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PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with previous PlayStation models hinted by Sony patent filing

PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX systems hinted by Sony filing a patent about a method for more accurate backwards compatibility – Could the PS5 be the ultimate console that replaces almost every other home console out there?

PlayStation 5 news is quite scarce and the rumours that have surfaced didn’t shed much light on Sony’s plans for this hypothetical upcoming home console. However, something substantial about a potential PS5 has now surfaced...

RetroArch on the PS2 seeing great progress with QuickNES core working well, melonDS 0.7.3 released and BleemSync 1.0 status update!

Emulation News: More Progress on PS2 RetroArch with fully working QuickNES core, melonDS 0.7.3 released and Status Update on BleemSync 1.0 (PlayStation Classic) which will come with a UI app for PCs and built-in RetroArch!

Now that the Christmas season is up, some homebrew/emulation developers are sharing the hard work they did in the past 2 weeks. Thanks to this, the emulation scene got a few cool updates including...