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Hack 'N Slash

I frequently come across comments that indicate a large portion of this site’s visitors would like to be able to “hack it.” even has some nice tutorials that can help those who are looking to find an user/savegame exploit. But with all the different coding languages out there, each with their own advantages and field use, I can see how for the vast majority of gamers “learning how to hack a game” remains wish. Enter Hack ‘N Slash – in development at the esteemed game studio Double Fine -, the core gameplay of this title will allow you to hack and play around with its source code. Read the rest of this entry »

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The title is self-explanatory, this is a how-to and review of VitaUpdateBlocker. VitaUpdateBlocker is a new app, giving you the powers of the proxy trick, with much less of the tedious file editing. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey, I’ve met a couple of you in the steams that our game director/programmer/nearly everything does, here’s a re-visit to the kickstarter game I blogged about 6 months ago. Boy it has changed!

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So, made quite an ironic discovery, the mono team, responsible for making the .NET framework available on most devices and for bringing out its potential with things like Mono.Simd (hardware accelerated vector math) and Monogame, an open source port of the now abandoned XNA Framework has recently announced that they will also be bringing the framework to the PlayStation 4, the ironic part is that the .NET Framework is the most requested feature for the Xbox One and there are no details about whether it will be ported and considering that the .NET Framework is Microsoft’s baby and PlayStation is their direct competitor, it’s just sad (for Microsoft)

So far, this is only for PS4 developers so unlike PSM, the PS4 port will have access to the full power of the platform.

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So I thought I’ll do what I did last month where I let you all know what games are coming out this month. Highlights of this month include Batman Origins, Beyond: Two Souls and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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This article will be the final installment in a three part series dedicated to the latest reveals made by Valve. As the company have stated before, they aim to expand their Steam service to the living room and mobile devices. The prospect of playing PC games from the couch without compromises to the gaming experience, in a way, boils down to controller input. Thus the Steam Controller.

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Two days ago we reported on how, the number one PC gaming platform, Steam aims to conquer the living room. Today Valve unveiled the second pillar in this process;  titled Steam Machines Valve announced a beta program for their hardware. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today Steam company Valve unveiled the first of three big secrets on their site. For those not in the know, Valve currently has a page on their website dedicated to three mysterious glyphs accompanied by a timer. Many believe this countdown leads up to the announcement of the “Steambox”.  Valve co founder Gabe Newell fuelled these assumptions during last week’s LinuxCon by stating that “next week they were going to roll out more information on their views regarding hardware opportunities for Linux in the living room “. Read the rest of this entry »

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Would you like to use your PS3 accessories on your PC? Well I have found three different third-party drivers and software that works great on your Windows or Linux PC.

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physics formula

Physics!  Uhn!  What is it good for?  Absolutely . . . er, quite a lot, actually.

Physics in games is one of those strange things that you don’t notice until it stops working right.  Example: in older games, where physics processing was not a big deal, no matter how an enemy was shot, he fell with the same pre-canned animation.  This is actually more realistic than modern games; people do not fly backwards when shot like in the movies.  But the point is, the animation was not dynamic, resulting in a death animation that did not look right.

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Those of you who hare expecting a hack of the Wii U might have been expecting news from the fail0verflow hacking team recently. In one of his rare (but always insightful) blog posts, fail0verflow’s Marcan gave his opinion on the future of console hacking and homebrew in general, as well as the current status (and in depth details) of fail0verflow’s Wii U hack. Assuming his opinion of the current status of console hacking is shared by many hackers, the future of homebrew is not really bright.

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Open CMA was not working initially with the new Vita 2.10 firmware update, however a quick method to getting it working again has been found. Read the rest of this entry »

From the developer of the renowned Dolphin Emulator comes an update to the multiplatform, open source PSP emulator which has just been ported to iOS devices! Read the rest of this entry »

gcw-zero-tinyUpdate: I am getting lots of feedback telling me I am judging that device too fast, and that my expectations are not on par with the goals of the project. Since I wouldn’t like my own projects to be judged by people who have never even tried them once, I took the plunge and ended up backing the project. I will be trying the device and give it a fair review when I receive it.

tojoleon, a member of our /talk community, pointed me to this new Kickstarter project which aims at creating a new open source handheld console, mostly dedicated at homebrews and emulators, the GCW Zero.

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Recently we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about new consoles being released: a new Xbox, a new Playstation, a Valve console, but none of them have been confirmed yet.
Still, we can outline how the gaming industry will look like in a few years.

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