PSP Custom Firmware for dummies

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You got a new PSP, you want to run homebrews and backups, but you’re lost with all the terms CFW, HEN, M33, Pro CFW… or you’re simply looking for a quick and easy guide to get the best solution for your PSP? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is an all-in-one guide to installing the appropriate Custom Firmware on your console, just follow my lead.

Let’s start with the basics, What’s your PSP model?

  1. I have a PSP 1000 (Phat)
  2. I have a PSP 2000 (Slim)
  3. I have a PSP 3000 (Brite)
  4. I have a PSP Go
  5. I have a PSP E1000 (PSP Street, Europe only)

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  1. ezio auditory da firenzy says:

    hey wololo my psp 2000 is called slim and lite too its written on the box its a ta088v3 so you should edit that what you written wrong

  2. agatio123 says:

    psp 3000 is brite no slim and lite

  3. yellow says:

    psp cfw for dummies 😆 good work wololo hopefully no mre stupid questions from noobs,

    • clockdryve says:

      I’m sure that if it’s coming from a “noob”…then it’s NOT a stupid question for him because he doesn’t know any better YET. He’s not LUCKY enough Mr. “Big Shot”…to be all the He-man that is you “yella”

  4. luccAS says:

    is it run all isos?

    • toBsucht says:

      luccAS it the cfw (hen) run close to all isos and cso! It if it is to difficult for you to make one game working with it you can use the umd or whatever.

      😛 I miss the button/trigger Click here to download so guy/gurls click Wololos blue tagged word 😮

  5. Dex says:

    What are the risks when using HEN? I’d like to know before i try it.

    PSP 3002, OFW 6.20

  6. Spork says:

    i posted this guide hope you don’t mind

  7. MediaEngine_PRX says:

    None. It resides in RAM, which clears if you completely shut off your PSP.

  8. yousuf says:

    its new hack for psp 6.37?

  9. mister munch says:

    hey, i have a psp go with TN-d HEN 6.20 and i cant get plugins to work
    (i wanted the game categories v12 plugin)

    please help!

  10. mister munch says:

    srry i didnt realize that there was a light version =)

  11. Radz16 says:

    Hello wololo 🙂

    I’m new to PSP so I have to read many tutorials and so far your website is the best. But Im confused if ” ‘CFW’ Pro B4 for Firmware 6.35″ is a pure CFW or a combination of Hen+LCFW? Please enlighten me to avoid myself from bricking my PSP, this is my first one…

    P.S. My PSP is PSP 3004 slim and lite.

  12. imatotalnoob says:

    can someone tell me where to put the fast recovery once i download it from this website btw my firmware is 6.35 pro cfw plz plz tell me where to put the fast recovery psp 3000 where do i put it iso files or just in my memory stick

    best regards imatotalnoob

  13. Sudhir says:

    i dont know my psp model can you help me finding it

    • imanoob says:

      just look at yout ta motherboard the bottom of your psp i think.asi is 3004 france is 3001 and eurasia is 3000 japan 3002 idk if im right or not just check ok:)

      • sweirdo says:

        3000 – Japan (cause PSP is product of Japan. .)
        3001 – USA
        3002 – New Zealand
        3003 – UK
        3004 – Europe
        so on. .

  14. Psp Dummy says:

    These are awesome tutorials! Thanks!

  15. whydidiupdate says:

    hello can someone help me i update to 6.38 and i download the ofw 6.35 when i want to isntall it it says no need to install system is up to date can soemone tell me how to downgrade 6.38 to 6.35

  16. makecfwfor6.38 says:

    do any you guys think virtuos flame or aka coldbird gonna make 6.38 pro is it possibleand what not do u think it is?? if yes thumbs up…………. if no then shut up……….

  17. Dark-Alex says:

    wololo i have psp 3004 (4g) model with motherboard TA-093. I m on 6.20 pro-b5. Should i stay on this or upgrade to 6.37 cfw? by the way plz tell me that is my psp downgradable? thanks

  18. vjkjh says:

    its been a long time since the ofw 6.37 was released or atleast it feels that way and i was wondering why isnt hen out already

    could you guys atleast give us a release date?

  19. total_noob says:

    hello guys i will realease tn-a for 6.38 as soon as possible im working on it plz be patient and no iso loader

  20. Anon19861's says:

    We are Anonymous.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  21. Anon19861's says:

    We are anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

  22. total_fail says:

    im working on 6l.38 hen i will release it soon HA WHAT A JOKE!

