PSP Custom Firmware for dummies

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You got a new PSP, you want to run homebrews and backups, but you’re lost with all the terms CFW, HEN, M33, Pro CFW… or you’re simply looking for a quick and easy guide to get the best solution for your PSP? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is an all-in-one guide to installing the appropriate Custom Firmware on your console, just follow my lead.

Let’s start with the basics, What’s your PSP model?

  1. I have a PSP 1000 (Phat)
  2. I have a PSP 2000 (Slim)
  3. I have a PSP 3000 (Brite)
  4. I have a PSP Go
  5. I have a PSP E1000 (PSP Street, Europe only)

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  1. ezio auditory da firenzy says:

    hey wololo my psp 2000 is called slim and lite too its written on the box its a ta088v3 so you should edit that what you written wrong

  2. agatio123 says:

    psp 3000 is brite no slim and lite

  3. yellow says:

    psp cfw for dummies 😆 good work wololo hopefully no mre stupid questions from noobs,

    • clockdryve says:

      I’m sure that if it’s coming from a “noob”…then it’s NOT a stupid question for him because he doesn’t know any better YET. He’s not LUCKY enough Mr. “Big Shot”…to be all the He-man that is you “yella”

    • toBsucht says:

      luccAS it the cfw (hen) run close to all isos and cso! It if it is to difficult for you to make one game working with it you can use the umd or whatever.

      😛 I miss the button/trigger Click here to download so guy/gurls click Wololos blue tagged word 😮

  4. Dex says:

    What are the risks when using HEN? I’d like to know before i try it.

    PSP 3002, OFW 6.20

  5. Spork says:

    i posted this guide hope you don’t mind

  6. MediaEngine_PRX says:

    None. It resides in RAM, which clears if you completely shut off your PSP.

  7. yousuf says:

    its new hack for psp 6.37?

  8. mister munch says:

    hey, i have a psp go with TN-d HEN 6.20 and i cant get plugins to work
    (i wanted the game categories v12 plugin)

    please help!

  9. mister munch says:

    srry i didnt realize that there was a light version =)

  10. Radz16 says:

    Hello wololo :)

    I’m new to PSP so I have to read many tutorials and so far your website is the best. But Im confused if ” ‘CFW’ Pro B4 for Firmware 6.35″ is a pure CFW or a combination of Hen+LCFW? Please enlighten me to avoid myself from bricking my PSP, this is my first one…

    P.S. My PSP is PSP 3004 slim and lite.

  11. imatotalnoob says:

    can someone tell me where to put the fast recovery once i download it from this website btw my firmware is 6.35 pro cfw plz plz tell me where to put the fast recovery psp 3000 where do i put it iso files or just in my memory stick

    best regards imatotalnoob

  12. Sudhir says:

    i dont know my psp model can you help me finding it

    • imanoob says:

      just look at yout ta motherboard the bottom of your psp i think.asi is 3004 france is 3001 and eurasia is 3000 japan 3002 idk if im right or not just check ok:)

      • sweirdo says:

        3000 – Japan (cause PSP is product of Japan. .)
        3001 – USA
        3002 – New Zealand
        3003 – UK
        3004 – Europe
        so on. .

  13. Psp Dummy says:

    These are awesome tutorials! Thanks!

  14. whydidiupdate says:

    hello can someone help me i update to 6.38 and i download the ofw 6.35 when i want to isntall it it says no need to install system is up to date can soemone tell me how to downgrade 6.38 to 6.35

  15. makecfwfor6.38 says:

    do any you guys think virtuos flame or aka coldbird gonna make 6.38 pro is it possibleand what not do u think it is?? if yes thumbs up…………. if no then shut up……….

  16. Dark-Alex says:

    wololo i have psp 3004 (4g) model with motherboard TA-093. I m on 6.20 pro-b5. Should i stay on this or upgrade to 6.37 cfw? by the way plz tell me that is my psp downgradable? thanks

  17. vjkjh says:

    its been a long time since the ofw 6.37 was released or atleast it feels that way and i was wondering why isnt hen out already

    could you guys atleast give us a release date?

