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The googlecode page of pro cfw is now back online, and I just had a very interesting chat on the subject with Coldbird.

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Mamosuke noticed this morning that the procfw googlecode page appears to be currently down.

If you try to access the page of the project, you are greeted with an error message saying: Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/procfw/ from this server. That’s all we know.

It is possible that the owners of the project (Coldbird and Virtuous Flame) are simply doing some maintenance work, but that would be surprising as they have made no such announcement. It could be an internal error on Google’s side, or it could be that the project was simply removed for some external reason. Of course, I am sure I am not the only one thinking it could be due to the gray nature of the project, as it has iso loading support, and indirectly deals with piracy. Did Sony manage to get the project shut down?

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Famous scene hacker Coldbird, one of the core developers of the Pro CFW, announced a few weeks ago on the prometheus forums that the “online” feature of Pro Online might become available to Phat (PSP 1000) models, after he discovered a new way to get 4MB extra ram available on the PSP.

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Some of you might think this is old news, having seen Pro CFW C released a long time ago on other websites. This is not. Yesterday, Pro CFW C “fix 3″ was added to the official list of downloads on their google code page. This is in my opinion the first really stable release of Pro CFW C, and this is why I am updating our download page only today.

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From what I heard, people are somewhat scared about making the move to Prometheus and it’s online service due to my (excuse this please) badly chosen terminology inside of PROCFW and lack of comparisons to alternatives like Xlink Kai or Adhoc Party.

In response to this I felt like giving you guys a… bit more technical insight into the inner workings of Prometheus, what the used terms mean and how the whole functionality (or lack of therefore) comes to be.

I will also cover the crucial differences between Xlink Kai, Prometheus and Adhoc Party.

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When Sony’s PSP first appeared on TV ads prior to its launch, it was advertised as a online gaming device that would bring people together.

… who would have thought that Sony’s interpretation of online gaming device means less than 10 online playable games in its whole lifetime… (talking about fail product placement here)

To bring that bit of extra fun that online gaming is to more titles… Team PRO has built the scene a own alternative online gaming network, with a tiny bit more than just 10 supported titles.

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My guide to help people install a CFW, “CFW For Dummies“, was in need of a major cleanup and an update. It was still mentioning TN Hen, and firmware 6.37 was the latest supported one…

I basically decided to simplify it to the max: To me now the Pandora technique for hackable motherboards has actually become much cumbersome than simply upgrading to 6.60 and installing Pro CFW. I’m also only vaguely mentioning the permanent version on 6.20, or the CIPL Flasher for people who want to dig deeper. So, in other words, the guide might not be giving the “optimal” setup for some models, but it’s by far the simplest installation technique, which I think is what people are looking for. The drawbacks of not having a permanent CFW are now minimal in my opinion, and people who installed Pro CFW can still make it permanent any time once they get more knowledgeable on the subject.

In other words, if you have friends who are wondering how to install a CFW on their PSP, CFW For Dummies is the guide they should read!

There’s one thing me and the mods at don’t like, it’s fakers, people who pretend to be hackers, but are just tricking gullible people.

There’s one thing we hate even more, it’s GPL infringement.

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As I mentioned yesterday, developer VF was hard at work to port the kernel exploit used in some1′s downgrader into pro CFW, to give the CFW experience back to 6.60 users. Less than 2 weeks after the official Sony release, we have a compatible LCFW, I think the scene is breaking a record here.

So yeah, that’s it, you can safely update to 6.60 now, and install Pro CFW on it. 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 users haven’t been forgotten, Pro CFW is still compatible with these firmwares, and adds a bunch of bug fixes, as well as my personal favorite: UMD video support on the PSP Go (obviously, we’re talking of iso images here…).


Pro CFW B9 for 6.60/6.39/6/35/6.20 can be downloaded here, or on the project’s page.

Developer Virtuous Flame, one of the creators of the PRO Custom Firmware (and still the main coder), announced a few hours ago on his blog that he his working on a 6.60 Version of Pro CFW.

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This one went a bit under the radar, but our friends at had a special additional prize for the best homebrew as voted by their forum members. Without much surprise, Pro CFW got the most votes in the poll, and our friends Coldbird and Virtuous Flame are getting a PSP Go and 50$, on top of the previous prizes they already got for their various awards in the psp genesis competition.

The last prize to be awarded in the genesis competition is from, which will go to the best Lua homebrew.

Virtuous Flame is the main man behind this new release of cfw pro, the open source Custom Firmware compatible with all PSP models.

The main feature of this new revision is the integration of popsloader directly in the CFW, which allows you to play PS1 backups from your PSP  Read the rest of this entry »

On top of releasing version B7 of their Custom Firmware a few weeks ago (I didn’t post about that, apologies), Coldbird and Virtuous Flame have been actively working on additional features for pro CFW. One of these, officially released yesterday, is the support of popsloader, added as an independant project by Virtuous Flame.

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Developers Coldbird and Virtuous Flame are now delivering their baby to the world of developers (and users!), by delivering their last update, a few hours before the deadline of the Genesis competition. Talk about cliffhangers :)

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CFW 4 Dummies is my ultimate guide for Downgrading/installing Custom Firmwares or Hen on your PSP. It is designed to be as simple as possible while being complete. Given the insane amount of possibilities for PSP owners to install CFW on their machine, I tried to be as straightforward as possible, while precisely describing what each step is doing.

Unlike most guides, I don’t give you a huge post to read, with all use cases, but instead guide you in the process, with a series of questions about your PSP model/firmware and what you plan to do with it. I believe it is quite accessible for newbies, and I do take comments into account. I also try to keep it up to date with the simplest and most mainstream solutions for each situation.

This update adds the latest Pro CFW 6.35 version (I know, it’s about time…), as well as the latest downgrader info for firmwares 6.37/6.38/6.39

Your feedback is appreciated as usual, and it is also time for me to ask a hard question: Are people still using TN Hen? I am currently maintaining my guide with both 6.20 TN Hen, and 6.35 Pro CFW, but merging all of this into one single solution will definitely help… So, which Hen are you guys using?

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