  23. Koalix says:

    2 things to ask:

    1 – The best version to keep a 2000 fully hackable is on 5.50 with TN_Hen? Doesn’t have any benefit to upgrade to last CFWs?

    2 – There is any way to connect to PSN with 5.50?

  24. spiro says:

    Thanks for this…
    man i used to know how to do it back when it was a savegame exploit on PSP-1000

    now theres like a thousand workarounds over the 4 platforms

    now that i’ve moved from the 1000->3000 this really is a Huge help

  25. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address :

  26. d says:

    pspgrader makes it easy to create a magic memory stick

  27. ahmed says:

    my psp version is 5.55 i cant update , how to update this version ? plz help me

  28. andfreak says:

    dear mister munch, if you cant access usb mode, try using a memory card reader.

  29. iSWORD says:

    Helolo Wololo! When will you add the PSP E1000 (PSP Street) to this list?! And when will you add 6.60 to the list of versions in /wagic/hen/ ?

    • wololo says:

      I’ll try to update this guide sometimes this week

      • James says:

        First i think that Wagic is great (tried only the windows version)- keep the good work !!!

        I think of buying a new PSP E1004 – several questions
        1. is it like the E1000?
        2. does the hack in this guide (the E1000 section) will work?
        3. Will l be able to play all available iso/cso with this hacks, or some games dont work.
        4. Is there any difrrence in the hack from the 3000 version?

        Is there a plan to make a version pf Wagic to Android?


        • wololo says:

          Hi James. Please note that I have little information about the PSP Street (E1000), but from my understanding it is hackable exactly like the PSP 3000
          1) E1004 is the same as E1000, yes. The last number in the PSP number only represents the region where it was bought.
          2) yes, the hack will work
          3) As far as I know, most isos work on the PRO Custom firmware. Note however that since this PSP doesn’t have a UMD drive, you don’t really need isos (which are useful mainly if you don’t want to carry the UMD), as you will be able to directly play games bought from the PSN.
          4) From the user point of view, there is no difference between the hack on the 3000 and the hack on the PSP street

          Wagic on android: yes, you can help with the beta test here:

  30. lol. the guides are like all the same.
    except for maybe the introductory paragraphs. XD

    • wololo says:

      The “Power users” section is different for each console too. But basically, yes. I’ve seen that people prefer to have a page dedicated to their own console rather than a generic guide which would become confusing with time.

  31. Sean G. says:

    Good job guys. I have PSP Slim 3001 (Model 9g) with 6.39 OFW but I am thinking of upgrading to 6.60 OFW before installing 6.60PRO-B10 CFW. Is it advisable for me to update to 6.60 OFW and how do I detect which board it has, so I can decide if I can install CIPL flasher. Or should I just stay with Fast recovery?
    WHich CFW is the best and why?

  32. Sean G. says:

    I found out that there is a 6.60PRO-B10 CFW and also 6.60PRO-B10 fix1,. Should I install the 6.60PRO-B10 before running the 6.60PRO-B10 Fix1 or can I just run the 6.60PR-B10 Fix without the first one?

  33. Sean G. says:

    Please, which is the best Custom firmware that i can install on a PSP Slim 3001 (Model 9g)? What is the difference between the HEN and ProCFW and which one is better?

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      well….first of all let me tell you the difference.

      HEN = It is a homebrew enabler that enables you to play tons of homebrews,emulators,apps.

      ProCFW = It enables you to play homebrews,emulators,apps,
      PSP Backups,plugins.

      Now the best thing to use is ProCFW(my choice).It totally enables psp’s full me,you’ll love it!!

      • toBsucht says:

        Sean G. your psp is most likely a brite not a slim.

        procfw is a hen with a lot of build in plugins like isoloader etc. (pro most likey the best for backups)

        tn-hen is a hen without permanent patch or isoloader.
        you can run “all” the stuff that working with procfw,
        plugins for example to load isos, run apps emulators hbs etc..

        note that thier are some problems after downgrade a g9 psp.

        with “all” 6.xx psp you have a choise between two or more hen. Switching is no problem (to run some stuff which may does not work with one of them)

  34. Raldo says:

    i Have a psp go how to hack it

  35. Raldo says:

    Thanks a lot dog the pro cfw works on my psp go, i have a lot of games now

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