  18. total_noob says:

    hello guys i will realease tn-a for 6.38 as soon as possible im working on it plz be patient and no iso loader

  19. Anon19861's says:

    We are Anonymous.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  20. Anon19861's says:

    We are anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

  21. total_fail says:

    im working on 6l.38 hen i will release it soon HA WHAT A JOKE!

  22. Koalix says:

    2 things to ask:

    1 – The best version to keep a 2000 fully hackable is on 5.50 with TN_Hen? Doesn’t have any benefit to upgrade to last CFWs?

    2 – There is any way to connect to PSN with 5.50?

  23. spiro says:

    Thanks for this…
    man i used to know how to do it back when it was a savegame exploit on PSP-1000

    now theres like a thousand workarounds over the 4 platforms

    now that i’ve moved from the 1000->3000 this really is a Huge help

  24. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address :

  25. d says:

    pspgrader makes it easy to create a magic memory stick

  26. ahmed says:

    my psp version is 5.55 i cant update , how to update this version ? plz help me

  27. andfreak says:

    dear mister munch, if you cant access usb mode, try using a memory card reader.

  28. iSWORD says:

    Helolo Wololo! When will you add the PSP E1000 (PSP Street) to this list?! And when will you add 6.60 to the list of versions in /wagic/hen/ ?

    • wololo says:

      I’ll try to update this guide sometimes this week

      • James says:

        First i think that Wagic is great (tried only the windows version)- keep the good work !!!

        I think of buying a new PSP E1004 – several questions
        1. is it like the E1000?
        2. does the hack in this guide (the E1000 section) will work?
        3. Will l be able to play all available iso/cso with this hacks, or some games dont work.
        4. Is there any difrrence in the hack from the 3000 version?

        Is there a plan to make a version pf Wagic to Android?


        • wololo says:

          Hi James. Please note that I have little information about the PSP Street (E1000), but from my understanding it is hackable exactly like the PSP 3000
          1) E1004 is the same as E1000, yes. The last number in the PSP number only represents the region where it was bought.
          2) yes, the hack will work
          3) As far as I know, most isos work on the PRO Custom firmware. Note however that since this PSP doesn’t have a UMD drive, you don’t really need isos (which are useful mainly if you don’t want to carry the UMD), as you will be able to directly play games bought from the PSN.
          4) From the user point of view, there is no difference between the hack on the 3000 and the hack on the PSP street

          Wagic on android: yes, you can help with the beta test here:

  29. lol. the guides are like all the same.
    except for maybe the introductory paragraphs. XD

    • wololo says:

      The “Power users” section is different for each console too. But basically, yes. I’ve seen that people prefer to have a page dedicated to their own console rather than a generic guide which would become confusing with time.

  30. Sean G. says:

    Good job guys. I have PSP Slim 3001 (Model 9g) with 6.39 OFW but I am thinking of upgrading to 6.60 OFW before installing 6.60PRO-B10 CFW. Is it advisable for me to update to 6.60 OFW and how do I detect which board it has, so I can decide if I can install CIPL flasher. Or should I just stay with Fast recovery?
    WHich CFW is the best and why?

  31. Sean G. says:

    I found out that there is a 6.60PRO-B10 CFW and also 6.60PRO-B10 fix1,. Should I install the 6.60PRO-B10 before running the 6.60PRO-B10 Fix1 or can I just run the 6.60PR-B10 Fix without the first one?

  32. Sean G. says:

    Please, which is the best Custom firmware that i can install on a PSP Slim 3001 (Model 9g)? What is the difference between the HEN and ProCFW and which one is better?

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      well….first of all let me tell you the difference.

      HEN = It is a homebrew enabler that enables you to play tons of homebrews,emulators,apps.

      ProCFW = It enables you to play homebrews,emulators,apps,
      PSP Backups,plugins.

      Now the best thing to use is ProCFW(my choice).It totally enables psp’s full me,you’ll love it!!

