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In less than 24h, some1 updated his downgrader to be compatible with all PSP models. People with a 07g or a 09g will be able to downgrade to 6.35, while others can go down to 6.20. This will let you install either TN’s Hen, or CFW Pro

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With the number of firmwares, PSP models, motherboards, and the speed at which devs come up with new tools, it is very difficult to keep up to date with what’s the best way to install a Custom Firmware on your PSP. Some people don’t even know if they can run a CFW on their PSP or not, or what solutions exist for them.

CFW For Dummies is my humble attempt at making an up to date guide on how to install a CFW or Homebrew solution on all existing PSP models. I tried to cover all existing “up to date” solutions. Like most similar guides, it needs improvement and fixes. Like most guides, it will become obsolete in a few weeks.

But right now it is up to date, and I’ll do my best to update it based on people’s comments and experiences :) And unlike most guides, it is designed in a way to lead you directly to the information you need, based on your psp hardware and firmware. It is not noob-proof yet, but that’s the ultimate goal.

So, if you have a PSP, and are lost as to which Custom Firmware can be installed and/or run on your machine, if you don’t clearly understand what a HEN, CFW, or Ta88v3 are, just follow the guide :)

Virtuous Flame takes his Hen 6.35 PRO to the next level, and releases 6.35 Pro-A, a CFW for Hen, which adds many features to the 6.35 Hen

I haven’t tested it yet, but Virtuous Flame has delivered several quality releases in the past weeks, so there’s no reason to doubt the quality of this one.

This revision includes:

  • VSH Menu
  • Possibility to run ISOs from the XMB
  • connection to the PSN
  • Possibility to play recent games

Virtuous Flame also announced the next revision will have PS1 games support… and you, are you 6.20 or 6.35?  Total_Noob, or liquidzigong? Keep in mind that thanks to Davee’s downgrader, you can go back and forth between 6.20 and 6.35, to test both Total_Noob’s work on 6.20, or liquidzigong’s on 6.35.

Website pspgen report a few incompatibilities on this LCFW, with some homebrews or plugins.


6.35 Pro A

6.35  Fast Recovery (optional)


  • You need to be on 6.35 OFW
  • Download and Run the 6.35 Hen by VFlame and Coolbird
  • Download 6.35 Pro-A above and put it in the GAME folder of your memory stick
  • Run the 6.35 Pro-A UPDATER icon that should appear in your XMB
  • in the Updater menu, press X to run the LCFW
  • This should install the necessary files and put you back to the XMB. That’s it!

Keep in mind that this is a LCFW, you will need to launch it again, everytime you reboot your console.

Feel free to report failure/success with this LCFW  here :)

This copies files to the flash, although I trust liquidzigong, please understand that manipulating the flash has a risk of bricking your PSP.

Source as9vg.com , thanks to Magixien for the tip

Since we started signing homebrews, we’ve been seeing a continuous flow of releases (by the way, check this thread in which you’ll find a bunch of signed homebrews, thanks to toBsucht)

As reported by many sites already, liquidzigong released a signed version of 6.35Pro, the Homebrew enabler made by developers Virtuous flame and coldbird. In simple words, if you’re on 6.35, you don’t need to run the Hen through the sukkiri Demo, you can run it directly from the XMB, which, let’s admit it, is extremely convenient.

Now, I see questions coming. Yesterday, I did say that homebrew signing was only for user mode applications. But the Hen gives you kernel access… Did I lie yesterday? Not at all. The Hen is a user mode application that uses a Kernel exploit in order to gain Kernel access (if the Hen was a Kernel application in the first place, we couldn’t run it from HBL…). So, the signature allows devs to run a Usermode application which triggers the Kernel exploit, and returns directly to the XMB in Kernel mode.

