-C. So I decided to upgrade my OFW to 6.35, and tried 6.35 HEN-PRO, and it works. How can u explain it? Is this a bad reaction to the downgrade? Or is there something to improve in ur LCFW?
    I hope u will be able to answer me. Bests.

  401. lu says:

    yea i’ve been at this for over 4 hours, but for w/e reason the tn-a(hen) wont work for me i have a psp 1001 ( yea the fat one lol) and i need some help so after looking around for awhile i came here. could u guys give me a hand?

  402. 6.35 PRO-C Beta will be realsed in weekend !

  403. Maxaxle says:

    Did someone change my password while I was gone? I can’t seem to log into the forums…

    • wololo says:

      Admins or mods can’t change your password because it is encrypted. It could be that someone stole your password. Another possibility is that you got banned, but if you weren’t posting that’s very unlikely.
      The most likely possibility is that you forgot your password, please use the “forgot password” functionality on the forums

  404. Urahara72 says:

    Yo Wololo, I’m setting up my own blog and was wondering if you could send me the code you used for your comments feature. If you’re too busy I understand and can find another source code, I just really like your set up.

  405. Jesus says:

    You should make a PSP friendly site, when I try to enter here from the old browser, I have to wait a lot :S

    • wololo says:

      Yes, that, or Sony should have programmed a real browser 😛
      Seriously though, I wish I had the time to make a portable-device-sized version of this site :/

  406. orphelian says:

    Hello all!

    I’m new in the PSP stuff. and I have a question;

    My PSP is the 3001 and I have a MS Duo Pro 2GB, Can someone tell me the Max a PSP can handle with the MS Duo size in GB? Can I use a 16GB MS in the PSP? I’ve heard the max was 8GB but I do not want to buy a new Memory Stick and then see my PSP can’t recognize it.

    Thanks in advance, all!

  407. Deathrevenge says:

    Hi wololo.
    I’ve a PSP 2000 with a TA-088v3. I have it in 5.03 OFW with the 5.03 Gen-C.

    Should I update it to 6.20 TN-HEN?
    Should I leave it in 5.03?

    Which one is better nowadays?
    Thank you for your time


  408. Shinny says:

    hi wololo 6.38 is out….. see if hbl will work…

  409. Anand Abhinav says:

    how to donate to Genesis competition. i tried but was unsuccessful.

  410. Anand Abhinav says:

    @wololo How to donate to genesis competition, i tried link on the website but its not working.

  411. Shadowmat says:

    Hi Wololo… you and your HBL have completely changed my PSP :)
    What i want to ask you is if it’s possible to make a pandora battery for PSP 3004….
    Sony doesn’t use it on 3004?
    In that case now that the sony key is avaible can applicate a patch with the code to make a “New Pandora Battery”?

    PS: Sorry for the bad English but I’m italian XD

  412. Adam says:

    Hey, I Got A PSP GO! And The FW Is 6.37 Do You Have Any HEN For It I Aldredy Have Your HBL but i Don’t Know if that can read any ISO Loader Please Reply….

  413. Flavio Kopp says:

    Inform anyone know where’s the blog Coldbird?

  414. lars85 says:

    Hello Wololo,
    i can speak english but i haven’t the required experience for this message.

    Un Kxploit aurait été découvert dans le 6.37 et neuron et davee travaillerait dessus.
    Est ce vrai ?

  415. vjkjh says:

    its been a long time since the ofw 6.37 was released or atleast it feels that way and i was wondering why isnt hen out already

    could you guys atleast give us a release date?

  416. justin says:

    hello just want to let you know i directly installed homebrew for 6.37 on my pspgo wit a firmware 6.38…ty works great…

  417. Rogeth says:

    I know you’re not as active as you used to be, but would you mind creating a half-byte loader for OFW version 6.39? Thanks.

    • wololo says:

      HBL for 6.37 should (hopefully) still work on 6.39. It worked on 6.38, I don’t think Sony broke any compatibility. I must admit I haven’t tested yet.

  418. jake316 says:

    hey wololo its been awhile sents VF and coldbird said they were 60% done with pro c do you know what the percent it is at now?

  419. alex delgado says:

    um hi i have a psp go 6.39 and i want to downgrade it to try and get the iso loader to play kingdom hearts can you help?

  420. jake316 says:

    dude just download 6.39 pro b6 from psp hacks and just make a iso folder in the root of ur mem stick. theres no need for the iso loader.

  421. Alfred says:

    Wololo, I would like to thank you for Wagic, HBL … wanted to give you an idea, you could create a homebrew PSP Game Pokemon Trading Wagic like. I could help you with something and everyone who reads this comment can also contact me join my email is apology if something bad is written, translated with Google translator. Thanks, I hope your answer. This Dria be the beginning of a wonderful homebrew. XD

  422. keybearer95 says:

    does anyone know how i can play kingdom hearts biorth by sleep on my psp go without an iso loader

  423. keybearer95 says:

    i have 6.39 pro b6 but how do i play iso without an iso loader

    • romeyo007 says:

      creat folder on ur ms card or internal card and name it ISO then drop all ur iso game inside it. and u r done.
      if they didn’t show try to lunch the 6.39 pro b6 luncher again and it should work. at least that how i did it with mine.

