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How do you singlehandedly make videogames widely popular and at the same time kill the entire market? Keep reading to find out.
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Despite the fact that the PS Vita may be beating the PS4 in the Japanese sales market, the PS4 has now hit a total of 7 million consoles sold. Read the rest of this entry »

Not only did the PS Vita outsell the PS4, it almost doubled units sold vs. the PS4. What’s going on? Read the rest of this entry »

Borderlands 2 Vita limited edition bundle
Today was a big day for Iron Galaxy Studios; not only did the studio unveil a new character for their two button fighting game Dive Kick but their Borderlands 2 PS Vita port also got an official release date. Let’s not beat about the bush, mark your calendars for May 6th  because just under a month from now Borderlands 2 Vita will be available as a digital copy. May 6th is also the day that the new and “improved” PS Vita slim will be available in the US, sold as a bundle with aforementioned Borderlands 2 and a 8GB memory card.

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Picture courtesy of Frank Zhao

Officially there is no mouse and keyboard support for neither the Playstation 4, nor the Xbox One, the new current generation home consoles.

Officially is the keyword here…

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A while back I made a series of articles dubbed 7 Days of Metal Gear. The series was so popular that I decided to make two more: 10 Days of Hacking and 8 Days of Gaming. 10 Days of Hacking is special, as it was open ended as there are some pretty cool hacks I want to talk about, but I can’t do it as they are undisclosed or they have not fully developed yet. With this said, let me introduce you to this new series of articles that will be running for the whole month of March.
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A lot of you are wondering, “Will katsu release his HDMI out mod? How did he do it?” It’s not surprising if you are left in the dark, the situation is a bit confusing. Hopefully this will clear it up for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Just now Sony announced project Morpheus, officially entering the re-emerging Virtual Reality gaming scene, in direct competition with the likes of the Oculus rift. Before you guys get too excited, there isn’t a release date yet.

 PS4 VR headset

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Your favorite mic dropping CEO is stepping down from Sony and Playstation. Effective April 1st, 2014 Jack Tretton will be stepping down from Sony and Playstation. Jack has been with the company for over 19 years. Sony stated that this is part of an agreement reached by both Jack Tretton and Sony to not renew his contract. He says he will be starting the “next chapter of his career”. No word yet on what his next plans will be.

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Twitch broadcast app for Vita
Twitch the popular platform for broadcasting and viewing videogames announced that they will be launching their new Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)This will allow game developers to enable their iOS and Android games to be broadcasted directly from consumers their mobile devices. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember when I said the PS4 launch was the biggest console launch ever? Sony confirms regularly that initial success, and today announced on their blog that they reached 6 million units sold worldwide, since the day the console launched less than 4 months ago.

Yup, that’s 1.5 million sales a month on average, or more than 50000 a day!

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Borderlands 2 Vita

Ever since Boarderlands 2 for Vita  was officially announced news concerning the development process of the handheld version died off and it became rather quiet around Borderlands. So quiet that people started to think the project was discontinued. That is until last month, when publisher 2K “erroneously” tweeted a release date for the game.

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image Sorry for the long wait but here is my third but not final PS Vita hardware mod. In the comments for my last mod I saw that a few of you didn’t want an LED mod. I was planning to do one anyway so here it is. For those of you that don’t want an LED mod I made my series out of who knows what, just for you. This series will probably continue on for a while, as long as PS Vita hardware mods keep coming about. I believe that the ones to come will be something you all will love. If any of you have mods that you want to suggest to me, you can PM me on /talk, where I am JayDog. I actually have 3 LED mods here on this post and I am pretty sure that none of have seen all three. Well anyway, this mod is from zakaiya, hope you enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »


The PS4eye blog recently came to my attention thanks to an anonymous tipster: Although PS4 hacking is in its infancy, we are starting to see some really cool stuff out there, and one of the most promising initiatives so far is PS4eye, a series of tools designed to hack the PS4 camera.

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A useful piece of advice for the hardware tinkerers among us, directly from Yifan Lu.

If you’ve been following Yifan Lu’s work, or, more recently, the various ongoing hardware hacks by katsu (His HDMI output mod, his attempts to exploit the Vita NAND, his dual firmware boot prototype), you know we’re quite excited to see any progress on the hardware side of the force.

Opening a Vita cartridge in itself is not useful, but for those of you willing to dig deeper in the internals of the Vita, looking into the game cartridges is one more step you might want to take. Yifan Lu’s technique might be obvious to those who have been looking into these cartridges for a while, but if you’re curious and don’t want to permanently damage your game, you might want to follow his “how to”:

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