      • toBsucht says:

        Sean G. your psp is most likely a brite not a slim.

        procfw is a hen with a lot of build in plugins like isoloader etc. (pro most likey the best for backups)

        tn-hen is a hen without permanent patch or isoloader.
        you can run “all” the stuff that working with procfw,
        plugins for example to load isos, run apps emulators hbs etc..

        note that thier are some problems after downgrade a g9 psp.

        with “all” 6.xx psp you have a choise between two or more hen. Switching is no problem (to run some stuff which may does not work with one of them)

  33. Raldo says:

    i Have a psp go how to hack it

  34. Raldo says:

    Thanks a lot dog the pro cfw works on my psp go, i have a lot of games now

  35. moolash says:

    I have an E1004 (Hungary) with 6.50 OFW.
    I understand, I just update to 6.60 and than flash the CFW?
    Is this method up to now the only way? (running recovery everytime I reboot the PSP doesn’t seem to be a big thing)
    Last Q: if I just want to revert, I just install the 6.60 OFW and I am back to “bring back for warranty” state?

    (I know how to flash phones, I just had these noobis questions, sorry)

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      you update to 6.60 then you flash the CFW
      and if you want to go to the ‘bring back for warranty’ state you just launch the PROUPDATE program and you press Δ to unistall the CFW and your ‘official’.

  36. Albinoslug says:

    Hey Wololo i have a PSP 3001 with OFW 6.20, updating to 6.60 and installing the Pro CFW 6.60 is safe? , have any probability to “brick”? thanks

    • toBsucht says:

      Albinoslug no need to update. Updates cann´t brick your system.
      Things you should know:
      1. Plugins (prx) can brick a system if you use them wrong >
      2. Flash is memory in each psp with nessary operating system files (prx, font etc.). If you mess with the flash you have a high chance to get a full brick. (full-hackabel maybe only semibrick)
      so try to dump / backup your flash.
      3. You can use a faked 6.60 version.txt to play your orginal psp game with 6.20 Firmware or to use psn.
      4. downgrade is much more risky then update.

  37. Walter says:

    Hello i have a PSP-E1004 Version 6.50 How can i flach it?

  38. yash says:

    i have a psp 3001 does these method will work on it or not?

  39. Alex says:

    Hey, nice tutorial, but I have one problem. My select button is stuck, so I can’t access the recovery menu to run a remap or a macro plugin. Is there any way around this?

  40. vinz says:

    hey dude i have a psp e1004 street
    can ya help me

  41. Sam says:

    what do i do if i have 2 memory sticks? do i need to put any of these files on the second one? is Pro B10 uninstallanle if i have problems? thanks

  42. Sam says:

    sorry, i misspelled uninstallable

  43. Sam says:

    I want to install Pro B10 6.60 on my PSP Go. do i have to install it on a memory stick or can it be installed in the system storage?

    • toBsucht says:

      you don´t need to copy all files from stick to stick
      (except plugins and other custom stuff which is in use)
      6.60 is a non permant fw (pspgo isn´t full hacked^^).
      No files in flash if you reboot!

  44. venkat says:

    Plzz Help to download games for my PSP 3004 version.6.60.! i have downloaded many games and applications..they are not working.! i donno how to install them into my PSP.. thank you.! waiting for the reply:)

  45. pspfreak says:

    hey guys i have a PSVita some one please help me. im not a noob at this, i have fully hacked psp 1000 completely with Pandora bat and magic memory sick, running remote joy, all homebrews, theme packs, and umd dumper. i have no idea where to start with Exploiting the PSVita, i know there are no hacks for it but i do know you can get homebrews on it and i have see the ones that are compatible. can any1 help me plz!?!?! thankyou so much .

  46. Mr.Flake says:


    A Looong time ago i did the Pandora trick to get to 4.01 m33-2.

    Now, I’ve pulled the dust off my PSP-1003 and would love to get it up-to-date, but forgive me I’m a little rusty after a few years!

    Can I use install this over 4.01 m33-2 straight off the bat? or should i do something else first?