  424. jake316 says:

    keybearer95 just make a iso folder in the root of your memory stick and put iso games in it and bam…

  425. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address :

  426. Illustrador says:

    hey congrats for the genesis competition outcome it was a great contest, ok now my motive for this comment is to ask for some contest in lame craft to build you know castles or something and to post them to help advance the program and help fans get involve in the process of test this awsome program/ homebrew

  427. David says:


    first at all sorry if my english is bad

    I’d play wagic when suddenly one blue screen (like the windows blue screen) appears in my psp screen

    I could read “Your psp has been crashed and the a los of numbers. If you want more info. press X or if you want to exit press O

    What happen? Has it broken my psp? Should I worry about something?

    • wololo says:

      Hi David: This happens when there is a bug in the game. Instead of completely crashing the PSP, we are showing you this blue screen so that you don’t have to completely reboot the PSP. Usually, it helps if you can tell us what card caused the crash, if you have any idea, or what cards where in the game when it crashed.

      • David says:


        thanks for the info.

        I don’t know what cards exactly I had and what oponent, only I can say that was a random battle


        I have to paid more attention next time 😉


        • David says:

          Hi wololo

          yesterday another blue screen

          This morning I connected the psp to the pc and I find this .txt in WTH carpet. I think was created when blue screen appears because I the time of the creation is more or less the time of the blue screen

          it says:

          Exception details:

          Exception – Bus error (data)
          EPC – 088EF5F0 / JGEApp_Title.text + 000EB5F0
          Cause – 1000001C
          Status – 20008613
          BadVAddr – F7F3B43F
          zr:00000000 at:089D0000 v0:437F0000 v1:00000020
          a0:099FFC00 a1:00000000 a2:08F85B58 a3:0000001C
          t0:08A23028 t1:097B89C8 t2:08A23028 t3:09FBEBE0
          t4:0887AEC8 t5:00000000 t6:00000000 t7:00000000
          s0:00000000 s1:099B1240 s2:09D62E00 s3:099FFC00
          s4:437F0000 s5:00000020 s6:089DA0A0 s7:08B3F770
          t8:DEADBEEF t9:088EC294 k0:09FBFF00 k1:00000000
          gp:08A2B6F0 sp:09FBEB50 fp:FFFFFFFF ra:088EF8C0

          Thank you for your work 😉

  428. jon says:

    hey umm i just wanna post a problem I’ve been having i don’t know where to post this so ill do it right here. the card hypnotic specter is not showing the text of “flying — whenever hypnotic specter deals damage to a player that player discards a card from his or her hand at random” … so if you could put that in there. And all the cards from some of the older sets that say this creature cant attack or block if defending player controls a creature with power 3 or greater, are unable to block or attack at all times, it doesn’t let you choose them as a blocker or attacker.

  429. goku says:

    hey i have my psp cracked with 6.35 version bt i want to crack it with 6.39 now…..plz give me the procedure to crack it………

    • Shinny says:

      this isnt a proper place a post about “how to”.. u have CFW for Dummies for that… if it wont help you try google and youtube

  430. David says:

    Hi wololo, I repeat my last comment because I don’t know If you watched this

    “yesterday another blue screen

    This morning I connected the psp to the pc and I find this .txt in WTH carpet. I think was created when blue screen appears because I the time of the creation is more or less the time of the blue screen

    it says:

    Exception details:

    Exception – Bus error (data)
    EPC – 088EF5F0 / JGEApp_Title.text + 000EB5F0
    Cause – 1000001C
    Status – 20008613
    BadVAddr – F7F3B43F
    zr:00000000 at:089D0000 v0:437F0000 v1:00000020
    a0:099FFC00 a1:00000000 a2:08F85B58 a3:0000001C
    t0:08A23028 t1:097B89C8 t2:08A23028 t3:09FBEBE0
    t4:0887AEC8 t5:00000000 t6:00000000 t7:00000000
    s0:00000000 s1:099B1240 s2:09D62E00 s3:099FFC00
    s4:437F0000 s5:00000020 s6:089DA0A0 s7:08B3F770
    t8:DEADBEEF t9:088EC294 k0:09FBFF00 k1:00000000
    gp:08A2B6F0 sp:09FBEB50 fp:FFFFFFFF ra:088EF8C0

    Thank you for your work”

    I think that it’s important to you 😀

    • wololo says:

      Thanks David. We unfortunately can’t analyze precisely these issues for now, but hopefully we will find the card that causes this problem :)

  431. romeyo007 says:

    I’m having trouble playing this type of games on my PSPgo
    UMD Video Game ripped to ISO. I tried all CFW version out on the web ISO loader everything i could find, but there wasn’t any successes. so it will be really great if some of you guys can look up at the matter and see if there is away i didn’t try yet, or some of the developer can make something for it, since I’m sure many people out like me looking for the solution too.
    Thanks in advance :)

  432. alan says:

    hello first of all I thank you for the excellent work they do is still so good just wanted to know if I could explain how the PRO vercion because your blog entries and let me know some more of them ……. THANK YOU! ! : D

  433. pspdevil says:

    I have a pandora maker I developed and would like to release it on but I dont know how. Could you please instruct me?

  434. JuDicus says:

    Hi wololo i love wagic a recently downloaded the newest version looking through the forum i found some great stuff like card images and campaigns etc,
    but everytime i play a game it freezes i have added all card images my own avatar and a SFX pack from the forum all these make wagic even more fun but how can i stop the game freezeing is it the SFX pack or sound? :(

  435. Shinny says:

    6.60 is out… please make a hbl =D

  436. sebastian says:

    hello so i have psp genesis competition put if you have that software can you still connect to the iternet can you tell my if you can or if you can and please explain why

  437. seder12 says:

    hello Wololo
    I’ve seen that you can now downgrade psp damn plate
    but the page to download the stuff is in Russian and I can not download them to me by the random pregunata
    if possible, could you send me a link to download packages?

  438. An fascinating discussion is value comment. I feel that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but typically individuals are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  439. george says:

    i have no comment. i have psp 3000 on 6.20tn-e .can i downgrade / how far can i go.[ofw 6.20 to 6.20 pro b-9]. i would like very much to have a psp draughts game.[with different levels and can play on any firmware.] I AWAITS YOUR REPLY GEORGE

  440. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    Wololo, what’s with this imitation of PSP/PS Vita, do you know something about ???

  441. Tyler says:

    Hey I just bricked my 3001 psp. Sad face
    I was wondering if you could possibly make an unbricker for semi bricked 3001 models! I almost can unbrick it by going to the VSH menu and running the PSP/GAME/RECOVERY from hellcat.
    Im running 6.20 pro b9 permanent patch!
    I sure hope you can help.

  442. Shinny says:

    wololo its an old question but its kinda bothering me , umm do you still have in plans making a mobile version of ??

  443. JUANMA says:

    I like to test wagic in my xperia play what can i do to obtain the apk to do this, i like to play this awesome and wonderful game in my phone because my psp is death, thaks.

  444. Phoebus says:

    I was wondering if anyone can provide instructions on how to update WTH on the psp without losing any of my current progress?


    • wololo says:

      1) make a backup of your current installation somewhere on your hard drive, and delete it from your memoery stick.
      2) Copy the new Wagic to your memory stick
      3) Copy the following folders from your old installation to the new one:

      That’s it, I believe.

  445. PA says:

    How to run emulator, homebrew and etc on ps vita?

  446. Andreas says:

    I have some big trouble with playing iso/cso on my psp.
    I have about 6-7 iso/cso game on the psp(all in the ISO folder in the memory stick root folder), but only 2 of them shows up in the game list.
    I have tried pretty many different iso games, both 6.20, 6.35, 6.39 and 6.60 with pro cfw.
    I´ve tried to change the ISO mode, i´ve tried about everything, but nothing works.
    From the begining none of the game showed up in the list, but after a while 2 of the showed up, but not the rest of them.

    Is there someone who can help me with it?

    Please excuse my bad english.

  447. theludeguy says:

    hey, just wondering if there is a tutorial on how to install cxmb on psp go running 6.60 pro-b10??

  448. Gilmar says:

    Hi friend, wololo
    I want to buy this jigkick memory stick to save my psp2001 with motherboard ta088v3. I do not get right flash memory programmer to change memory stick. where can I buy this memory stick, ready to use in my bricked psp?
    You can help me?

  449. Wakoo says:

    THANKS YOU VERY MUCH for your port on android and ios ! <3

  450. jay says:

    Hey, am absolutely in love with this app, wish id known bout wagic before..

    That being said, I’m playing Wagic on a KINDLE FIRE. Please, pretty please, make a user-friendly, or at least a compatible version of Wagic for us. The Deck Edited is useless, which leaves u stuck with the default deck, navigation is fried noodles, and the story mode force closes every time.

    Once I have a working version, will def try to donate, love wat y’all r doing..

  451. MDave says:

    Hey there Wololo! I’m the developer for the Kurok homebrew game. Interested in hearing if Kurok works on the Vita HBL, of if you could possibly contact me through email to discuss about some things :) Thanks for reading.

  452. Lordoch says:

    This game is realy great. I loved it on PSP…
    Now I’m happy becouse i got it for Android.
    But the filter in the deckeditor got a Mistake. If I want to add a filter the marker jumps verry fast between the buttons (cards and add filter). I got a Samsung I9001 with Android 2.3.6.

    Thx for this great game

  453. gliitch says:

    Hi Wololo im interested in developing for the vita – with exploits and such. i have done quite a bit on the ps3 and so working on the vita would be a very exciting prospect for me.

    Ive tried to edit the png file for vita demos & change the names of the games, so far ive only got to change the png on transfer. but it still shows as the original picture on the vita. i know its only a small thing, but im hoping to get better as time goes on, and that we eventually will have access to flash0:/ soon 😀

    So if you could put any “specific” workings my way, id be happy to help you out.^-^

  454. dani cruz says:

    yooo i think i have a treory about motor storm atctic edge i dont know if it will work but on cfw 3.41 or 3.55 every thing is possible i dont know if u could could do some magic that would be awesome check this out

    if theres a way where able 2 upload the motor storm as a pkg file on the cfw 3.55 and after that we could data tranfer it 2 our update ps3 4.11 and connect our psvita 2 the ps3 using content manager and download the motorstorm on 2 the vita let me know what u think that would be gr8 ok

  455. omit931 says:

    Is there a programm for the psp to load adroid/iphone apps?

    for example angry birds, teamviewer, …

  456. Mal says:

    I read your blog and see you seem to be constantly hassled by people asking for you to work harder and produce things faster.

    I’d just like to say that I appreciate all that you’re doing and understand that you have a life as well as an online presence. I’ll wait patiently for any news.

  457. Anonymous group says:

    Started with a error and finished with everybody loves tennis  and yes I  signed in to psn on both vitas but must be done 1 at a time

    Sent from my IPhone 

  458. donnie says:

    i would like to know win you get to the new vhbl can you let me know

  459. byte says:

    i find to believe that jelly car 2 is hackable

  460. Andrew says:

    Hey wololo I was wondering if u could send me the hello world for hbl that you had in one of ur videos for 1.67 I would appreciate it thank u.

  461. Nik says:

    For some reason i cant seem to register for the talk board…it just keeps telling me that my submission was invalid , i created a final fantasy 12 set for wagic that i wanna share but i gotta reg first and it just wont let me…please help

  462. Roger Rabbit Bunnie says:

    hey i just sent you an email please check and reply if you didn’t get it please reply and let me know, thank you in advance

  463. Michael the wanna be dev :( says:

    hi wololo i have some questions 😀 did u get so good at this stuff
    2.if u were to own sony would you let it run homebrew
    3. do u support pirates arrgh ;D do i get on this exploiting train i really wann contribute
    5.oh! and is ur name a refrence to the monks of AOE 2 because i fking love dat game 😀

    • wololo says:

      1. I’m not that good really. But the stuff I learned I got mostly from school, and PSP specific stuff from,,, n00b81, m0skit0, and JJS mostly. Also google
      2. Not in the uncontrolled form it is right now. If I ran Sony’s game division and could do everything I want, the Playstation Suite would have been made available 5 years ago.
      3. I don’t have any opinion on piracy, I think it is a matter of personal responsibility
      4. Curiosity, mostly. Check this page for psp specific stuff:
      5. Yes :)

  464. Michael the wanna be dev :( says:

    oh and i have really slow internet i have a suggestion it might be clever to do this BUT
    u should leave secret hints to next vhbl’s
    but inform all ur fans to hush up if they still want hints :3

  465. Shinny says:

    Hi wololo. Umm an new version of PRO Online Client released, was thinking you would post about this..

    • wololo says:

      I want to, but I don’t have enough time to actually test this new version, and I don’t want to blog about it without thoroughly testing the network features, etc…

  466. Thebigboss1206 says:

    Please, I need an unbricker for my PSP GO, something like pandora or time machine that restores ef0 nands. If I’d attempt on adapting dark_alex pandora, would I return to OFW? I need to fully rewrite my nand, and only pandora could help…

    • wololo says:

      Apologies, a pandora “as is” could not unbrick a psp go even if you “adapted it”, unless you have massive skills in encryption, hardware, and good friends working for Sony. I suggest you sell the device for parts, or that you send it for repair to Sony :(

  467. roberto says:

    wololo please respond to my email but um dude sony is guarding there psp games very well but they havent thought about their minis some minis like zenonia let you load up saves like in the psp game su made vhbl work with try some minis it might work

  468. Alejandro says:

    Hello wololo

    I just want to say that the postage for PlayStation vhbl Mobile
    to be definitive work I already started to port it to PlayStation Mobile
    I sincerely need your help in loading isos HBL and chargers.
    Thank you.

    Information: The project is called PSHBL


  469. Enlightened Spectator says:

    Greetings Wololo from an undisclosed location,i have been following your progress for years and really appreciated your hbl for the psgo, i have now been looking at your updates daily and have recently been one of the lucky ones to grab the vhbl SC3

    my basic question is is it possible to give an estimate of how much the new vhbl will cost if it indeed works after the next big update, (this is needed to help myselfband maybe others from getting ripped
    off for a €50 through exchange rates when the game is €10

    from a perspective of a person who has admired and used your work without thanks for years, i am now thanking you for the thosands of downloads that your work has recieved without thanks from each one,
    i would really like to have vhbl after the youtube and alarm clock and such

    your work its greatly appreciated and im sorry if my question is too public,
    never know when uncle sam is watching

    • wololo says:

      Apologies but I cannot disclose anything about the price. One reason is that it would help narrowing down the game, and the second reason is that I am not sure this is the game that will actually be used for VHBL’s next release.

  470. Michael says:

    Hey i was thinking and you should make cydia or something like that for the playstaion vita.And installous with a different name.Start hacking the vita like a ipod…I think this is a very good idea and would like a reply if possible.All playstaion vita tittles would be so easy to download and install with no problems…not having to worry about pluging into computer when you can just use wifi.

  471. JohnRC says:

    I have tried to search for the zip files for the cards and possibly pictures too, I had it on my psp, now I am wanting the card databases for my windows version, can ya help me?

  472. APJR says:

    PlayStation Vita Firmware 1.80 Adds Support For PsOne Classics

    will there be a hack update for this? (Super Collapse 3)

  473. Bee says:

    Hi there,

    I have a psp 1000. After countless researching on internet, I have read, to install CFW6.60ME-1.8 (Permenant), as it is the best for the phat model.

    Well my question is, do i need the pro b10 or pro c update? All i wish to do is play back ups of games which i have collected/own over the years. such as psp, psx, snes, gba etc, all perfectly on my psp phat.

    Can i achieve all this with the :6.60ME-1.8 (OFW Version) update, or do i need the latest?

    Also, no matter which cfw i install, i still would like to be able to browse internet & PSN, play online, without being bricked from cfw?

    Please get back to me. I am going crazy trying to find out if i need the latest latest latest cfw, or will the :6.60ME-1.8 (OFW Version) do?

    Kind regards.

  474. cristian says:

    When can hack 1.67 ps European vita

  475. Raziel says:

    Chinese Listing Reveals PS Vita Imposter, Droid X360

    Thought you might be interested Wololo =)

  476. Raziel says:

    Wow actually responded lol. Yeah if the thing had slightly better specs then I would be all over it, for now it doesn’t make me want to sell my vita….yet, Prefer the Vita to be able to play Vita games unless a 3DS and Vita emulator comes out then MY GOD Ill be throwing my money at the scree.

  477. Scryptr says:

    Hey guys great work cant wait to see the half byte loader after 1.80 patch was wondering if psp Vice or the comador 64 emulator is going to make it in the list luv that one tks

  478. folora says:

    hi wololo ,
    i think i found a way to hack vita , it’s not like having full control on the system or something like that
    but if we succeeded we can play pirated games and when we do that we can allow psp games = vhbl and then homebrew ..
    if you are interested which of course you are
    contact me
    it won’t hurt if you try

  479. sakuryu says:

    Hey wololo ^-^ I’ve got an idea that could bump up your site and help spread the playstation scene farther ^-^ email me back if you wanna chat about it! (Also sorry for being vague :p just don’t want ideas stolen by others reading them

  480. ezequiel says:

    hey wololo you can help mi please y could hack the ps vita

  481. ezequiel says:

    hey is mi again you can please help mi with the ps vita you can contac mi with this number7875276279

  482. dave says:

    RockBand Unplugged is playable on the vita but not available on the ps store. maybe this can help you.

  483. cho says:

    I found a bug…inparty first, change your input method to chinese, then just press whatever you want (do not press space). Then, keep pressing L when you change input method. The PSV will crash.

  484. bibo450 says:

    Could you somehow make save data exploit for the psp game GTA: Vice City Stories im sure people would appropriate it.

  485. bibo450 says:

    so vice city stories and dissida 012 isnt hackable

  486. SIM sk says:

    Hey wololo,
    Because of The fact that you will Release 1 or 2 vhbl’s in a des Weeks i would Love to See some Information about The vhbl’s

    For example:
    The Name of The developers
    Costs of The exploit Game
    HB compatibility
    And The stability of The vhbl

    • SIM sk says:

      This would be Great so everyone Could be able to Choose One of The versions. If you Five These informations a few days before The Release it would be a less Time to think about it

      SIM sk

  487. Alex says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me please is there going to be full jailbreak for ps vita 1.69?
    Please write on my e-mail. THX

  488. cmorand says:

    Hey wololo I read that you wont publicly announce the PSP game needed for vhbl on the newest version how would I find out what game it is ? I’m registered on your forum my user is clorbag.

  489. LKM says:

    [scam link removed by wololo]
    Just found a video that them claimed can play “iso” in vita, was it real?

    • wololo says:

      No it’s not. If it was, we would be talking about it here and on other major scene websites.
      Hint: if the download links you to a survey of some sort, it’s a scam, end of story.

  490. Yasin says:

    hi there ive just found an interesting bug or glitch don’t know how to call this in the psvita game: ” Sound Shapes ”
    thats what happend:

    I did load my selfmade lvl. in Sound Shapes and put vita for nearly 20min. after reactivating psvita and finishing lvl. my screen got black which is not usual an then i became some strange messages:

    “WARNING: got a script error! game may still run but is unstable. it’s recommend you don’t save levels as it may corrupt them. click yes to ignore all further script errors. else, hit PS button to quit and run again.”

    I clicked yes. and did become another message:

    “you’re totally sure you want to ignore errors right?”

    clicked again yes -> 3rd message:

    “last chance! ignore all script errors from now on? remember, game miiiight be unstable!”

    so did you know that? have taken screenshots from these messages and made a little film with iphone. I can send yióu these if you like.

  491. bib650 says:

    i need help in using openCMA r3 on my pc and everytime i try to connect my vita to the pc is tells me update content manger assistant on your pc what should i do??

  492. bib650 says:

    i need help im*

  493. Derrick says:

    Man I hope this makes it to you wololo. I’m a big fan of your TCG port of Wagic to Andro and PSP. Would you be willing to do that “magic” one more time with this ?
    This is a english port of a Chinese dule program with a online server. This would be great for Homebrew. Your the only one with enough skill to do it

  494. Fabian says:

    wololo is it mhf(1)unite or mhf(2)freedom 2 ??

    i need to know it !!!

  495. wimmy says:

    hola wololo. estoy confuso… no sé por que tarda tanto en salir el vhbl . sé el nombre del juego , pero me puedes decir mas o menos cuando sale el vhbl?? muchas gracias…espero contestacion.

  496. SIM sk says:

    Wont the genesis competition come back?

  497. ryugi says:

    hi wololo . i’m italian, this is the first time when i write in your blog, but i see the blog every day. the z can do this
    because the other hacker can’t do this, what have thez if the other hacker don’t have. sorry for my english, because i’m 15 years old and this is what i learn at school

  498. ziro says:

    i really wish there was save data exploit for gta vice city or chinatown wars i really need one

  499. Lukus says:

    can you explain how to download homebrews in more detail please

  500. G says:

    With firmware 1.80
    OpenCMA and PSVita are connected.
    After CMA starting of PSVita
    It is return with the PS button.
    The game or PSN of sign-in is started.
    It can sign in and PSN and a PSN connection game are made.

  501. Cristal666 says:

    Hey wololo i want to ask you someyhing,if i buy the game Tales of innocence r for the vita in my country i live in Argentina,do you think is going to work?.Im asking you this because i dont see the game on store.

  502. rg says:

    In portugal there is news relating to P2P downloads and legal aspects and i tough it would be nice to share

    It seems that the Public Ministery of Justice has decided that it is LEGAL to download music or movies if there is no Commercial activity involved.

    The article is in Portuguese but google translate should help out.

  503. Brendan B. says:

    Here’s a Sneak Peek at the PSN Store, 10/2:

    I thought it might be worth a post.

  504. Compuvirus says:

    Just for my own curiosity…what kind of skill set is required for development on a Sony console as I’m assuming they mostly work the same way on a basic level. What software skills or programming languages are needed to find vulnerabilities in games and firmware for homebrew accessibility? I would like to lend a hand in the search for openings to allow things like VHBL to run but I’m not quite sure where to start… thanks for your time!

  505. JAUZMAN says:

    Hi Wololo,I know your very busy at the moment.
    I just wanted to know,(i deleted Urbanix on my vita some time ago,but i still have the game save data on the vita)would iI be able to use this some how to enable the cfw needed to play psp iso/cso’s??


    Love your work,Love your Friends and there work!!

    JAUZMAN……Peace! 5/10/2012

  506. JAUZMAN says:

    PS…..@Wololo,if I tried everything that should be done,but did it with Easter Island what would happen if anything?

    Many Thanks Again,


  507. Shrink00 says:

    wololo ,
    i need to discuss some stuff with you , its about urbanix and it’s exploit …
    it’s some real stuff though … no scamming

    how\where can you chat a little bit ?

  508. ps322 says:

    I tryed the Urbanix CEF on the ps3 (just to see want it would do) and it loads fine then just stays gray. Would you be able to get it to work on the ps3?

  509. idiotwalks says:

    vita ninja release leaked, by

  510. Jonatan says:

    please, tell me How I make plugins active in CEW(Urbanix exploit)??

  511. Mr.Q says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I have a Vita on OFW 1.67 that is running the MHFU exploit. I want to update to OFW 1.80 so that I can try out the new 6.60 TN-A firmware. Unfortunately, it seems the Charles’ Proxy trick no longer works.

    Is there another way I can manually update the VITA to 1.80? Maybe with OpenCMA or another tool I don’t know about? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

  512. StealthxMODs says:

    wololo you tell us maybe build a PS2 emulator or ps2 spile compatiel make at least that would be super nice of you: D



  513. Вован says:

    please I really want to play a normal game, not demo))
    Please Throw a suite of games on, I swear I will not tell anyone please please please

  514. Вован says:

    i wait

  515. Zir0 says:


  516. zac123 says:

    Sup peeps first off thanks for your hard work an effort of hacking and psvita mods. I can make hacks and tweaks so I am not quite a noob lol. But I want to find out if u think if u get root access to vita could u make a jailbrake on a website. Then go on the vita click on the download and it will install the pkg file of cfw loader to the vita then it can make it crash. then boot up in the cfw mode I am trying to make it but have not got far :( hopefully this helps

  517. Atlas13 says:

    It is posible to downgrade my ps vita from 1.81 to 1.80?

  518. Atlas13 says:

    I really would like to play some GBA games on my vita. please help.

  519. StealthxMODs says:

    wololo hey ​​can you tell us please install the wireless driver of the PSP in the cfw of TOTAL_NOOB

  520. Harry says:

    Is ps3 super slim better than normal slim ps3

  521. Vijay Rulz says:

    Hey guyz, i hav sony psp 3004 vibrant blue (04g module). It was pre-installed with ofw 6.20. And i updated it to the latest ofw 6.60. I wanna hack ma psp with cfw 6.60 pro c (fix 3). So, is there any risk of bricking or i would not be able play games(all) .iso or .cso file. Or any other obstacles would occur. Help me guyz, i am new to this psp world. Thanx a lot. Reply ASAP.

  522. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hi wololo, guyz, i will have a ps vita comming from jpn this november. I’d like to ask if i can use a US PSN card to buy games frm the jpn version of vita? Im frm the Philippines by the way and i don’t think that there are available JPN PSN card around here.. Thanks..

  523. MrJack says:

    im having trouble getting the Dissidia 012 DLC to run on my Vita. Any Help? im on 1.80 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Kernel Exploit TN-B.

  524. Ha Thanh Hai says:

    My psp is being CFW 6.20 PRO C, 3000 Model 3g. I meet an error. when I play some game such as: Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands USA, PES 2012, my psp display is black and auto reset. some other game, I play game comfortably.
    Can you help me fix this error?
    beside when I play game psx, if I compress game with lv 9, I will be able to play it. incase I don’t compress game, My psp will freeze when playing it. I have to pick out battery and reset psp.

  525. Littlebouda says:

    Hello, i’m french, sorry for my english
    I have a psvita with FW 1.81
    i would like to know if it s possible to hack it with tn 6.60 with Monster hunter fail , because it s again possible to download this game on PSN
    Could you tell me if it s possible ??
    Thanks a lot for all.

  526. clef says:

    Hi, tnx for all your work!

    The links for Pro CFW are not working, can you fix please?


  527. Inferno says:

    Hey wololo i have a doubt about friends on ps vita,how much friends can add?,because i have only four and when i want to put some more i get the message “The friend request could not be delivered because of the recipient’s settings”,how can i change that settings?.

  528. Bolnad says:


    for gravity crash
    please bug version eu
    this version is asian
    please release a good version

    thank for this exploit

  529. Paul says:

    Hi there. Thx for all ur hard work. Btw, im wondering about the gravity crash exploit for ps vita, when will u release for the HK version?

  530. Bolnad says:

    can you please creat decrypter and encrypter savegame psp for pc?

  531. Thiago says:


    first of all thank you for the exploit and all the homebrews I can play now.
    I just have a question. In PSP I used to make a pandora battery (dont know the name) to enter in safe mode and then i was able to update to a cfw. In PS Vita, when i launch daedalus and get to sleep mode, and after that I try to get back to the game i just can’t, and then i get a screen saying Safe Mode, and some operations.
    Cant it be used to hack ps vita? If not, sorry for the noob question.

  532. anhell28 says:

    It looks like the PS Vita version of Assassin’s Creed 3 is also plagued with bugs. Now players have found a major save corruption bug in Liberation, which reportedly still exists in the latest patched version of the game.

    The issue leaves players stranded at the Animus loading screen even after reset and reload. It looks like Ubisoft is aware of this, but there isn’t an ETA on a patch/fix.

    Some users have speculated that the crash may be due to a specific costume worn whilst saving the game.

    One Ubisoft UK forum manager told affected players: “I have passed on the info about outfits – it’s vital people contact ubisoft support as well though – they need to be made aware of what happens to recreate the bug and the amount of players it’s affecting – that way they can push the issue up the chain.”

    i think someone should look into this.

  533. poorboy13 says:

    [scam link removed] Can you verify if this is real? Usually I disregard anything I haven’t heard of, but unlike the fake CFW videos I’ve seen, the “dislike” bar doesn’t exceed the “like” bar. People all over the comments have been claiming it works, too.

    • wololo says:

      Any hack that requires you to fill a survey is a fake. End of story. The accounts pretending it’s real are created by the same guy.
      That video has been up for more than a month, if it was real we would have talked about it by now :)

  534. Kirill says:

    ou overthrown PSVITA game on the PC?
    I just threw nfsmw on the PC and tried to upload to another account .. did not work
    All game files download
    including param.sfo
    PSE00089 this number game
    please give me answer

  535. TheTokBokz says:

    dearest people, i have found a way to cheat the system and make money out of cross buy.

    Buy a ps3 cross buy game (no ps3 required)
    Download game on vita
    sell ps3 game to make money!!!

    Just wanted to share this… YOUR AWESOME WOLOLO!!!

  536. lautaro says:

    In playstation mobie there is a game called EverybodysArcade that emulates different games can serve for hackear ps vita

  537. Hey Wololo,i have a ps vita on 1.81 and urbanix game but when i want to put the savedata from the pc to vita its says i have to update my vita to 2.00 whats the solitoin?

  538. fabio says:

    Wololo’m from Brazil and my PSVita presented a defect, (gpu gpu driver crash generating core dump) then he does dump on my Memory Card, most still giving the same error still. security risk and the way it hangs and does not move the key from the console. my doubts and with these kinds of errors and possibly create some future kernel exploit for PSVita (sorry for English …. google translator)

  539. Vgee says:

    If you need a 100mbit line, just mail me :)
    thanks for you time! ill do my share if needed!

  540. racim says:

    hi wololo im algerian and i have psvita 2.00
    i would to downgrade to 1.80 because i cant install the vhbl pleaaaaaaaas help me pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  541. Ronaldo2k12 says:

    Hi, Sorry for my english
    I wanna know how i can get the eCFW for 2.01 when this get out. But i dont know what is the Ninja Release and how i can get in.

  542. ye says:

    This loophole game when released.

  543. Hellinferno says:

    Can you explain what CMA Wtacher process do?.

  544. MrKenyan says:

    Can’t wait untill the release!
    It’s gonna be so great playing Psp games again (gave away my psp to a friend :/)

  545. mike says:

    hi, man
    my name is mike,now i am in London uk,
    19.12.2012, i got the psvita 1.80, i have installed opencma in the pc, but i don’t have exploit game, only the gravity crash saver(eu), i can downloaded from the internet, and konw i can’t do anything, i can go the internet, but i can’t access the psn, it needs me update whatever i go, so could you give me some good advice for using console.
    thanks a lot

  546. mike says:

    hi, man, now i can make the psvita to be the latest virson(temp mode), but still need the update for sign in the psstore, could you tell me why, (1.80), bouught 1 week,

  547. madrid says:

    hello, sorry for my english

    I got this game, 2 ISO…

    I try to use disc change 2.6 by TAKKA

    but not work, my version is

    prometheus iso loader

    6.60 PRO-B10

    Can you help me? thank you Wololo

    • AAA says:

      AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyou

      System requirements:
      PSP game console with minimum 4GB (recomented (8GB) memory card
      Pro Update and Prometheus ISO downloader (includ

      1st Need Patched kirin-akb149b.iso file.
      Patch Steeps:
      download patcher:
      1. exctract that patch
      2. open xDeltaUI.exe
      3. choose 149_fix.xdelta for patch
      4. choose AKB 1/149 (disc2/installation kirin-akb149b.iso) iso file for source
      5. for output you can rename as you want but dont forget to make extension file (example: AKB 1/149 disc2 fix.iso)
      6. last patch it

      Copy all files to memory card
      Replace kirin-akb149b.iso from the patched version
      Start PSP.
      Run Pro Update -Only PSP 6.60 frimware version works. If the version number is smaller, then run the updater. If the version number is higher, you will first need to run the Cronoswitch downgrader (all applications contain the torrentt)
      RUN AKB 1/149 install disc.(No use Prometheus Iso loader, just select game the list)
      After install complette:
      Delete ISO/kirin-akb149b.iso (patched version) and copy ISO/kirin-akb149a.iso)
      RUN Pro Update Again
      RUN AKB1/149 Game disc (Select the game list)

  548. meowow says:

    why hasn’t anyone made psp 3000 ubricking software…for god’s sake it’s 2012….

