CFW For Dummies – PSP3000, PSPGo, and PSP2000 Ta88v3

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Important note: This page is obsolete, and kept for archive purposes only. I now recommend a much easier technique to install a CFW on your PSP. If you reached this page from an other website, I recommend you go back to the page presenting the easy technique to install Pro CFW. This page is kept for archive purposes only.

You reached this page because you want to install a Custom Firmware on your PSP3000, PSPGo, or a PSP2000 with a UNhackable motherboard (ta88v3). If you’re not sure of that anymore (psp 2000 owners, there is a chance your motherboard could be  hackable), or if you want to check again, or if you have a different PSP model, please go back to the main page of this guide.

This guide is up to date as of 2011/05/29

Welcome to the world of Light Custom Firmwares. You’ve been told your PSP couldn’t be hacked? This is not true. Most PSPs can now benefit from the full features offered by Custom firmwares. The only difference is that the Custom Firmwares that you will install on your model are not “permanent”. Light custom Firmwares, adapted to “unhackable” motherboards, stay in the Ram of the PSP instead of actually replacing the Official Firmware. This means that you will have to “launch” the Custom firmware every time you turn your PSP off.

Note: there’s a belief that running a “Light” custom firmware is a painful process because of the need to relaunch it every time your turn your psp off. This is not really true. You will only need to re-launch the Custom firmware if you “cold boot” your psp, which happens only if you push the psp button for 10 seconds or more. If you put your psp into “sleep” mode (which most people do usually), the custom firmware will stay in Ram, and you won’t have to relaunch it.

One major issue of unhackable motherboards is that your possibility to run a Custom Firmware will depend on the Official Firmware you are running. So the next question for you is…

What Firmware is your PSP running on?

22 Responses

  1. hello says:

    hey wololo, you should add the 5.03 firmware. you missing it

  2. Boom4 says:

    thanks for all ur hard work. been learning alot these last couple of days on ur site. if there is any kind of testing u need done i will help as much as i can. i test for xda developers for my evo 4g. anything i can help with just email my phone. thanks again

  3. yokomode says:

    Could you please provide information on which cfw will work for those of us running 6.36 ofw on PSP 3000.

    Is there an ISO loader available for OFW 6.36 ?

  4. 101gamzer says:

    hello i have psp 3004 with 5.70ofw (gt5 limited edition ) can i hack it ?
    psp 3004 came with 4.20 ofw now 6.31 ofw ?

  5. Shinny says:

    why not downgrage to 6.20??

  6. J-Spill says:

    Hey wololo
    (lol can barely pronounce that… )
    you forgot to add the
    (although somewhat risky)
    method of installing perm hen onto a 3k model. Using The TN-D perma-patch.

    Ive done it and love the results….

    Oh and when is someone going to update that?

  7. ringgosan says:

    i hv psp3k ofw5.03 with mobo ta092v1…how do i jump into 6.35pro…should i upgrade from 6.00–6.10–6.20–6.35…or just straight int0 6.35??still blurr dude!!

  8. ringgosan says:

    wololo…y u dont reply me…sad man…

  9. imanoob says:

    wololo help me man……….. i accidently update to 6.38 and now cant go back to 6.35 so i can install 6.35prob3 do you know how plz help me….

    thanks in advanced

  10. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address :

  11. origamiNINJA says:

    you should put the 6.60 hbl and cfw from Neur0n in the guide

  12. origamiNINJA says:

    as well as the pro 6.60 cfw…

  13. Jason says:

    Hey wololo, i have a psp 3001 OFW 6.37, i tryed to use the downgrader that 7g_9g downgrader to 6.35, but it says it wont work with my firmware, now im not sure what mother board i have but thats the onlky downgrader that i could download from your site, any help please?

    • toBsucht says:

      Jason i´m not 100% sure but i think you have to update to 6.39 or 6.60 befor you can use the downgrader (no 6.37 hen). .. then use pro- or tn-hen.
      update no bick / risk downgrade a littel

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