    Also – is this pretty much the best method for custom firmware these days? I feel like a n00b again…

  47. Stefano Rickeets says:

    Thank you very much! I never knew hacking my PSP 3001 was this easy and without the risk of bricking. Thanks again! :-)

  48. IH8S0NY says:

    There should be one for ME CFW

  49. Genesis says:


    Runs pro b 10 CFW with XMBcontrol and vsh

    Build in memory in N1004 makes it possable to run remotejoy & pspdisp without plugin changes

    minnimum loadtime cuse of 14gb ef0 build in memory/ also got 8gb micro sd2 memory

    Pro b 10 need no external eboot loader like iso tool or prometheus,
    Makes Eboot shell on boot-up / WORKS FOR BOTH ISO & CSO FILES and with catagorise prx

    On upload pro b 10 has been set to auto run XMBControl

    Catagorise prx (VSH) & Catagorise prx (POPS) installed and set to hide uncatagorised folders & ISO FILES

    N1004 comes with a build in WIDE Color depth option, (is activated)



















    • Genesis says:

      SensMe Fully tested & works like a charm

      Hud Prx has been activated (Not quite sure but think this plugin may cause some sort of plugin disturbance)

      Still haven´t tested nor figured out the cause of TN HEN E´s
      malfunction Yet as for now i won´t do anymore examination of this problem since it would seem like a step back compared to PRO B 10 6.20 CFW

      Any suggestions or recommendations for which Homebrew and Prx plugins i should be testing next??

  50. smdelfin says:

    I have PSP3000 running on 5.03Gen.
    Isn’t that enough?
    Should I still mess with my current version?
    Should I still upgrade to 6.60 (then to ProCFW)?
    What are the benefits?

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      You choose what you want to do . 5.03 GEN is outdated though , and probably doesnt play the newest games . Updating to 6.60 and then to ProCFW will GUARANTEE the best compatibility in both old and new PSP Games .

  51. Wololo if you’re reading this, then your wife wants something from you RIGHT NOW!

  52. hanibal says:

    I have a psp e1004 and iam really new at this.can u please tell me how to play games on it via memory card…….ive heard that its unhackeble or so.

  53. hanibal bartha says:

    i have psp e1004 and iam really nw at this.can u please tell me how to play games on this via memory card…………….ive heard that its unhackable or so

  54. Musasa says:

    Cn anyone help me , i want to know what to do to play games on my psp e1004 via memory card because am tired of travelling with umd’s plz help

    • parthwrte says:

      hey man its easy … first install 6.60 firmware and then install cfw on it….. i also have e1004. so once u download the files of cfw just extract the three folders namely cipl flasher (not needed , can even delete) , proupdate,fast recovery into memory card -psp folder-game. close the usb mode and go to games … there will be 2 or3 icons (depending upon if u added cipl flasher)…. open pro update….it will not recognise the model but u can install it by the onscreen directions… recovery is for when u totally shut down ur device and open it again to se that cfw is deactivated….so just open it

  55. tankerkiller says:

    OK so i would like to know if i can perma hack my psp3000 brite if i downgrade i have found a downgrading tool do you think you can help

  56. ZiK says:

    Hey, I’ve been out of the PSP scene in such a loooooooooong time now. And apparently the psp community has increases and more hacks has been fix and stable.
    So I left the scene right about the time TN-E and Pro where the only CFW around. Total_noob left the scene and so did I.

    but now i want to be ” Up-to-Date” but before i make any hasty decisions as to upgrade the firmware. I would like to know what are the benefits with staying on (6.20 TN-E)/(6.20 Pro-B) and proceeding to the latest stable CFW

    I really want answers to people that would like to downgrade to and early FW and why?
    [any information would help me out righ t now, The more the better :) ]

  57. ZiK says:

    I forgot to mention Im running it on My PSP-Go…

  58. Maruf 786 says:

    Ca any 1 help me? i hav a psp 3000 (Carnival colours-Vibrant Blue)….i run 6.20 cfw…..when i upgrade to 6.60 and try to install cfw pro-c it cant be permanent patch…..Sadly i hav to again downgraded to 6.20……can any one tell me how to solve this problem….i really wanted to try the 6.60 fw…..

  59. crookedmouth says:

    I just wanted to report that when I upgraded to 6.60 OFW. MAME4All began freezing after I select the game rom. I also ran into a few freezes when using some of zx81’s ports. Random freezes I can live with but mame still did not work. I tried a bunch of different versions of mame to no avail. After I downgraded back to 6.20 OFW it now works as it did.

    I don’t think I will bother with 6.35 or 6.39 until I absolutely have to.

