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You got a new PSP, you want to run homebrews and backups, but you’re lost with all the terms CFW, HEN, M33, Pro CFW… or you’re simply looking for a quick and easy guide to get the best solution for your PSP? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is an all-in-one guide to installing the appropriate Custom Firmware on your console, just follow my lead.

Let’s start with the basics, What’s your PSP model?

  1. I have a PSP 1000 (Phat)
  2. I have a PSP 2000 (Slim)
  3. I have a PSP 3000 (Brite)
  4. I have a PSP Go
  5. I have a PSP E1000 (PSP Street, Europe only)

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  1. Manbir1246

    I have a psp model 3003 how do I get custom firmware.

  2. Peter Smit Gary

    My PSP Slim has become dysfuntional with Auto-Pressing Buttons likes of Start button and Right Trigger button during Game play. i changed quite a few CFW but none of them seem to work at the moment.

    Is there any way to solve that problem? thanks very much indeed.

  3. Daniel

    Hey, my psp model is 2003. Would the 2000 link work on my 2003?

  4. The SCoTT

    Tops it all works fine just don’t know what to do with a modded psp that’s legal

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for the simple guide. I’ve got CFW on my PSP now. 😀

  6. aman

    Thanks for this guide man, all worked perfectly, and now I am able to play games on my psp.

    For people who are skeptical about wheather it will work or not, it SURELY works given that you perform the steps exactly mentioned in the guide. And if it helps:

    my psp details:
    PSP Slim.
    ofw = 6.60
    motherboard = 0.88 v1/v2

    …works very well on that!
    thanks for the guide again! :)

  7. Chris

    I want to instal Custom Firmware but I can’t figure out which psp I have, before check the bottom my serial code is wiped off. ANy other ways to figure out which psp I have or is ther a custome firmware I should try first? I’m just worried Ill try the wrong one and brick my beloved psp I got a week ago =P

    Thanks =]

  8. Chris

    Gahhh I feel dumb explored my psp better and figured it out-excited top install but thanks for the help anyway!

  9. Alex

    Which one is for the PSP go/portable?

  10. JAKE


  11. vincent

    i have a psp 1004 with cfw 3.52 m33-4 on it.
    but there are many iso’s that won’t play .
    now i want to upgrade the cfw to a higher one but if i try to install another then i get dadadada error.
    then i found a cfw update for 5.xx and when i start the update the psp is asking if i want to dl the filefrom the internet , so there is a file missing.
    i don’t know what to do .
    can anyone help me please??

  12. gazer

    ^_^ Hello guys. I have one question, I have a PSP 3001and i recently installed the CFW 6.60. i downloaded a decrypter and extracted it using Win.rar, and when i copy the decryption folder to the PSP/GAME section, it displays as Corrupt Data on my PSP menu. does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  13. zeus14

    yo i hav a fat psp with a software 5.50 GEN-D (full) and wen trying to update it says already fully updated, i tried nearly everything but nuthins worked does anyone have any ideas got it without a memory stick, but bought a new one didnt help.

    • Ken

      Open the vsh menu (select button in xmb), scroll to usb device and select flash0, close vsh menu and connect your psp to your pc. Look for a file named version.txt (in vsh/etc directory) and open it, you should see something like 9.90, change it to 5.50 and save, disconnect psp, reboot psp and start updater.

  14. Robert

    Hi sony psp website says i need a Memory Stick Duo™ media with at least 28 MB of free space, I got a 32 MB with 30.8 MB of free space but the EBOOT.PBP is larger than this and I cannot transfer the file into the memory stick…any sugestion? thanks!

  15. Shodan

    PCH-1004 model belongs to PSP-1000?

  16. Maaz Asif

    Um can we install a CFW or something that lets my play ISOs on a PSP 1003 ????

  17. Maaz Asif

    Um can we install a CFW or something that lets me play ISOs on a PSP 1003 ????

  18. Jack

    Will this work with PPSSPP from these’s guys?

    If not i don’t mind waiting and ect; VC3 should be here in West. It might get release someday maybe.

  19. Hi sir.
    I have psp 2000.I download 6.60 pro c2.when I uptade 6.60 pro c2 then my psp 2000 is switch off (means my psp on but it’s off )please sir help me…..

