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Advertising opportunities

Thank you for your interest in advertising on

Why should you sponsor is a technical blog about psp/vita security and psp/vita programming. In its three years of existence, what was a simple developer’s blog has turned into one of the most essential sources of information for all psp/vita related sites.’s audience include news writers from the major PSP/Vita gaming/programming websites, and gets quoted on a regular basis for its credibility.’s readers are interested in

  • psp/vita security
  • psp/ps3/vita/android games
  • psp/vita modding
  • portable gaming devices
  • video games, and gaming in general

If you target an audience interested in some of the topics above, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you.


As of August 2012, gets more than 250’000 unique visitors per month and more than 2’400’000 pageviews (google analytics statistics). More statistics about’s audience demographics can be found on or requested directly to me by email.

I can provide campaign statistics on a case-per-case basis, please contact me directly at for more details. You are also free to integrate your own campaign-tracking system in the urls your provide.


All payments are done via the website You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card.

Package 1 – Text link at the top of the sidebar

  • Cost: contact me (monthly fee)
  • What you get: A site-wide link in the top “sponsors” menu of the blog’s sidebar (see image below, position 1). That menu displays up to 5 links. Your link is randomly displayed in one of the 5 slots.


  • You can choose the url and the text of the link, with  a limit of 40 characters for the text. (I highly suggest to simply use the name of your site). Once your payment is made, simply send me an email with the text and the url you want to use. Also please let me know if you DON’T want me to gather statistics on the campaign.
  • You can change the url and the text anytime by sending me an email. (However updating them might take a couple days depending on my availability)

Contact me for more details

Package 2 – Main Leaderboard banner

  • Cost: Contact me directly to discuss a price
  • What you get: A site-wide leaderboard (728×90) banner at the top of the site. (see image below, position 2). This is by far the best position for your campaign! This position is shared with up to 4 other advertisers, banners are rotated.


  • No animation please

Contact me for more details

Other opportunities started the sponsorship campaign very recently and I am still testing what works best for both me and the sponsors. For this reason, I currently only offer a few types of campaign (see above), but I am willing to discuss other offers. If you have ideas for more original things (banners, entire site campaign, contest,…) please contact me directly and we’ll discuss it.

Campaigns location

Important: I reserve the right to refuse some links. In case of doubt, just contact me before sending any payment.

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    I LOVE YOU!!!

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