Nintendo Switch: The Switch is finally coming to Brazil…. over 3 years after its release – Nintendo coming back to one of the largest gaming markets after 5 year break!


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  1. Darkfurygaming

    No no not brazil. Those are the ps4 hackers before SONY stopped shipping them there.

    Now they going to run the switch.

    • cucabeludo

      russians and americans crack every damn game released for pc for AGES, i’ve never seen anyone do anything about this, stop this lame rant.

      • Beto

        Pode cre mano, hacks há a muito tempo e ninguém falou porra nenhuma, aí vem um doente e fala merda… Tem idiota em qualquer lugar…. E na boa, acho que pouco vai mudar em relação à preço… Switch, um bom console que n vale o preço.

    • Maav

      You know, PS4s aren’t shipped to Brazil since one year after launch — because they started being manufactured over here (and still are)…

  2. Giovanni Martinelli

    Never thought I’d see Brazil related news here! That’s really cool! I really liked the price conversions you did to put in perspective how pricey consoles are in Brazil

  3. Lauri Lakiasuo

    This may be too little to late as far as Brazil is concerned.

    • CarlTrek

      Nah, probably not. Nintendo Switch haven’t entered China until Dec 2019 or sometime around that, so it’s still not really late. Just about half a year.

  4. mail

    the price will be something around 1 kidney and half liver… plus tax

  5. CleverBit

    Brazilians are great code breakers, this will be good for the scene.

  6. Dingus

    Hey, just a heads up, whoever is running the wololo twitter account has been tweeting on topics unrelated to the websites news and unrelated to technology as well. Tell them to stop please.

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