PS4 6.72 Jailbreak: more stability updates


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  1. Kunluncat

    If we update a 5.05 jailbreak PS4 to 6.72, will we lose the games already installed? This bothered me a lot to determine if I should update to 6.72. Thank you.

    • Alex

      You won’t lose the games but most of them will require update to run. Out of 10 I had installed only 1 was still able to run. Rest needed update

  2. Hessam

    Kunluncat I tested around 30 games out of 200 I have and all worked

  3. Me

    Please someone say clearly, stability issues when trying to jailbreak the console, or when playing games on a jailbroken console? Or both?

    • Brightspark

      Mostly with applying the jailbreak. once it’s done it’s stable and stays applied until full power down. only crashes i’ve had are when applying the jailbreak. There seems to be some issues with people running games from a USB Hard Drive, but I install my games to internal HD so can’t really comment there.

  4. Don't

    You’ll lose WebRTE capabilities to allow you memhack processes (cheats , save mount etc..)

  5. rorschach

    It works first or second try everytime for me now.

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