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ViceC64, Atmosfear prototype dumped online and bsnes 107.1 released

Emulation News: ViceC64 (Commodore 64 Emulator) gets released on the Nintendo 3DS and receiving many updates, prototype of cancelled SNES game Atmosfear/Nightmare dumped online and bsnes 107.1 released with support for HiDPI displays and Windows 10/Other bug fixes

While games are always becoming more advanced with nicer graphics and VR support among others, there is certain charm in older games that makes many of us play them instead. Due to this, the...

PSVita Dock Plug and Play Edition Now Available for €58/$65 on IndieGoGo and FantaHG ports Cup Critters to the Vita – Transmitting your PSVita’s screen to the TV has now become much easier and you can play an addicting game while you wait for it!

While the PSVita has been hacked for quite a while, interest hasn’t dwindled down and positive responses to xCorra’s PSVita Dock prompted him to create a Plug and Play version for not much more...