More Nintendo Leaks: Pokemon Emerald source code + game map viewer, Wii Startup Disc dump, proposal for a portable GameCube & more!


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  1. pez2k

    The SM64 ports are very specifically not using the leaked source code, they’re a decompilation of the retail game with absolutely no Nintendo source included. Suggesting that they’re based on an illegal leak instead of being a clean reimplementation of the logic is at best untrue and at worst endangers the ports legally.

  2. H_B

    There is a typo – DS emulator is not Enasta, but Ensata.

  3. Slith

    The Wii Startup Disc is very specifically NOT running on real hardware but instead Dolphin 5.0! False information!

  4. malario

    The leak has nothing to do with the Super Mario 64 port, the project started way before the leak and it was done decompilating the retail version of the game, please edit the article.

  5. HTILs

    See YT id: 48gbRI44-aA

  6. Nanashi

    As a guess on the codename’s meaning, tako means octopus and it would have been the 8th Nintendo system if the GB and GBC are considered the same (GBC only games are a mere 10th of the library) and things like Game and Watch, Pokemon Mini and Virtual boy are excluded.

  7. Eijiji

    So the Wii disc will only boot on an emulator! fake news!

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