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  1. chris

    hope nintendo sue them if they did not purchased legally all games tested. Also stolen code …
    a scetchy situation

  2. Anonymous

    This is amazing! I hope to see more of this!

  3. Vorde

    This is a piracy enabling site now?

  4. Dukowski

    It has stolen code? Are you kidding, Yuzu is open source. Does the guy that writes these articles do any research?

    • Richard

      Yuzu is open source with the GNU GPLv2 License, which means any derivative work must be distributed under the same or equivalent license. This is closed source, so it’s breaching the License.

  5. Crackeeer

    Hope xda devs make mągisk module to emulate HID of gamesir via BT.

  6. no

    “hurr open source = free”
    Go back to Reddit, smoothbrain. This discussion doesn’t need your input.

  7. Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    See, I’d care about this if it wasn’t for the fact that developing an emulator for a platform that’s still very much alive, in production and available, and making it public to everyone, ends up hurting said platform more than anything else. If we’re seeing emulators pop up on android phones a year from now, either from stolen code or “official”, and it ends up killing the switch early because people will just pirate and emulate instead, I know who to thank, those who choose to “preserve” software before it has even needed to be.

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