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Wagic 0.18 public Beta

For those of you who are dying to get some Wagic news in a sea of Vita, I have good news: We just started the beta test of version 0.18. The beta is open...

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Chinese Dark Ascension

I’m in China for a business trip, and I randomly found a Seven Eleven convenience store that was selling Magic cards. I thought it would be an interesting souvenir 🙂 I don’t speak Chinese...

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Wagic 0.17 public Beta

It’s finally here! This is still a beta, so we expect to fix a few bugs for the final 0.17 release, but if you want to help us smash bugs, feel free to give...

One of the cool avatars made by Ilya B. for Wagic 23

Wagic 0.17 on its way

I hate vaporware and that’s why I usually don’t blog too much about an upcoming release in Wagic. But the last release (0.16) was such a long time ago that I don’t remember when...


Free art for your games

Note: A list of sites where you can download free art that you can legally use in your video games (including for commercial usage) can be found at the bottom of the article, read...