PS4 6.72 jailbreak: new implementation of the Kernel exploit by ChendoChap might increase stability


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8 Responses

  1. Synapse

    Still nothing for 7.02

  2. MiIf

    Thats because we need a complete new usermode exploit for 7.02 not just a new implimentation

  3. Rodrigo

    hi there, my ps4 is on 5.55 when i do the jailbreak says “successful” so… i dont need to update?

    • Chris

      Well this article says it supports all the way down to 5.0 but you might not be able to run any 6.72 games

    • Michael Henkemeier

      Hi… how many times to get successful ? First Try ? After reboot work it offline too ? Somebody say
      that the jailbreak remain in the memory of the ps4. Sorry for my question, but i have a PS4 Pro 6.70 and
      i have no experience with the ps4 pro , but ps3,ps vita…

      • Rodrigo

        two try and works, im new too, i dont know how install a game. I need to see a few of tutorials. Try in yours just remember take off the updates

  4. 123

    People have been told a million times to stay on as low of a firmware as possible and they whined about it. People was told to wait and they whined about it. TheFlow told people that he works on a jailbreak and people whined about it. Then the exploit was released and people whined about its stability. Less than two weeks later they are whining again, asking for an entirely new exploit for higher firmware.

    People, you’re serious? This is just stupid.

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