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Developer SKFU is back with an update to his PS Vita Firmware xTractor application, an application designed to extract the files inside the playstation Vita Firmware (duh…). Now that the Vita firmwares are publicly available, this application is becoming more interesting for more devs.

The new “download firmware” option simply opens your browser to the official Sony update xml file, itself containing URLs that you can copy/paste to download the firmwares to your PC. I tried it on the JP firmware 1.5, and, surely enough, it does extract the firmware files from the archive, including readable ones such as licence.xml or version.txt. Most of the other files are probably encrypted though, but that’s already a first step.


PS Vita firmware xTractor 2.01

PS Vita Firmware 1.5

A few weeks ago, we started a quick poll on /talk, to know what portable devices people in our community would be interested to buy next…

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I just read about Steve Job’s death and thought it was some kind of prank related to the iPhone 4S. But since Apple’s official site has it on their main page

I was never an Apple fan, or rather, I’ve been an Apple hater for as long as I can remember. Nevertheless the news came as a shock, even a guy who’s probably one of the richest in the world cannot prevent death at such a young age.

Steve Jobs, I didn’t really like your products and I hate your company, but you’ve inspired lots of good things in the tiny world of computers and geeky gadgets. Rest in peace.

This is by far my biggest project ever. It literally took years of planning, and months of development.

Although I wasn’t directly involved in most of the development phase (I was only needed for the early stages, my wife did the rest of the development), I will be actively maintaining it and make sure bugs are fixed quickly.

Well, I don’t plan to release it publicly, so you wouldn’t care, but I plan to spend lots of time on this project in the years to come, so as a counterpart I will need to reduce my involvement in the PSP scene.

It will become a bit hard for me to keep doing all the stuff I was doing so far, so I will probably post much less in this blog from now on, but this site and the /talk forums will stay open and maintained. I will also of course keep handling the genesis competition until it is complete (you still have 15 days to submit your entries!), and I will do my best to keep working on my pet project, Wagic (don’t be too worried for Wagic, I am not the only dev working on it anymore, and we have lots of stuff coming for Wagic soon, stay tuned!)

My new project, Wololo 2.0. It already required roughly 9 months of development, but there’s still lots of work

As far as the PSP scene is involved, I will of course try to follow it, but I believe my last major involvement with the scene will be the Genesis competition. It is awesome to see that the scene is still alive and kicking, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next for this console, although I must admit that Sony’s recent behavior with the scene is making writing this blog post much easier than I thought it would be.

This is not a goodbye, merely a message saying “don’t contact me if I don’t blog about the latest CFW, because I’ll be busy”.

I want to use the opportunity to thank m0skit0 and JJS for HBL, that was by far the most exciting era for me in my PSP hacking journey, and it was an honour to work on such a great project with developers that are so talented. Special thanks also go to Fanjita who shared the sources of the eLoader with me, this code was a major source of help for HBL, but also I was humbled to be contacted by such a great guy. Fanjita, thanks for letting my PSP run scummvm 5 years ago. Thanks to the wagic devs for sticking with the project for so many months/years, and to the people playing Wagic, or contributing to our community. Many thanks also go to the mods and admins on /talk, they are the ones who keep our  forums friendly and safe. Finally, thanks to everyone I met directly or indirectly on the PSP scene. Despite being in this world for the past 5 years, I’m still amazed at what people can manage to do with their PSP, even when Sony try everything they can to prevent customers from actually using their devices.

I’m back in Tokyo where, despite the alarming news I could read in international newspapers, people are doing fine. The media should rather focus on the people living in the north of Japan, who are in desperate need for help.

Of course things in Tokyo are not working 100%, (electricity gets shut down on a regular basis, earthquakes are still occurring roughly every day), but hopefully things will slowly go back to normal.

People interested in donating for the Japan crisis can find information in the google page here . Especially, if you were thinking of donating to me for HBL or Wagic, now’s the good time to make a donation, but give it to the red cross instead (and let me know :) )

I’ll try to catch up on scene news in the days to come, especially the genesis competition, but it might take a little while so bear with me.

I’m fine  

I try to avoid posting personal stuff in this blog, but I’ve received many emails asking if everything was ok for me. Japan was hit by a massive earthquake yesterday. Luckily I’m on holiday in China so I actually learned about it when I saw a massive amount of emails from old friends. My wife is in Tokyo but I could talk to her yesterday and she is fine.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words, and my thoughts go to the families who were hit by this disaster.

I’m still away for a little while, and connecting here at the hotel is quite a pain, so I still can’t post any scene-related updates… my only advice would be to be careful with the permanent-hen thingy until it’s clear what are the benefits of such a technique. As for everything that is work in progress, don’t go and brick your psp if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Starting today, the official price of the PSP 3000 went down to 129.99$ in the US, which is a nice price cut if you still don’t have one. And you might want to install a Homebrew Enabler or a Light Custom Firmware on it, while you’re at it.

Sony also mentioned in the press release that the PSP now has almost 600 titles to play with, including some major hits such as Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, LittleBigPlanet, or Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for 19.99$. (Note: as I type this, these 3 games are actually available for less than 15$ on Amazon)

This is probably a way for Sony to get rid of the last stocks of PSP before they start massive promotion of the upcoming NGP, but given the good game library of the PSP and the price, it sounds like a good deal to me (that, and the fact that most PSPs are hackable nowadays, there’s no fear of getting one that wouldn’t run homebrews)

Unlike the PSP Go, the PSP 3000 supports UMD games, which can be found for relatively cheap on the second-hand market. Despite being less portable than the PSPGo, the PSP3000 has many good points compared to its sister :)

source: ign

I wish a happy new year 2011 to everyone reading this blog :)

Many thanks go to the PSP scene, in particular all devs, testers, and users of Wagic and HBL. These two projects have been a major part of my life for the past 3 years, and they wouldn’t be so cool without the support of the community.

