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This is my top 5 of the Genesis competition entries. If you’re looking for more great homebrews, please check my top 6-15 and my top 16-25, posted earlier this week. The Genesis competition was the “source” of 90% of the new homebrews created in 2011, and below are my 7 favorites. I said 5, but 3 of them are tied for number 1 in my opinion (and no, don’t expect a big surprise for these, my vote was in line with the final decision). Hear my words: if you haven’t tried each one of these homebrews at least once, you’re making a mistake.

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Yesterday I started presenting my 25 favorites entries of the Genesis competition. The Genesis competition was the biggest PSP homebrew contest ever, and 90% of the new PSP homebrews for 2011 were produced as part of this contest. Yesterday I described entries 25 to 16 in my personal ranking, and today I will introduce entries 15 to 6. Although my top 5 will probably not contain much surprises, entries 6 to 15 are really the homebrews that were underrated this year: good enough to be great games or applications, but not gigantic enough to beat the top 5. The kind of homebrews that would have won the first place in any other competition. The genesis competition received 111 entries (we actually received more than that, “only” 111 entries were accepted), so we’re talking of the top 10% here.

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When we announced the various winners of the genesis competition (which, for those who don’t know, was the biggest PSP homebrew competition ever organized), I said there was a list of 28 entries (out of the 111 we received) that caught my attention. I also promised I would blog about it one day. This day has come, and I will list my favorite entries of the genesis competition in this post.

This list, like all “best XXX of the year”, is biased. I’m only focusing on Genesis entries (but you’ll have to admit, 95% of the new homebrews submitted this year were submitted as part of this contest), and it’s my personal ranking. Your opinion might differ on the specifics, but I think overall this list of 25 homebrews is a list of great quality. The list is also not entirely the list I had initially during the vote. Some of my “favorites” were “work in progress” releases, and I was expecting those to become the next big thing, but due to lack of pursued development, these projects are much less interesting than they could have been. So I removed a few entries, to reach the much satisfying number of 25.

Action, puzzles, plugins, utils… You won’t like all of them, but there will definitely be some homebrews that you love in this list.

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xtreamlua was one of the sponsors of the genesis competition, and awarded their prize to the best Lua game, based on a vote by their members. The winner is Geecko’s gSquare, and this is not surprising.

In this innovative platform game, you control bluz, a little square with super powers, namely the power to change gravity. Cute “retro” graphisms, awesome gameplay, and more than 40 levels should keep you entertained for a while, in this mix of agility and reflection!


You can download gSquare here

Congratulations to Geecko, the staff of xtreamlua will be in touch with you to send you the 100$ prize :)

This last announcement closes the genesis competition, which was the biggest PSP homebrew competition ever, with almost 5000$ prizes in cash, the best console gaming underground sites sponsoring the event, 111 entries, and hundreds of hours of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for our next events (I’m sure we’ll want homebrews on the Sony Vita sooner than later ;) )

This one went a bit under the radar, but our friends at had a special additional prize for the best homebrew as voted by their forum members. Without much surprise, Pro CFW got the most votes in the poll, and our friends Coldbird and Virtuous Flame are getting a PSP Go and 50$, on top of the previous prizes they already got for their various awards in the psp genesis competition.

The last prize to be awarded in the genesis competition is from, which will go to the best Lua homebrew. is one of the sponsors of the genesis competition, and they are organizing a vote on their own, granting 100$ to the best Lua Game. Lua doesn’t always have the best reputation on the scene, but the genesis competition is proving people wrong, with some massive entries such as gSquare or G.D.P.

Read the rest of this entry » was one of the biggest sponsors of the Genesis competition. They organized a vote on their forums to give 3 prizes, for a total of 1000$.

The winners were announced yesterday, and are confirming the global trend of the competition
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The website, sponsor of the Genesis competition, had a vote on their forums to give away a nice prize of 100$. The winner has been decided, congrats to Rinnegatamante for his entry Easy 6.20 DualBoot, an extremly useful app that allows you to choose between TN Hen, CFW Pro, and regular OFW every time you boot your PSP.

