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Note from Wololo, a bit of context on this article: if you’re running a CFW on your 6.60 PSP such as Pro CFW, you are regularly using the 6.60 kxploit without knowing it. The vulnerability was exploited and released by developers Davee and some1, about a year ago, and pro CFW relies on it. Today jigsaw gives a full explanation of the inner working of this exploit.

660 kxploit is within ifhandle.pfx, which is the PSP port of mbuf[1]. mbuf is the basic unit of memory management for network packets and socket buffers. It’s originated from BSD, and is widely adopted by commercial products due to BSD license. ifhandle is obviously ported from FreeBSD 4 release with slight changes. Some routines of ifhandle are 100% duplication of original mbuf code[2].
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I assume you understand what is a syscall and how syscalls are called from user space in PSP. If not, please read Freddy’s post.

We are going to take a closer look at what happens in kernel space, where syscalls are intercepted and served. This is a pretty technical post so get some coffee.

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