CFW For Dummies – 6.37 (or above) on a PSP Go, PSP 3000, or TA88v3

Important note: This page is obsolete, and kept for archive purposes only. I now recommend a much easier technique to install a CFW on your PSP. If you reached this page from an other website, I recommend you go back to the page presenting the easy technique to install Pro CFW. This page is kept for archive purposes only.

You reached this page because you want to install a Custom Firmware on your PSP3000, PSPGo, or a PSP2000 with a UNhackable motherboard (ta88v3), and you currently have a firmware 6.37, 6.38, or 6.39 installed on your PSP. If you’re not sure of that anymore (psp 2000 owners, there is a chance your motherboard could be hackable), or if you want to check again, or if you have a different PSP model, please go back to the main page of this guide.

If you have a Firmware 6.37 or above, you need to downgrade your PSP before you can install a Hen on it. The current downgrade solutions do not really let you a choice to where you downgrade to, but this might change in the future. For now, in most cases you will downgrade to OFW 6.20 (which allows you to go back to 6.35 afterwards if you want to), but if you have a PSP 3000 with a 7g/9g motherboard, you will have to go to OFW 6.35.
7g/9g motherboards don’t support OFW 6.20 due to some driver limitations.

  • If you have a PSP 3000 with a 7g/9g motherboard, go to this page to downgrade your PSP to Firmware 6.35.
  • If you have any other PSP model, go to this page to downgrade your PSP to Firmware 6.20
  • If you have a PSP 3000 but are not sure about your motherboard type, try first to downgrade to 6.20, and if it doesn’t work, try instead to downgrade to 6.35

You should now be on Firmware 6.35 or 6.20. Go back to the Firmware selection page to see the next step (installing a Hen).

87 Responses

  1. coolkid101

    what if i have a psp go and already have 6.37

  2. Jack

    I bought PSP 3001 slim last year. Havent been using it. Its with OFM 6.60. There are a lot of games in my Memory Stick. But not visible. Please help me with this issue…

  3. Divesh

    hi.. i have p psp 3006 v 6.39… i wanna play iso games on it.. can you help me plzz

  4. Altair

    can i play a file type games if my firmware is 6.20 PRO-B5

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