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The name Dark_Alex should ring in your ears, when you hear it. He was THE man, that made a lot of PSP CFWs (1.50 POC, 2.71 SE, 3.xx OE, 3.xx/4.01/5.00 M33, etc.), helped with the Pandora battery service mode, and released a lot of software for said pandora method. Dark~AleX should be known by most informed PSP scene people, and the fact that he updates his website for the PS4, might be an indication that he could return.

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Here is a topic I often talk to other gamers about, though most couldn’t care less until they’re system doesn’t work anymore.
Passed off with ether an “I’ll do it later” or a “I don’t want to break it”, nether of which will ever happen, never to be thought of again until the system is dead and all those games, saves, and spent data bandwidth are now as worthless as a paperweight.

Well protecting your gaming system starts the moment you get the shiny new thing out the store glass case.
Protection measures differ from home console and handhelds with their requirements and ability to protect the console.
I’m hoping to make a guide for both home consoles and a few handheld consoles (they differ so much.)

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It has been about 2 months now since PPSSPP had their last release and November 1st marked the one year anniversary of PPSSPP. ”While nothing is perfect, there have been plenty of improvements since the last release, and thanks to all of the contributors!” Here are a few thing that have been fixed with the release of 0.9.5

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(Note from wololo: the following article was initially published on our forums here)

Today people we have a fun treat as I’ve decided to show you guys how to make PSP games run on your nicely modded PS3 systems. Am I nice or what?

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If you’re one of the lucky people running an eCFW such as TN CEF, or ARK, or maybe VHBL on your Vita, or simply if you own a PSP running a Custom Firmware and are looking for good homebrew games, look no further. Here is our ranking of the best 10 homebrews this month, as voted by you.

Reminder: you can add your own homebrews to our /downloads Database, and vote for your favorite ones. This doesn’t require any login.

One of the surprises of this month is a tool designed for PS2 owners, as well as the comeback of some long forgotten tools

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Not long ago I had these two homebrew titans and overall excellent machines face each other in our fictional cross generation console wars, but the results came out inconclusive as both systems came out with the same score. In this chapter, I will revisit on of the areas where both consoles tied and will compare them in other areas I consider to be fair in this case.
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The Dreamcast, Sega’s last console, one of the most innovative and advanced machines of its time that died in plain glory and boosted the use of homebrews and emulators in consoles, versus the PSP, Sony’s first attempt at the handheld market, and praised by many for its incredible homebrew capabilities.
Both systems share a lot in common, but which one would stand out as the winner in our fictional Cross Generation Console Wars?
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This has happened to me quite a few times, getting banned for system mods or cheating in a game offline. So now your console is banned from playing online, well it’s banned from playing on their servers. So if you know anything about tunneling you can still get back online with your system. It may on be on the big networks, but you still can get online an that is what really matters. This was real big with the old xbox, and I still use them to this day. There is a list of tunneling software I still like to use.

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Today during SCEJA pre TGS 2013 press event Sony unveiled the rumored PS Vita redesign. Officially dubbed PCH 2000, the new Vita is twenty percent thinner and weighs fifteen percent less than its predecessor. Not only did Sony manage to make the package smaller they also put in a whopping 1GB of internal memory and a battery which last up to one hour longer . The newest version of the handheld has a LCD display instead of the much praised OLED screen the current Vita has, which could account for the extended play-time. Sony also showcased five new colors variations for PS Vita and mentioned that for transferring data to and from the internal memory as well as charging the battery Micro USB type B will be used. The new iteration will go on sale starting October 10th at a price of 19,929 Yen, next to the newly announced 64GB Vita memory card. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter user @haken25 told me a few days ago:

The Makers of Minecraft For the 360, are making a version of it for the PS3, PS4 and PSVita! You should blog about it!

I actually knew about that, and we had mentioned it when we covered Gamescom, but it’s true we hadn’t made a headline out of it. And why should we? Pretty much every single site and their mom had already talked about it right after gamescom, and tweets on the subject had created a huge buzz. Didn’t you hear? Sony are Indie devs’ best friends with their PS4, to a point where the OUYA might be considered an endangered species a mere 6 months after its release.

But it hasn’t always been the case. Actually, Sony’s relationship with Indie devs and homebrewers has always been a stormy one. Just like a teenage girl confused about her feelings, Sony has regularly switched between love letters and death threats to the Indie community.

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This blog post collates together what games will be released this month for a cluster of different consoles. Which includes the likes of Killzone: Mercenary and GTA: V.  Read the rest of this entry »

Hey everybody! [Hi Dr. Nick!] So this week, I’ve got the monthly competition which includes Battlefield 3, Sims 3, Dead Space 3 and more. But news wise however, it turns out that you can plug any headphone/earphone into the DS4 and hear all of the games audio, there’s a new Conversations with Creators video that this time focuses on Knack and interviews Mark Cerny and Yasuke Watanabe. Also Sony now have a new studio and their mandate is to bring ports, localisations, and also new IP’s

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Android, playing PSP games with the PPSSPP emulator. I’m going to jump right into it, you will either need a dual core or quad core processor in your phone. I would recommend that it is rooted and use CPU master app to make your device run at top speed to get the best results from the PSP emulator (PPSSPP) on your Android device.

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Note: The following sale is for the US PSN ONLY. (Sorry to sound a bit angry there :) )
So this sale comes in 2 parts, one is starting as of now until the 9th, and after comes another sale that lasts from the 9th to the 16th! The sale includes the likes of Batman Arkham Asylum, Ratchet and Clank collection, Black Ops II, Just Cause 2 and a lot more!

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