Easy 6.20 Dualboot was closely followed by Toy Wars in 2nd position (a very cool 3D game, try it!) and pro cfw in 3rd (does it still need to be introduced?)

To Rinnegatamante: congrats, and Kravenbcn from will be in touch with you (if he hasn’t contacted you already) to send you your 100$ prize :)



As I said a few days ago, the Genesis competition is far from being over, as we still have a bit more than 1500$ to give to winners. Today I’m announcing two prizes of 100$, one for the /Talk audience vote, and the other for my personal favorite open source entry.

/Talk audience vote

Lamecraft and pro cfw were by very far the audience favorite entries, respectively with 22% and 30% of the votes, but as I announced when we started the vote, these 2 already won the big prizes, and consequently were not eligible for the audience prize. Read the rest of this entry »

As we announced the big winners of the genesis competition a few days ago (these guys won a total of  more than 3000$), there are still a few prizes that need to be decided (yes, still more than 1500$ of prizes need to be attributed!). One of them is the audience vote at /talk. As I announced, the 3 big winners (the 6.39 downgrader, pro cfw, and lamecraft) will not get the audience prize, and yet they are still the entries with the most votes. It is still time to change your vote. As I type this, Nazi Zombies Portable is the most likely candidate for this prize, but we might still get some surprised as we are getting closer to the finish line! So go and vote for your favorite entry, you have until July 3rd included!

Note: I will also announce my personal winner (100$ for my favorite open source entry) at the same time

Wow. 5 months after we announced the PSP Genesis competition, there we are with our final list of winners. First of all, I want to say choosing those was tough. We tested all the entries for almost a month (and this taught me a lot, from an organizer point of view, a judge point of view, but also as a homebrew developer… I’ll probably blog about that one day), and debated for a few days to decide who would be the 3 winners… this ended up in a 2h hot discussion on IRC in which we reached our conclusion.

Here goes, in reverse order: Read the rest of this entry » is one of the big sponsors of the Genesis Competition. But instead of adding their prizes to the “official” winners, they decided to let the members of their forums vote directly for their 3 favorite entries.

There are massive prizes for the 3 winners, who will respectively get 500$, 300$, and 200$, but this is not all! People who vote also get a chance to win some goodies that pspgen brought back from E3.

So go now, and help them decide which homebrews deserve the prizes! You have until July 13th to vote.

The Genesis competition judging is in progress. We reviewed all 111 entries. I am currently discussing (this is sometimes closer to a war, really :) ) on a private IRC Channel with the 3 other judges (Davee, Hellcat, and Lampworker) to decide who are our 3 favorites. Strangely enough, this is not easy as we all thought, but we are getting there, and soon to reach a conclusion. We will announce the winners sometime later today. As a reminder, the prices are respectively 1900$, 750$, and 400$ for the 3 winners of the compo, as well as massive “parallel” prizes from our sponsors., on top of being one of the major sponsors for the 3 big prizes of the genesis competition, also have their own vote on their forum. We are having our own audience vote on /talk for a 100$ prize, are doing the same on their end, and psp-hacks opened a vote to win a pspgo and 50$ starting right now. Their vote ends on July 22nd, and everyone can vote, so go and vote for your favorite genesis entry!

The deadline of the PSP Genesis competition was may 29th, and we are now busy testing all the entries (111 of them in total!). In parallel to the official judging (which will give respectively 1900$, 750$, and 400$ to the 3 best entries of the contest), some of the sponsors of the event are having “audience votes” on their websites. This is the case of our own /talk community, where the audience’s choice will get a 100$ prize (let me remind that the homebrew with the most votes might not get the prize, as I intend to give the prize to the homebrew with the most votes, that doesn’t get one of the 3 “big” prizes)., one of the sponsors of the event, is also having their own audience vote on their forums. The voting system is quite interesting, as you get to give points to your 3 favorite entries, which allows people to give visual recognition to more than 1 homebrew :)

You can register on their forums and vote here

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