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More on the TA88v3 Unbricker

Developer ErikPshat just posted an impressive video showcasing the ta88v3 unbricker running. He surely trusts his work, as the video shows him intentionally bricking a ta88v3 (by removing the battery in the middle of...


Datel’s Action Replay on the PSPGo?

Did Datel hack the PSPGo? n00b81 sent me this interesting link today. Datel is a company known for their various tools for many consoles. Their most famous product is probably the “Action Replay”, a...


Is your PSP hackable?

If you own a PSP that you bought recently and haven’t been following the news lately yet are interested in unlocking your PSP, the whole PSP scene certainly looks like a huge mess to...


PSP Hacking news

It’s been almost 3 month since I got my psp3000 and made an “offer” to give half of the donations received through Wagic to the group of hackers who would allow me to run...