PS4 6.72 Jailbreak: alternate loader page released by Leeful74, allegedly more stable than existing options


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14 Responses

  1. jerome says:

    damn out of luck for me 7.02

  2. jerome says:

    wonder how long it gonna take to find a downgrader

    • Michael Henkemeier says:

      My ps4 pro is on 6.70.
      1. Update to 6.72
      2. connect to internet and go to this site… Follow the instruction. All here ?
      And after reboot.. Is still there ? Or i need to do it , Everytime ?

  3. SpaceMonkey says:

    If you go to rest mode, then you do not need to follow the steps. But, if you reboot completely, then you will need to follow the steps mentioned above again

  4. Michael Henkemeier says:

    It´s bad for the ps4 to stay much time in rest mode 24 hours ?

  5. Ryan Yablow says:

    Any DNS needed?

  6. CristianM says:

    I do not understand. If I reboot the PS4 then the jailbreak will not be active any more and I need to reinstall the jailbreak?

    • MHaris says:

      This is how PS4 jailbreak works, even on 5.05. You have to run it again on every reboot. It’s not a CFW like PS3.

      • Michael Henkemeier says:

        Ther is an Offline option… how it works ? can i save the Web Site on the PS4 self ?

        • egzek says:

          It’s simple. The website and exploit are cached in the browser. So when You open the browser when offline, the page will still load from cache and you can use the exploit offline.
          Just remember people. Never plugin your external drive BEFORE doing the exploit. The constant restarts and crashes can damage the disk and you can lose your games. The disk will need a reformat.

  7. HElP says:

    CE-30391-6 hellllllllll(p)

  8. Plato says:

    So, it seems getting JB has become easier. What I want to know though is if it’s stable enough after executing. Is it at the same level as 5.05? I didn’t have to reset my PS4 for a long time ( it always stays in rest mode ) is it same with 6.72?

  9. jason says:

    @plato. its not as stable as 5.05. i went ahead and updated because the benefit of playing newer games beat out the inconvience of having to restart your ps4 once or twice to play. unfortunately i havent gotten rest mode to work at all. it just freezes and requires pulling the power each time it goes to sleep.

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