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  1. ravi’s avatar

    hi everyone ………………….my problem is i buyed ps vita last year from shanghai that is a hong kong version till now i tried so many time but i can not able to install any hombrew……but i manage to copy it on my ps vita but at last nothing is shown on my psv i donot know wats wrong i done with my psv……….if anybody read this message plz give reply me on mail( )…….i will be very thankfull to you.


  2. Zik’s avatar

    hi guy wanted to help our category in this case to find out more one plays it possible to accept the unlock c send me by email a tutorial how to change the save of the game which would be the games that could be exploited cade need more of a tnv



  3. Herman’s avatar

    Hi Wololo Team
    I just bought an ps vita, what do i need to do to play my old psp umd’s on my ps vita.


  4. ceknorris00’s avatar

    Hi wololo team…..
    I was wondering why you could not make for firmware Version 3.01 (ps vita) an exploit on fifa 2014
    thank you very much


  5. zik’s avatar

    hi how to have a new exploit for 3:01????


  6. Gionny’s avatar

    Hello wololo. I wanted to know what you put on the ps3 to adjust the fan speed. I saw your mod and I did the same. But I need the tutorial for the fan speed. Could you help me wololo? Thank you. ;)


  7. George Sam’s avatar

    I am on 3.01.I haven’t bought any of the exploited games.Whenever i go to the psn to download them ,the system asks for the update.So, how can i download them now ??? Please help me asap


  8. Gionny’s avatar

    Wololo aspect news thanks ;)


  9. ErikPshat’s avatar

    Please help me! For some reason I can not get long forum. When you try to go at me every time show this page: (viewtopic.htm – open in brouser)
    Like I did not do anything wrong.

    Thanks if you can hear me!


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Can you try with a different browser? It seems our antispam tool thinks you’re a russian bot. I realize that system is blocking legit Russian users like you, Sorry for that :(


      1. ErikPshat’s avatar

        OK, I tried with Mozilla Firefox, comes normally.
        Opera is constantly talking SpamTool.


  10. wajid’s avatar

    hi wololo
    i had bought ps vita few months ago
    i want to hack ps vita plss help me..
    current firmware of my ps vita is 3.12


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