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Heads up. Humble Monthly this month gets you Destiny 2 + about $100 worth of games for $12, yours to keep. In other news, God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition might or might not ship with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate links)


VHBL’s wMenu goes open source

Exactly 3 years ago, I announced the release of wMenu for HBL (Half Byte Loader). The early releases of HBL shipped with an embedded menu that was not nice looking and caused some headaches...


Syscalls, NIDs, Imports??

Syscalls, NIDs, Imports?? If you know what HBL is, you have at least heard one of those three terms, especially “syscall”. Most time spent on developing HBL was trying to improve syscall estimation (even...


The exploit factory

I just submitted an update to file “gen_exploit_config.rb” in the HBL svn, you can find the file here. That file is experimental (and also in need of some massive cleanup), but basically it should...