Release: ESP8266XploitHost with 6.72 Jailbreak support


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  1. ps4h31p3r says:

    If link dont work for ESP8266XploitHost 2.84 file ,just use tor browser and use new identity and download files one at a time.for mi chrome browser block first time the link.

  2. dilbert's revenge says:

    Has anybody made a generic exploit host for the esp8266/esp32 yet?

    All it needs to do it host a webpage. You could even add a page on the esp to upload zips with a new exploit in them.

  3. soso says:

    Can you do this with a phone or a laptop? I really don’t want to buy a gizmo just for this.

    • wololo says:

      Definitely. All you need to do is to install a web server your phone or laptop. That’s pretty much how most people do it when they are self hosting the exploit.

  4. fresno says:

    Hi, in order to use the ESP8266XploitHost 2.84, do I have to upgrade my Ps4 to OFW 6.72 ?

  5. fresno says:

    I am afraid, but I will give a try. Thank you Wololo. Have a nice day.

  6. platinum says:

    Thanks for the article ! I was wondering if you can also run all the games without issues from the previous Kex (5.05) with latest Sleirsgoevy updates ?

  7. Jamie R says:

    does this make a .6.72 jail break more reliable?

  8. dostyo says:

    i used it for 5.05 and it use to work, but since i updated to 6.72 there is no page loading in the help section

  9. fresno says:

    Helo Wololo and Helo to everybody.

    Ok, I opened the new bundle Marvel Sider-Man ‘Red’ which was on OFW 5.55 and Upgrade on OFW 6.72.
    I downloaded the ESP8266XploitHostv2.84c, patched it and works real good, just like on OFW 5.05 (Of corse with the ESP8266).
    After the first install of ESP8266XploitHostv2.84c on Ps4, STAY ON XploitHost and go to your right to “Offline” and click on it, wait to download the charge (About 10 sec.) and then turn off your Ps4.
    Restart it, go to Settings/Network/ uncheck the Internet connection.
    You are all done, offline and play any game you want from any FW (NOT ABAVE 6.72), finish with all freezes and other craps.

  10. fresno says:

    Helo Wololo and Helo to everybody.

    c0d3m4st4 has Updated to version 2.84d. More stable.

  11. ps4h31p3r says:

    c0d3m4st4 has Updated to version 2.84g today. work from the first try .

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