PSVita: TheFlow releases GePatch, a plugin that lets you play 50+ PSP games at native resolution on the Vita! – Titles include Disagea & Sims 2 with more to come


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  1. Sara Bela

    So what exactly is the advantage of running PSP games on the Vita in native resolution? will it look better?

  2. Adam

    Hey Admin, can U put whole list of this games ?

  3. No, no no, no no no

    Thanks for the info.

  4. the_bug

    I read in another article that it causes some FPS dips, but this would be perfect for playing some RPGs.

  5. Frank

    The games look great.

  6. ian balmer

    spread sheet blank?

    • Zeke

      Wait for it to load. Took a while on my MacBook I think because it’s a shared doc with lots of people on it at once (between 50-100).

  7. ss

    does not work for me black screen on locoroco ps vita 3.60 the sound is working and controls but screen is black

  8. ss

    i dont have any psp plugins installed but this one ,i follew the instructions

    Before you start, make sure you have Adrenaline 6.9 or higher and disable all other plugins in ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt (remove all lines or set to 0).

    Download ge_patch.prx.

    Copy it to ux0:pspemu/seplugins/.

    Write this line to ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt:

    ms0:/seplugins/ge_patch.prx 1

  9. ps1one

    Nice! Any word on a native ps1 resolution patch????

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