Switch News: Mesosphere, an open-source re-implementation of the Switch OS’ kernel, gets to the point of booting most games – Will help greatly with Switch emulation!


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9 Responses

  1. Bito says:

    Wololo, i don’t understand, it replace the switch os? I have a switch bricked for prodinfo error, it work for me?

  2. AsmodeusML says:

    Whoever wrote this got it all wrong. It will not help Switch emulation, it will help emulation on the Switch.

    • floxi says:

      SciresM is specifically talking about Ryujinx and Yuzu in his Reddit-Post.

      • Wyrick says:

        Too bad the devs behind yuzu are dumber than a box of rocks or it might actually get decent.

        Thank God ryujinx is around.

    • Johnny2 says:

      No, it definitely helps Switch emulation. No will guesswork about the kernel be needed when they can just reference the open source of this project.

  3. cDh says:

    How long until Nintendo’s lawyers shut this down?

    • Johnny2 says:

      Won’t ever happen. It’s clean room reverse engineering . It doesn’t use any actual code made by Nintendo.

  4. Vorde says:

    Get better writers.

  5. Charles Fasano says: