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  1. ImminetrAT says:


  2. dm646 says:

    hey wololo love all you do for the scene :) im a long time viewer and not a very active poster :(

    i tried logging in and i guess i cant remember my password..and i cant reset it because the email i registered it with..well..i guess someone hacked into it or something lol..kinda weird that someone would want a useless email that i only used for few websites..haha but anyway is there anyway i can get it changed to a different email?

  3. Salim says:

    Dear wololo, will there ever be a way to have free ps vita games? (like a hack?)

  4. Ross says:

    Hey there Wololo,
    I was wondering if it was possible to download a game on the ps3 system for the vita,make a backup of it,and then transfer it to a low firmware vita with the OpenCMA.
    anyway,if not,are you familliar with another way to transfer files to the vita using the ps3 system?

  5. behrooz says:

    hi i think sony did something to open cma i cant connect to pc with it anymore while i wasnnt online it says you should connect to internet

  6. unnaturalwarrior says:

    I’m just wondering if the TNv4 files that work on the 101-in-1 megamix also work on the new exploitable game that is about to be released and also how do registered users see what the exploitable game is before the public.

  7. Ahmad says:

    I just need Megamix Middle east(AE) version so i can do step andbe happy as you guys making everyone almost ……

  8. NinjaKakashi says:

    I just wanted to say that gpSP-jp if fully compatible with tnv4 as far as I can tell!!! In my opinion for people that like gba emulators this is better as the fast forward option is a lot faster than the one published on this site although on the downside there is no cheat engine…

    gpSP-jp isn’t in english on the first boot but you can change the language as I have!!!

  9. What? says:

    Wololo Hello, I have a life Ps 3:01… I want to know is if the next firmware update you can install the TN-V4 or XMB menu…??
    Since I have the 3.01 is not able to buy the game (100-in-1 Megamix) as I do now to change it?? my email is this…: for gmail (

  10. Kave Man says:

    got a ps4,im sc***,my internet isnt good,was hoping to use proxy server,resogun was like 450 mb,i downloaded with proxy and transfered 2 ps4 but couldnt launch it,i bought fifa 14 but each time i try to download it,it comes up as 4 gb instead of 9gb….helllppp…im hoping theres a proxy server that can help out

  11. Clarens56 says:

    I need help i keep getting error 503 when trying to access the forum pls help

  12. Salim says:

    I installed 2 isos at the same time using FTP, after, whenever i go on m’y game’s memory stick it freezes And it says an error occurred (C1-2858-3) please help wololo

  13. PotatoLaw says:

    Thread – Top 10 PSP/Vita Game?

    1. I would like to know why I got a warning from /talk? Reason for it?

    2. What is so funny?

    Enjoy your warning.

    From jc_gargma

    I expected high quality mod

    3. Also why wouldn’t other mod ban me after 6 DAY of post in the forum section PS VITA / GAME

    4. I did get a warning on July 24, and it was jc_gargma, and that was my fault

    BUT I also find this system of warning/ban is lame, you should get a warning for 3month, after 3month it should reset the warning system

    Username: PotatoLaw

    Would be appreciate from Wololo to reply…

    But you just lost a member. Thanks for the great effort between this time. Had excitement but there is more disappointment.


  14. Danilo says:

    First of all Happy New Year! I hope every good things for this site and to the ADMs too.
    Please, I’m a Ps vita (FW 3.01) user and I would like to know, how long it will take to come a new exploitable game to “hack” or install the emulators (TN-V ) or what should I do???
    Thank you.

  15. joseph says:

    Wololo, just wanted to thank you and all the people who put sweat into wagic so everyone can enjoy it. I read some earlier posts about adding in a commander format into wagic, but I was wondering if you and the team has reconsidered. It’s a wonderful format though I’m sure is difficult to put into digital form with all the crazy Cmdr set ups and combos. Again thank you all for wagic, you have done great.

  16. Hellbelial says:

    Hey wololo i have some trouble using the Megamix exploitable game.I used Gba emulator and i found that the game save just well but sometimes when you reach so far in the game the game save work and sometimes not.Second problem:Snes runs well but after playing a little bit the emulator drops the fps,you can check that in Castlevania after you reach the stairs with bones and bats in the first stage.Third problem:I was testing many psp games and so far was just perfect,but now i have 2 or 3 damaged files wich i cant erase them,i tried to quit the game,erase from the console insert it again,erase save game and return it again,but i cant find a way to get rid of them.

    • Hellbelial says:

      I forgot to mention something,when you test new games,sometimes the menu ask you again for the country,time and user name and the backround returns to default color.

  17. Hellbelial says:

    I cant keep testing games and let others know about what psp games that are working if i cant solve my problem,please fix the exploit megamix,now i have 2 or 3 damage file wich i cant erase them of my psp list.

  18. francis says:

    is there any update for game exploit for 3.01 since jewel keepers is on Ps Store?? just wonderring if.. is there any exploit dfor that game??

  19. Hellbelial says:

    So you wont help us at all,THANKS!!! -_-
    Beware,transfering psp all time will cause some undelete corrupted files,wich you can’t delete them.

  20. Hellbelial says:

    By the way,Silent Hill Origins Europe version will hang in the last door when you finish the date puzzle of the fish,when you go to the door in the alternate world the game will show the loading icon but it will cause black screen.I will try the USA version.

  21. ded fr says:

    ben voila j’ai fait une resto comlete carte mémoire + profil de la becane .Ensuite au redemarage elle ma demander mes info profil (mail+pass) : normal .J’ai donc reactiver mon profil user nickel .N’etant pas a jour (1.81) j’avais auparavant archiver mes jeux (gravity crach ) et saves sur pc. Donc ensuite j’ai remis mon jeux a faille sur la vita qui marchait nickel avant en offline. Et la je lance le jeux et surprise il me demande d’activer mon système en ligne (et donc de mettre ajour ).Donc ma question est la suivante : existe t’il une sorte de spoofer qui me permetrer “d’activer mon système vita ” sans mettre a jour via un proxi ou koi …?

  22. ded fr says:

    Dear wololo here ‘s my problem : i made a complete restoration (formatting)of my vita .Then i turn it on and it request my profile info (email + pass): normal so I reactivate my user profile . Before this i have backup my data (game +save) on computer because i’m not up to date(1.81)and want to keep my expoit (gravity crash). So then I copy back my gravity crash on my vita to reinstall the exploit and enjoy my psp games;) And then when I run the game ,surprise ,he asked me to activate my system online (and thus to update) and it was working before i format(…?). So my question is here: exists there a way to spoof my version that permetrer me “to activate my system vita ” without updating the kernel ? PS :sorry for my bad english…

  23. ded fr says:

    Dear wololo here ‘s my problem : i made a complete restoration (formatting)of my vita .Then i turn it on and it request my profile info (email + pass): normal so I reactivate my user profile . Before this i have backup my data (game +save) on computer because i’m not up to date(1.81)and want to keep my expoit (gravity crash). So then I copy back my gravity crash on my vita to reinstall the exploit and enjoy my psp games;) And then when I run the game ,surprise ,he asked me to activate my system online (and thus to update) and it was working before i format(…?). So my question is here: exists there a way to spoof my version that allows me “to activate my system vita ” without updating the kernel ? PS :sorry for my bad english…

  24. kavechick says:

    Finally found a way to download ps4 pkg from pc back to ps4 via proxy,for now only games with small sized pkgs working,no luck yet with 2gb and above…running more tests

  25. anonimepasla says:

    @wololo voila une petite info “surprenante” , sur la sortie mysterieuse de la ps vita 1000 (je ne crois pas que ca a deja etait indiqué):

  26. David says:

    Hi sorry to disturb you.
    Currently I try to register as member but I cannot access. Thank

  27. Hellbelial says:

    Hey wololo what’s up,i have a problem with TNV4.I played Silent Hill Origins from psp and the game just crash almost at the final battle,i get black screen and flauros icon loading below.I press circle and i hear the sound of flashlight turning on and off,also changing items with d-pad.I download the europe version and crash,i download US version and crash in the same place.I cant finish the game with that crash,can you fix the exploit? i have the save data of the game in the last part.

  28. Jair says:

    Wololo there will be some xploit for the next game PSVita ( Retro City Rampagr ) ??

  29. mechine20101 says:

    Hello…i just got a ps vita 1000 firmware 3.01 so can you teach me the specifics about how to be able to play psp games on my ps vita ? PS: I do not have any exlloited games and my PSN account is in japanese…

  30. Leonardo says:

    Will there be one more release for the 3.01 firmware, I just got my Ps Vita as a gift yesterday, and I was very unlucky as it was too late, and the game had just been pulled off the market. I’ve heard that there could be but please do, I’m sure many would appreciate it.
    Thank you for your hard work, Leo.

  31. Yan says:

    Hello I want just know if it can play ps vita roms on ps vita or it stills not hacked yet.

  32. KeithShap says:

    Hey there wololo, love the website, and the stuff you do for the modding community. Anyways, I was wondering if there was a way to use ps1 games for the exploits? Like vhbl, or Tn-v. I don’t know a whole lot about modding, but if they use the same boot system, shouldn’t there be a way? Anyways, again, thanks for basically an all in one website. lol

  33. Jahangir says:

    I am new here please help me hack or something i got vita 2.11

  34. chris says:

    How does one join the ninja

  35. tetsuya81987 says:

    hi, i recently got the cfw 6.60 tn-v8 exploit to work on my vita. unfortunately, none of my isos show up under memory card though. the files are saved in the same file with TN.BIN and FLASH0.TN and they are all caps with less than 8 letters. what else do i do?

  36. ravi says:

    hi everyone ………………….my problem is i buyed ps vita last year from shanghai that is a hong kong version till now i tried so many time but i can not able to install any hombrew……but i manage to copy it on my ps vita but at last nothing is shown on my psv i donot know wats wrong i done with my psv……….if anybody read this message plz give reply me on mail( )…….i will be very thankfull to you.

    • dude says:

      dude, you can’t just put it in the vita and make it work that easily. You need more knowledge about homebrews. Read some more articles.

  37. Zik says:

    hi guy wanted to help our category in this case to find out more one plays it possible to accept the unlock c send me by email a tutorial how to change the save of the game which would be the games that could be exploited cade need more of a tnv


  38. Herman says:

    Hi Wololo Team
    I just bought an ps vita, what do i need to do to play my old psp umd’s on my ps vita.

  39. ceknorris00 says:

    Hi wololo team…..
    I was wondering why you could not make for firmware Version 3.01 (ps vita) an exploit on fifa 2014
    thank you very much

  40. zik says:

    hi how to have a new exploit for 3:01????

  41. Gionny says:

    Hello wololo. I wanted to know what you put on the ps3 to adjust the fan speed. I saw your mod and I did the same. But I need the tutorial for the fan speed. Could you help me wololo? Thank you. 😉

  42. George Sam says:

    I am on 3.01.I haven’t bought any of the exploited games.Whenever i go to the psn to download them ,the system asks for the update.So, how can i download them now ??? Please help me asap

  43. Gionny says:

    Wololo aspect news thanks 😉

  44. ErikPshat says:

    Please help me! For some reason I can not get long forum. When you try to go at me every time show this page: (viewtopic.htm – open in brouser)
    Like I did not do anything wrong.

    Thanks if you can hear me!

    • wololo says:

      Can you try with a different browser? It seems our antispam tool thinks you’re a russian bot. I realize that system is blocking legit Russian users like you, Sorry for that :(

  45. wajid says:

    hi wololo
    i had bought ps vita few months ago
    i want to hack ps vita plss help me..
    current firmware of my ps vita is 3.12

  46. eric evans says:

    hiu guys its like my 3rd time of askin for help now… well i have a ps vita on firmware 3.01… last time i updated it any how lol… i have the numblast game i purchased but icant download it to my vita so how could i go about that if its possible n yes im a premium member as well… any help would be greatly appreciated please n thank email me at in regards to it please and thank you

  47. Iriez says:

    the xbone hack news is false. I have posted to clarify matters. Could you please remove the news topic so the information stops spreading and/or update a new post with the information i’ve provided in the maxconsole forums?


  48. russo says:

    hola,hay algun exploit nuevo para ps vita 3.12????

  49. deathblade200 says:

    been having problems logging in recently getting a 403 forbidden page with this text

    The detected reason(s) you were blocked are:
    No registrations, or logins, from hosts listed as hostile on Stop Forum Spam ( (local block).

    I had no problem logging in until about a week ago I thought it might have just been an error but I am still unable to login

  50. Wolfmade says:

    Yo, can’t access /talk, getting this:

  51. Gonzalo Aguiar says:

    Sign the petition for release Final Fantasy Type-O on PSVITA! Vita’s owners must be respected

  52. meysam25 says:

    i find out how you can download your psvita game with internet download manager
    if this is interest for you plz let me know

    • meysam25 says:

      i mean you can download your vita game by intenet download manager with full speed and some how copy pkg file to your vita and your vita will install that game

  53. Yoav says:

    I created a new PSN account for my new PS4, and since the US store is much cheaper than the one in my country, I decided to open the account on the US. I don’t have an american credit card, but since it’s possible to use US PSN gift cards instead of using a credit card, I thought I should try it.

    So then i tried getting the 14-day trial for PSN+ and some free apps such as SHAREfactory and P.T. But PSN wanted me to add a credit card to my account.. So I did.
    Now, because i’m not from the US I have no American billing address, So I used a fake American billing address, and thought, it’s free, they’re not gonna charge me anything so they won’t contact the bank about my real billing address..
    Was that thought true? Do you know if they do check my real billing address even though everything i downloaded was free?
    Also, if they end up checking my billing address, and i have to create a new account, how do I avoid entering my credit card again? Can I just input a gift card code without ever entering a credit card?

    Thanks in advance, Yoav.

  54. arcangelnew says:

    Guys, I know it could be a hoax, but why you had’t published the sky3ds card info on the main page (it could be posted as rumor), but I believe it could be important for some folks out there.

  55. Lauraine says:


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  56. Hi!
    I want to ask a couple of questions. How can I call you?


  57. Q13E5 says:

    I has psvita version 3.18, i has patapon 2 on it, i has the patapon 2 exploit for psvita, and the latest version of content manager refuses to connect to my psvita. can someone assist me? I would like an older version of content manager if possible.

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  59. Anthony says:

    plex is now available in the app store from playstation 4.

  60. Matt says:

    Hello. I am a student who owns a ps vita and i really wnat to have a custom firmware on it.. However I am not sure how to do it if you have time , please help me…

  61. Shaggy says:

    Why do my messages keep getting deleted?

    • wololo says:

      We don’t delete messages in general. There is a cache mechanism on the site that might give you this impression, however. If you come back to the page a few hours later, your comment should be here

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  63. Alaster says:

    New Gateway for the 3ds 😀

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  65. Hellinferno says:

    By the way,i will buy tales of innocence r next year,and i will let you know how is the game,thanks for all your help i apreciate that.

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