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PS4 Firmware 6.51 released

Sony has just started pushing PS4 firmware 6.51 to PS4 consoles worldwide. PS4 6.51 and hacks As always with such a minor release, not much is known about the update. It is not clear...

PS4 Homebrew release: PS4Vibe

Developer Al Azif has released a PS4 Homebrew that lets you test the rumble on the PS4 controller. While this might not sound impressive or groundbreaking, this release relies on the open source SDK...

PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with previous PlayStation models hinted by Sony patent filing

PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX systems hinted by Sony filing a patent about a method for more accurate backwards compatibility – Could the PS5 be the ultimate console that replaces almost every other home console out there?

PlayStation 5 news is quite scarce and the rumours that have surfaced didn’t shed much light on Sony’s plans for this hypothetical upcoming home console. However, something substantial about a potential PS5 has now surfaced...

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