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Although Wagic development has been stalled for the past few months, our community is still very active on the wagic forums. Today, thanks to j6m6w6, TragicTheblubbering and xojlmc, new compiled builds are available for iOS (you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to install and rune Wagic!), VHBL, and Android 4.x.

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Hey everyone, as I’ve stated before, this month is our site’s 5 year anniversary. I’m still having a hard time believing we got that far, and the euphoria leads me to doing some crazy stuff. We’ve given away $120 worth of PSN codes this month so far, and the best has yet to come.

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Almost one year ago, I announced that Wagic was put on hold. Although we haven’t made a release in a year, our devs and community have been busy adding features and cards regularly. None of the members of the core dev team have the time to drive a full “beta test + release” process anymore, but it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any more release. Therefore, I’ve decided to open a thread on the Wagic forums where people can regularly submit builds from the SVN. “By the community, for the community”.
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This entry is both an apology for not maintaining the Wagic forums enough lately, and a big THANK YOU to Zethfox who has been relentlessly fighting spam bots while in parallel keeping our community alive and maintaining Wagic.

We stopped officially developing Wagic a few months ago, but this doesn’t mean the community isn’t active.

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This will not come as a big surprise for those of you who know how these things work, but it’s always nice to have a confirmation: VHBL still runs fine on Vita’s firmware 2.01, and The Z proves it to us with a video.

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Hey guys, I am a bit sad to announce that as of today, we don’t have a single active dev in the Wagic team. Those of you who have been following the SVN might also have noticed that there hasn’t been any significant activity in the past months.

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There are so many things in this release that I don’t even know where to start, but if there’s one thing that will make our long-time followers happy, it’s probably this one: Planeswalkers!

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For those of you who are dying to get some Wagic news in a sea of Vita, I have good news: We just started the beta test of version 0.18. The beta is open to anyone who is registered on our Wagic forums (note: this is not the same as the /talk forums, you need to register separately) and wants to help.

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A while ago I mentioned WTactics in my article on free art for game developers, a trading card game under active development.

Everything, from the card images to the rules, is open source, and welcoming users contributions. One of my hopes for Wagic is to make our engine flexible enough that we will support WTactics one day.


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Chinese Dark Ascension  

I’m in China for a business trip, and I randomly found a Seven Eleven convenience store that was selling Magic cards. I thought it would be an interesting souvenir :)

I don’t speak Chinese though, below is the rare card I got in that booster, anybody know what it is, or what it does?

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A few days ago, we released Wagic 0.17.1 for the PSP, Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad… now that a jailbreak is available on the latest revision of iOS, you have noe excuse to not try Wagic!), and Windows.

Thanks to the work of Xaw Otihs, this new version of Wagic is now also available for the Nokia Platforms Maemo and Meego (respectively, the N900 and the N9/N950). That release of course gets all the bug fixes and improvements that we described in the 0.17.1 release. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s been 6 months since the last release of Wagic, and I’m sure some of you might have thought the project was on a halt. The truth is, we’ve been working on several major things on Wagic that postponed this release. This release is a major milestone for us, as this is the first official release were we support iPhone/iPad and Android.

What is Wagic?

Often compared to commercial games for its replay value and quality, Wagic is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the computer. Read the rest of this entry »

iPad and iPhone users, rejoice! Thanks to Mike’s excellent work, we are finally able to include iOS in our release. For the first time Wagic is available on both Android and iOS. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s finally here! This is still a beta, so we expect to fix a few bugs for the final 0.17 release, but if you want to help us smash bugs, feel free to give it a try. This version of Wagic is open to all people who are registered at the Wagic forums (registration is free, and note that it’s not the same forum as /talk, so if you own an account at /talk you might need to create a new account).

Wagic is an heroic-fantasy card game, supporting more than 15’000 cards (more than 8’600 unique cards). The beta is currently available for the PSP, Windows, and Android. Yup, Android joins the Wagic fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Wagic 0.17 on its way  

I hate vaporware and that’s why I usually don’t blog too much about an upcoming release in Wagic. But the last release (0.16) was such a long time ago that I don’t remember when it was, so I feel like I should mention the project is still very active and alive. Today I started the process for releasing Wagic 0.17. Now don’t jump around too soon. This process usually takes 3 or 4 weeks. We go through an alpha stage with the other devs, where we basically try to fix the most ugly bugs, before releasing a public beta. The beta usually lasts about a week, followed by the public release.

Wagic running on a Motorola Xoom

For those of you who still don’t know, Wagic is an heroic-fantasy strategy game, initially inspired by Magic the Gathering, which with time has evolved into a flexible system allowing players to create their own cards, campaigns, rules and mods. For Wagic 0.17, we’ve been mostly focusing on Android. Read the rest of this entry »

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