    I have a 3000 and just wanted to report this in case others are thinking of going to 6.60. I should of followed one of my rules. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • toBsucht says:

      i also use 6.20 and a 3000. If you use another ofw ver. you have use another exploit each of them is a bit different that´s a resaon why 6.60 don´t work as well as lower fw-hen.
      Some stuff just work with 6.39 fw example leda.prx
      6.60 fw is possible with all psp and pro-cfw has a pretty good HomeBrew support..
      I use sometimes tn-hen to run some HB s which aren´t working with pro. 6.60 has naturel sony-game support and if you are more advanced you will note that a downgrade to the lowest installed ofw @ your device is possible!-)

      did you try 6.60hbl mame4all i believe there is one

      • crookedmouth says:

        I admit I didn’t know about that version of MAME4all. Perhaps I will try it again since now I am not afraid of downgrading anyway. There is still the matter of more crashes in some of zx81’s ported emulators but perhaps that was coincidence. Thanks for the reply.

  60. BIG SEK says:

    works great

  61. Guess there’s actually going to be a practical purpose to a RetroArch Vita port. Keep up the good work and we’ll meet there soon.

  62. Xavier says:

    Hey! PSP Street is available in India now. Update it please. It’s no longer (Europe Only)

  63. Taka says:

    Hi. I am sorry, I am using PRO-C 6.39, just updated yesterday. My screen is black and sometimes there are some green and red blocks flashing on the screen.
    Anyway, should I upgrade to PRO-C 6.60 instead?

    • toBsucht says:

      Try hold power for ~10sec.! Do you use plugins for example theme. What have you updated pro-hen or fw^^ Becareful or you maybe brick your device.

  64. Branden says:

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have
    found something that helped me. Thanks!

  65. Velda says:

    Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the great work.

  66. Andisimo says:

    i got a psp 2000 running CFW 5.50 Prometheus-4 …. i want to update it more to the latest…can someone give me a list of CFW after that so i can update in order

  67. David says:

    Hi. I got a PSP1000 a couple of months after launch, which has sadly been in a drawer for nearly all of the last five years. I wondered about using CFW about three years ago, but decided to leave it. Anyway, I dusted it off, bought a few cheap games and then found this site. It seemed easy enough to use CFW now, even for someone as clueless as me, and I’ve just done it. So far, so good.

    My question is, can I use it to play PS1 game Xenogears? I have read so much about the game but am in UK, where Xenogears wasn’t released on PS1. I would pay for it but can’t find it in the PSN store. Without breaching any of this site’s rules, could someone please advise me if I can play it using CFW 6.60, and how I would go about it. Many thanks.

  68. David says:

    … I’m sorted now. If anyone else is new to this and has the same question then Google, as ever, is your friend.
    I used the search terms PSX PSP EBOOT XENOGEARS.
    This took me to a source in the required format (EBOOT.PBP).
    This file, in its own folder, goes into the \PSP\GAME\ folder …so in this case it would be \PSP\GAME\XENOGEARS\EBOOT.PBP.
    I chose to use an ‘undub’ version of the game, with the original Japanese voices and English subtitles – delighted with that, as it’s my preference when watching anime.
    I’ll be having a look at other PS1 games which are rare or not released in the UK, such as Tomba, Einhander and Symphony of the Night.
    Happy days, and thanks to everyone connected with the CFW and this site.

  69. bill says:

    hi i am running vf coldbird 6.31pro on psp 2000 and has suited me well so have not need to upgrade but now am looking to update as some iso arent working what is the best option cfw for me any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    • toBsucht says:

      6.31 hen aren´t supported anymore downgrade to 6.20 or update to at least to 6.35.
      After that more plugins should work etc. 6.60 is the best for games~ 😉

  70. Noah says:

    Does this work on the PSP 2001? I tried the “2000” link and did everything right, but it didn’t work. Maybe I did mess it up. Please help. Thanks!

  71. HelpAreWelcome says:

    Need help, why does the psp restart when you turn it off instead of sleeping?

  72. Sainath says:

    I hav sony PSP E1004 2A,
    pls hlp me to unlok or hack i.
    I m nw user to it.

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  82. TobeyDemon says:

    my psp 3001 never looked or was better even with all my signed games. lcfw pro b10 for ofw 6.60 is so boss. few crashes. love it. love plugins.