Another question is: why would we use the Hen now that we can sign homebrews? Well, here the answer is the same as “why would we use a Hen rather than HBL”? Some homebrews require Kernel access and won’t run even if we sign them. Some people want plugins. Some people want isos…

Also for those who wonder, although the “signing” bit will be tricky to patch for Sony, the Kernel exploit used in the Hen (it’s the same exploit in TN Hen and 6.35Pro, of course) is extremely easy to patch, and if Sony take the time to release a new firmware update, the Hen will not work on it anymore, signed or not.

I tested it on my PSP 3000 in 6.35, and it works fine, although some PSP2000 owners have reported some failures running this version of the Hen.

source and download: liquidzigong’s twitter

Update: Davee commented on that and cleared most of the questions everybody had:

coldbird is right, a downgrader “isn’t” possible. He is talking natively, mine hooks into the decryption routines to allow it

That makes sense. Thanks to Matt for the tip.

Original article 01/09: According to Coldbird, one of the developers of Hen PRO 6.35, Sony removed the possibility to run old updaters in firmware 6.35. He stated that it is not possible to downgrade from 6.35.

No you can’t downgrade. In fact this isn’t even a problem with 6.35 PRO, but with Sony.

Sony removed Updater Kernel Module Support for old Kernel Updaters in 6.35, so… once you go 6.35 – you don’t go back.

That’s it basically.

That being said, downgrading is IMO a thing of the past. We used downgraders back in 2006 when Custom firmwares where just a concept. Today tools such as the TN Hen or Hen Pro are closer to a Custom Firmware (I like to call them “Light Custom Firmware”) than actual Homebrew Enablers, as they ship with lots of features that used to be exclusive to Custom Firmwares (recovery menu, plugins support, etc…). So nowadays there’s no real need for people to downgrade unhackable motherboards…

Source Coldbird’s blog (thanks to TerryCee for the tip)

It seems the scene is now going too fast for me, as I post this piece of news quite a while after the release…

Developers Coldbird and Virtuous Flame started releasing daily updates for their Hen for 6.35. The latest release apparently adds some compatibility with PS1 Classic sharing support (a way to share PS1 games you bought on the PSN with a limited number of friends, if my understanding is correct)

Additionally, a work in progress of 6.36 support, named Hen PRO 6.36 alpha, has been made available. Firmware 6.36 is a special firmware available only for people who bought Monster Hunter Portable 3. And since apparently there’s more than 4 millions of you, no doubt that this alpha Hen will be useful.

Unfortunately, Wagic and some other major homebrews such as Mobile Assault or the Duke3D port don’t work yet on this Hen. (Which is really surprising since most of those work in HBL), so for personal reasons I would recommend people to stick to Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN Hen, at least until these isues are fixed on the 6.35 PRO.  If Coldbird or Virtuous Flame ever read this, support of Wagic on your HEN would be super appreciated guys ;) . I’ll investigate on my side to see what could be the possible causes.

Both the latest versions of 6.35 PRO and 6.36 PRO can be found on our HEN page, as usual :)

source: Coldbird’s blog

Update: many people are reporting problems running homebrews, I’m sure this will be quickly solved in the next revision

Note: the version on this page is an updated version directly sent by Virtuous Flame himself, it is even “fresher” than the one on a9vg :)

Chinese developers  ?????? (Virtuous Flame) and Coldbird posted a Hen for 6.35/6.31 a few hours ago on a9vg.com. Although I tested it quickly and could confirm it works on my PSP3000, I didn’t have the time to write a nice download page or even to update any of the Hen FAQs yet.

This Hen includes code to benefit from the extra 32MB of Ram :)

Many thanks to Virtuous Flame, and enjoy your gaming on 6.35 :)

How to install/run

  1. download and install HBL for the sukkiri exploit here
  2. download the Hen here for 6.35, or here for 6.31 (or alternate link here for 6.35, or here for 6.31)
  3. replace hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen
  4. Enjoy

Source a9vg.com, thanks to tabootang for the tip!

Let me remind you that a HEN (Homebrew Enabler) is a tool that allows you to run homebrew software (fan-made freeware games and tools) and should not be used in conjunction with tools that infringe on intellectual property.