You can preorder a gold plated PS5 for $10’000, starting tomorrow


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  1. Sean Pablo Torres says:

    How far wololo has fallen. Covering this as news. This is the epitome of the bourgeoisie and their terrible influence on the world i love. Gaming. Instead of covering true modding. For example homebrew like me playing tloz botw on my ps4 pro, or mugen. Sadness. Will it ever return to it’s glory days? Let’s be honest and frank. You not covering my recent work means this is just not the site to go to for the latest news. Whatever your thoughts towards me. It’s just the truth.

  2. faszom says:

    Gold-plated toilets and faucets are much better suited for those inclined to buy something like this

  3. Hardin says:

    Ain’t my cup o’ tea but variety is always appreciated… or at the very least, elicits some thought.

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