  83. nura says:

    what’s the diff b/n b-10 and C? can C run all what you can run on b-10? im a bit skeptical on switching to pro C :/

  84. kingblack says:

    win of psp

  85. hi re says:

    how do u know if yr PSP has custom firmwares

  86. google says:

    does it take so long when ur installing a cfw

  87. hassan says:

    i cant know my psp tipe

  88. hassan says:

    i dont know wahts model is it

  89. Akshay says:

    I have psp street and I want to play memory card games how can I plz any 1 tell

  90. Akamaru says:

    I upgraded to this a while ago, but the icons for my psp ISO games appear twice in the game menu. Is there a fix for this?

    • toBsucht says:

      Look into PSP/GAME i´m sure you got some files twice (shortcuts). You maybe can delete them with isotool or a homebrew sorter.

      • Akamaru says:

        No that’s not the problem. You put iso and cso games in the ISO folder, not the GAME folder and I know for certain that I don’t put it in there twice. Also only one of the icons in the game menu works when I boot a game. The other one just crashes my psp.

  91. toBsucht says:

    Have a look into PSP/GAME floder^^

    Delete from xmb isn´t possible? Choose not working icon (shortcut) press triangle and select delete.
    You can select hide corupt files.

  92. andrikos says:

    hhhhhhh guys how can we play to psp ?

  93. andrikos says:

    pokemon ???

  94. orion says:

    PSP won’t update from 6.20 to 6.60 ever since I used Chronoswitch Downgrader to downgrade to 6.20?
    So I figured it would be neat to hack my 2 PSP 3000s so I used Chronoswitch Downgrader to downgrade from 6.60 to 6.20 after that I installed the PRO B10 hack to the PSP then I installed the permanent boot loader patch for PRO B10 then I decided I wanted to take it off and so on my first PSP I first uninstalled the permanent patch then I uninstalled the PRO B10 and it worked perfectly and I was able to update my firmware back to 6.60 but on the second PSP I uninstalled the PRO B10 hack first instead of uninstalling the permanent patch first like I did on the other PSP and ever since then I’ve tried downloading the 6.60 firmware from the internet then downloading it to my PSP and booting it from the game section and that didnt work I got this The update cannot be started. The data is corrupted. (IDXFFFFFFFF) SO after that I tried using the built it System Update Feature and i tried Update via Internet and I got connected to the internet but then I got Connection to the server could not be established. (20000006) So if someone could please give me a solution to how to get back to 6.60 that would be GREAT! Because I sold this on eBay and need to get it shipped out soon! Thanks!

  95. syed says:

    Dear sir ,
    I want to mod my psp to pro cfw but i have a few questions about it as
    I am new to this,my questions are:
    (1) will i be able to play all original psp games on my psp with pro cfw?
    (2) if i buy a original psp game will i be able to download it on a pro duo memory stick and play it without the cd after installing the pro cfw on my psp, if yes then how?
    (3)can i download the latest original psp games for free through internet instead of buying them after i have installed a pro cfw on my psp, if yes then how?

    Waiting for your response eagerly,
    Syed owais

    • Ken says:

      (1) yes (2) yes. Once cfw is installed just access vsh menu on your psp by pressing select button,and under “usb device” you select “umd disc”. Now you connect your psp to your pc to have access to the umd disc. You will see “game title.iso”. Just transfer the iso to your hard drive then go back to vsh menu and change usb device back to memory card. Now transfer the iso file to iso folder on the psp memory stick. (3) You should be careful with your last question. You may as well be asking “Can I kill someone in cold blood and get away with it, if yes then how? lol Just Google “torrent” and that will send you down the path to find most anything you want.

  96. sp says:


    I have a PSPVITA and i want to play pirated games on it can anyone please help me out with links to download the right CFW hack files. And also how to hack it. I also checked out some video where that person was showing about installing your REGION file. How do i find out what region my PSP is??

  97. Carnate Artemio Jr says:


  98. jr says:

    hi Sir i have a new ps vita.every time i download uno it would not appear on my vita screen and they goes to Application Data Management,save data (PSP/Playstation/Other).what to do to make it appear on my vita screen icon…tenkz…

  1. February 24, 2011

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    “check it out”

    “[…]m I simply just couldnt leave your blog just before saying that I really enjo jn[…]”

  9. January 31, 2015

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