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Due to DNS problems with the old domain, we were forced to move things around a bit.
The Prometheus CFW / Online Server Main Page can now be found on !
The Community Forums are now available via !

I’m sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Greetings, Coldbird ~

From what I heard, people are somewhat scared about making the move to Prometheus and it’s online service due to my (excuse this please) badly chosen terminology inside of PROCFW and lack of comparisons to alternatives like Xlink Kai or Adhoc Party.

In response to this I felt like giving you guys a… bit more technical insight into the inner workings of Prometheus, what the used terms mean and how the whole functionality (or lack of therefore) comes to be.

I will also cover the crucial differences between Xlink Kai, Prometheus and Adhoc Party.

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When Sony’s PSP first appeared on TV ads prior to its launch, it was advertised as a online gaming device that would bring people together.

… who would have thought that Sony’s interpretation of online gaming device means less than 10 online playable games in its whole lifetime… (talking about fail product placement here)

To bring that bit of extra fun that online gaming is to more titles… Team PRO has built the scene a own alternative online gaming network, with a tiny bit more than just 10 supported titles.

It goes by the name of Prometheus, is funded by linkbucks ads as well as community donations, and promises to blow new life into your old games. Read the rest of this entry »

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