  549. on firmware1.60 on the psvita.where do i start?lol. i mean cfw wise???any suggesions

  550. Brandon says:

    skfu seems to of found something good man! you should check it out and see what it is!

  551. ghemon74 says:

    hello I just wanted to alert you that the game UNO EU, crash with the Italian language, while putting the English language works fine
    thanks for everything you do;)

  552. naxil says:

    hello.. i have xubuntu 12.10.. with qt
    if i start ./wagic i see for 1 second a windows.. and after

    Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing
    exceptions from an event handler is not supported in Qt. You must
    reimplement QApplication::notify() and catch all exceptions there.

    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::length_error’
    what(): basic_string::resize
    Annullato (core dump creato)

    that error.. any help?? any thread for helpme with linux?

  553. chaos16__1 says:

    wololo wanted to ask a favor of you could upload a cracked version of Vitacom 1.00 and 1.13 for SDK throws error I’m not the only person that if you follow the thread of debate in the forum you will notice that the thread has not has a solution (page 7). Vitacom not open the MonoDevelop.Core.dll though the file exists
    Thanks in advance :)

  554. Raziel says:

    Hey Wololo Nvidia just announced their own *handheld device* thought you might be interested in doing a Post about it, from your friendly and informative follower Raziel ^_^

  555. aidonian says:

    Hy wololo
    im a big fan and i want to thank you for all what you are doing for us
    i am a c/c++ developer and i want to know what are the prerequisites so i can be a good developer to be enough useful to the community


  556. Sugar says:

    Hi there, love your site. Was late to the Uno party – and can no longer download in Canada. Is there another exploit currently available? Much thanks

  557. Shinny says:

    I was thinking that this is something like mk3, but it looks better and something like OUYA.. Plus its really cheap only 79$

  558. weasal says:

    i have a question regarding psx games i dont know much about coding and stuff but y dont u try and xploit the psx games from the psn store for true psx support and the other way for psp i am running 2.02 that way you would use the native supprt with sound

  559. Landon says:

    Hello wololo I am new here I just got my ps vita and updated to version 2.02. I just wanted to know when would the next exploit come along since I missed the chance of getting uno from the psn store due to being out of town and not having enough money to get it.

  560. Jon Huebert says:

    I can’t seem to load Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix (english patched) on my vita with TN menu OR ARK. I have the uno exploit on a US Vita. It shows up in both menu’s but when i try to load it, the screen goes black (like it does before it starts loading) but then it just stays at the black screen… I’m wondering if its because its a JP game on a US exploit but that doesn’t seem to be a problem when i load the game perfectly on my PSP (PSP PHAT 6.60 PRO-C fix3) maybe could someone add the Inferno ISO driver from my PSP CFW to TN Menu? Any thoughts?

  561. Jake says:

    Ive got 2.02 with uno exploit and i havn’t been able to get and games running. which page has the instructions? thank you!

  562. Alex says:

    When will you have another ARK CEF (Customer Emulator Firmware) because I just miss the Uno download, so I had to update to 2.05. Thanks & all I got to say is that you guys are brilliant! I’m a big fan of custom firmware like i own a psp with custom firmware. I knew it was gonna get hack & sooner or later theirs gonna be a point where the psvita it’s gonna be fully hacked with more things added!! Thumps up!

  563. isnizal says:

    wololo can u make publisher key for psm…i wan play remote dekstop..but it hard

  564. Steve edel says:

    Sorry for this question but I searched for hours on the forums (and used the search function) but is there a way to turn off auto system updates for the vita? I’m on ARK 2.02 and love it but want to get psn plus but won’t if it auto updates. I’ve read the rumor somewhere that it does but cannot find a confirmation on this. Thx everyone for the help!

  565. Landon says:

    Hey wololo for some reason I can’t access the psn store on my vita. I followed the instructions using charles proxy and it worked great the other days but today it is asking me to update to firmware 2.05. Yesterday I bought blazblue from the psn store through paypal and asked me if I wanted to get or share trophies with friends. I choose to allow instead of denying it. I am wondering if I denied the option I would still be able to access the psn.

  566. Landon says:

    Hey wololo if I were to delete blazblue reformat my ps card and redownload it again and this time denying the trophies for it will I be able to get back in the psn using charles proxy without updating it? Or am I just stuck?

  567. JhormanC says:

    hello I have a problem such wololo and wanted to please please sit down … is that in my ps vita have tried to unlock the screen and has surpassed the number of attempts .. now to reset all … the format and so I managed to read the memory but use the exploit to activate the console calls me and when I have to start asking me update section and do not want to risk losing the exploit .. Now the question: how I can activate the console without having to update it and to use the exploit?? of hands before and excuse my English because I only speak Spanish and this is by traducctor google … I hope to answer 😀

  568. jose says:

    is on PSVita

    – I wanted to ask if I could download one expoit
    before he was removed from the store I have no choice
    to upgrade to version 2.05 is this correct
    – and we’re in version 2.05 in order to leave something
    load games psp
    I hope your answer thanks
    and its product enorabuena

  569. Daniel says:

    Hello, Wololo. I would like to ask you about the PS vita’s new firmware 2.05. Is there some VHBL or CFW that allow me play PSP games actually? Thanks a lot!!!

  570. carmen says:

    hola wololo cuando habra homebrew para 2.0.5 y que corran ya juegos de psvita