Thanks to people who donated for Wagic and HBL. This year, part of the money was used in a PS3 dongle (which I gave away on this blog), and I sent the rest to Wikipedia and the Red Cross.

  • (From the wikipedia FAQ) Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most popular encyclopedia. It’s online, free to use for any purpose, and free of advertising. Wikipedia contains more than 17 million volunteer-authored articles in over 265 languages, and is visited by more than 408 million people every month, making it the fifth most-popular site in the world. It is a collaborative creation that has been added to and edited by millions of people during the past nine years: anyone can edit it, at any time. It has become the largest collection of shared knowledge in human history. The people who support it are united by their love of learning, their intellectual curiosity, and their awareness that we know much more together, than any of us does alone.
  • Red Cross: The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is an international humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide which was founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

In 2010, we released 4 major updates to Wagic (the latest one is 0.14.1, it rocks and I highly recommend you download it, it’s hundreds of hours of fun for free). 3 user mode exploits were publicly released (Patapon, Hot shots golf, Minna no sukkiri) and you’ve seen HBL growing from a proof of concept to a full blown exploit-independent loader that supports 90% of homebrews. The year ended with a bang with the release of Total_Noob’s Hen, the first time we got Kernel access on the PSP Go, and the symbol of freedom for all users who had been waiting since the last kernel exploit by Davee almost 2 years ago.

And guess what? Despite this, you’ll still find people to say that the PSP scene is dead (of course, people who’ve been in the scene long enough know that the scene has been said to be dead for the past 4 years already…I think the first time I read “the scene is dead” is when firmware 1.51 was released :) )

For new year’s eve I had to watch Arashi for hours with my wife and her family… how about you?

We had a banner contest a month ago for our forums. The winner has been decided a few weeks ago, but my laziness postponed the actual release of the new banner. But it’s now ready and you can see our new shiny forums here!

Congrats and thanks a lot to kafa1942 for his awesome banner and his help with updating our forum’s css, it’s definitely a great change compared to the previous default phpBB banner :)

Also many thanks to everyone who participated to the contest!

As I mentioned earlier, Jeerum released a major Demo exploit at the worst possible time earlier today.

some1 had been working with m0skit0 and JJS on porting HBL to this exploit. It is unfortunate that the release has to happen like this, but some1 had to release his files much earlier than expected because of the leak.

You can download HBL for the sukkiri exploit here (recommended link) or here (mirror). I haven’t tested it yet, and we will be working on a “proper” release in the days to come. If everything goes well, we will probably drop support for the previous exploits (the golf ones at least), in favor of this one.

This release makes HBL work on 6.35, in theory (haven’t tested yet)

We have an ongoing contest to get a new banner on /Talk. We received lots of very impressive entries, and now’s the time to vote.

My apologies to all the great banners that didn’t make it to this first public round, congratulations to those who are still in the race, and thanks to everyone for the awesome entries!

Everyone can get to choose the future look of our forum, so join the fun here!

Several trusted sources have confirmed to me that 6.35 blocks the hot shots golf exploit.

If you use your psp for homebrews, I highly suggest you don’t upgrade until we come up with a new solution :)

Sony announced an upcoming release for a new firmware 6.35 very soon.

This firmware will add compatibility for Qriocity, a soon to be released online music service (remember when Sony registered that name a while ago?)

I would be surprised if this firmware patches Total_Noob’s kernel exploit, but it will probably patch the Hotshots golf exploit. I’m not too worried though, we have other cards up our sleeves :)

I want to thank Sony for keeping updated with some (relatively) meaningful content for the PSP (I mean, not only security patches). Although I probably won’t upgrade in a while, it is nice to see that our console is getting some love, so, thanks for that Sony.

Source Playstation blog, psp-hacks.com (also thanks to Muffinheadicus for the tip!)

As most of you probably noticed, our banner on /talk is…well it’s the default phpbb banner, which kind of sucks :)

Some of the members of our forums started a banner contest a while ago, and I finally found the time to come up with some rules and a deadline. If you think you have what it takes, or just want to show your graphics skills, join the forum and submit your own banner.

Entries will be subject to a vote by all members of the forum, and the winner will become our official banner for the /talk community.

The deadline is December the 5th, so you have 2 weeks to come up with something good. For more details on the rules, and how to submit your entry, go here

Have fun :)

Update: many of you reported that Sony claimed this product is a fake. Try to remember the last time Sony said “yes, it’s true” to rumors about their new products. The answer is “never”. It’s their job to say that the product does not exist. It’s engadget’s job to reveal stuff. Who do you trust? The site who revealed the iPhone4, or the Sony guys whose job is to lie and control information?

The famous site engadget.com got their hands on a prototype of the upcoming PSP Phone, and confirmed it is real. Judging by the pictures, they got access to a debug version of the phone, but the final product could be released before the end of the year (although 2011 sounds more likely).

The device is apparently much more powerful than the PSP, and will most likely ship with Android 3.0. Will it be compatible with PSP Games? There’s a high chance Sony will try to leverage the PSN with this phone too. Engadget mention a “Sony Marketplace”, this might be a dedicated version of the PSN…

Image from Engadget.com

Source: engadget.com

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