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0 maintenance today

Hey guys, I’m working on a few changes to the website and will have to take down for a little while sometime today. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible, so...



Hey everyone, I’m back from holidays and will try to catch up by the end of the week on the stuff I missed in the past 2 weeks. In particular, I hope to have...



Update: Ok guys, that was of course an April Fools joke, I have no plan to leave the scene. congrats to those who saw that the first letters of each paragraph spelled the word...


Server issues

If you tried to visit yesterday or today, you might have ran into issues. The site was down for more than 12h over the past 48h. I’m investigating the root cause. The FBI...


Wololo gives back

It’s the end of the year, Christmas is here, and “traditionally” for me it’s time to summarize what I’ve done with the money coming from this website.