  20. Remy Renard

    ThanQ, thanQ, thanQ!! I’ve been looking for something like this 4 a while now. I’m running it on a psp-2004. Excellent, Superb!!

  21. DarkSysop

    I just purchased a PSP 1001 off ebay. Brand new been in storage for years. It’s mint and awesome. Has System Software 3.30. How should I install CFW on this? Thanks.

  22. EliasGee

    Guys i got a problem. I have a 1004 Phat PSP, I successfully flashed temp cfw (pro-c3) but my settings aren’t working. I mean I can’t access any of the settings, just freezes and restarts. Any suggestions?

  23. Luis E

    Can I get a Super Nintendo or Nintendo emulator to play NES and SNES ROMs? Also, I’m making a game of Super Mario World 2, and one of my friends said he wanted to sell me his PSP. Will I be able to test my game on it?

    • Luis E

      I don’t know what model it is though, but I asked at Best Buy where I work, and they said playing ROMs on a PSP was not possible.

      • Dragar

        The guys at best buy obviously don’t know anything, after installing cfw go to the “All Emulators for your PSP/Vita” section at the top of this blog and you will find all the emulators you need. Snes emulator works really well on psp.

  24. lalit

    hey my psp is E1004. so does it come under psp1000 or something else.??

  25. lalit

    hey my psp says E1004. so does it come under psp1000 o something else

  26. Flávio


    For those who are looking which version are the limited editions (200x only), I’ve found this (it is a bit old):

    Limited Edition & New Boxstyle:
    Star Wars Limited Edition (TA-085)(CONFIRMED)
    Simpsons Limited Edition (TA-085)(CONFIRMED)
    Daxter Limited Edition Pack (TA-85v2/3.80 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
    God of War Limited Edition Pack (TA-88v2/3.95 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
    Madden 09 Limited Edition Pack (TA-88v2/3.95 OFW & TA-88v3/4.01 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
    Piano Black with the New Box Style (TA-88v3)(UNCONFIRMED)
    Piano Black ( CONFIRMED)


  27. Adrian

    I have a psp 3001 will this work for me?

  28. Iswara

    i have psp 2000 with cfw 5.50 Prome-4
    should i just update it to 6.60?
    sorry i haven’t got a clue about updating psp cfw

  29. lollypop

    still to this day the pro series
    the pro cfw stays till this day
    not an option u can try


    my problem is with the download itself, it shows up on my vista laptop as one of those unrecognized files and the computers prompts me to look for file to open it. Any suggestions?

  31. Slain

    My psp 04g is on 6.20 b10 permanent hack, is there a way to revert back to ofw 6.20 or higher?

  32. daimon

    does this work for ps vita 3.30?

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  34. jesus14

    I have a psp 3001 my system software is 6.61 how can i downgrade it. my psp cant read the games. but read the memory. please help.. im a newbie here..

  35. t3st3r

    which PSP version would you recommend for playing N64 games?

  36. BREED

    Here you disclose your server and find the bests servers.

  37. Rick

    My PSP is a 2000 and has 6.61 I have no clue about the MB, can it be loaded with custom firmware? And if so how?

  38. notignorant

    all of you should have got the latest psp version before you got the custom firm ware

  39. maddogrd

    I have a problem when i install custom firmware on my psp the attery icon dissapears and videos won’t play. Can anyone help?

  40. Ju Ju

    hi,my psp3001 is from its ver5.10 ofw.i want to install custom fw in order to play games’via memory card.which cfw version is most safe and comparable.please reply me

  41. Charlie Whitby

    Hello i just got a psp 2003 6.60 and i followed all the instructions but when i try to activate the cfw on my memory stick the “files” are currpted pls help

  42. pope

    I have a Psp 1000 the screen goes off when I press the home button but the game still stays on. green light and sound still on. all the button freezes when I put it back on except the volume buttons. please I need help

  43. marcel

    Hi. I have an original psp fat. it is modded so software ver. 3.80 M-33-5. (i am not too tech savvy btw). I have some ps one originals and psp games that I got on my ps3 through the ps store. My question is, if I do the firmware update required to transfer the games from my ps3 to my psp will that make me lose my mods? I have various emulators and roms that I wouldn’t want to lose.

  44. psp man

    lift the battery it will also tell you the model number

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