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After Sega’s strong competition in the 16-bit era of gaming and later Sony overshadowing Nintendo with the PS1, Nintendo had been struggling to regain dominance in the gaming industry, but all that ended with the huge popularity and momentum Nintendo’s Wii got, but I’m not here to discuss console history, there’s another 8 Days feature for that, I’m here to discuss why some of the design choices for the Wii led to an early full blown hack of the system.
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We all know how much the NES revolutionized the market and even saved it from the crash generated from all the shovelware titles in the Atari 2600, but what most of us don’t know is that it was also the first console to be hacked if we rely on the modern term of console hacking: bypassing the security inflicted on games to prevent unauthorized game copies to be played.

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The buzz today is that the PS4 sold 12’000 units in 27 minutes on Amazon last week, and Sony claimed the trophy of the most sales for the month of November (although they haven’t disclosed any numbers), while Microsoft bragged as the Xbox One was the fastest selling console in the US last month with 909k units sold. In parallel, Nintendo have been pretty quiet about their sales…

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Persona announcement
For fans of the Atlus hit series Persona, the midnight hour struck hard last night. Atlus had been teasing Persona announcements for over a week to drum up interest for their announcement. And it seems like the Publisher behind the Persona series had something up their sleeve for all, so Persona fans can get their fix on a large variety of game systems. Is your favourite among them? Read the rest of this entry »

Screenshot Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate taken with PS Vita

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (BAO Blackgate) is the PS Vita iteration of the popular games in the Arkham franchise. On the Arkham timeline the story told in Blackgate is set after the events of  Batman Arkam Origins , and has Batman investigate a hostage situation in the Blackgate prison. Read the rest of this entry »

While I was reading IGN this morning I read a very interesting article on cross-play. Personally, I think cross-play between different consoles could be a major feature for future gaming but it seems other companies have other ideas to make this happen much earlier. 

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PS Vita Screen Of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate by Armature

PS Vita Screen Of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate by Armature

A lucky few in Europe already had a chance to buy Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate from the PlayStation Network Store early. The rest of PS Vita audience has to wait until the game is released on October 25th. Developer Armature Studios shared new footage of gameplay for the Metroidvania style Batman Arkham Origins game.

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So, made quite an ironic discovery, the mono team, responsible for making the .NET framework available on most devices and for bringing out its potential with things like Mono.Simd (hardware accelerated vector math) and Monogame, an open source port of the now abandoned XNA Framework has recently announced that they will also be bringing the framework to the PlayStation 4, the ironic part is that the .NET Framework is the most requested feature for the Xbox One and there are no details about whether it will be ported and considering that the .NET Framework is Microsoft’s baby and PlayStation is their direct competitor, it’s just sad (for Microsoft)

So far, this is only for PS4 developers so unlike PSM, the PS4 port will have access to the full power of the platform.

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Right, first I must apologise for missing out last week. I just couldn’t. So this will include parts from last week also, including announcements, and surprisingly, I’m on time! So this week we got a bit of news on GTA V, a few more Vita games as always, and also some News from last week like how naughty dog decided to sneak some ‘naughty’ numbers into the game, Read the rest of this entry »

Well as we all know, it was E3 this week, and I had next to no sleep at all watching the PS conference which finished at 4, and then watched the IGN post show and ended falling into bed at 5, getting up for college at 7.

Anyway there’s been plenty of news! Like for PS4 you need PS Plus subscription to play online (I’m guessing you can still download games though), and how Xbox has had plenty of games announced!

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If you haven’t realised, E3 is in a couple of days, so I’m here to inform y’all (as always) ;)

In this article you’ll find what conference is when, and what games will be there. (Tip: Sony will be showcasing 40 games!)

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physics formula

Physics!  Uhn!  What is it good for?  Absolutely . . . er, quite a lot, actually.

Physics in games is one of those strange things that you don’t notice until it stops working right.  Example: in older games, where physics processing was not a big deal, no matter how an enemy was shot, he fell with the same pre-canned animation.  This is actually more realistic than modern games; people do not fly backwards when shot like in the movies.  But the point is, the animation was not dynamic, resulting in a death animation that did not look right.

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If you’re wondering what this is all about, it is yet another article series from yours truly. :) It is for those who have been living under a rock for the past week, this is the recent news in gaming, tech, and everything else in the past week! Read the rest of this entry »

So people, there you have it, the 3DS’s main feature (the glasses-less 3d) has turned out to have been Sony’s work which Nintendo stole.

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