Help, my Dualshock4 controller turns on and off by itself! (a.k.a Fixing DS4 button issues by replacing the circuit board film)


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  1. Joe G

    Though my controllers are fine the article is still helpful!
    Hope to see more like these in the future.

  2. Denis

    Maybe pressed PS button for a long time? Placed a book on top of it or something other and button was pressed for a couple of hours.

    • wololo

      Very possible. We store all the controllers in a box and sometimes it could happen that a controllers ends on top of another

  3. Satan89

    Was it possible you used a phone charger, or something that has a very different power rating that could have cause it to burn out?

    • wololo

      Thanks, that’s a possibility, I don’t remember. In particular I might have plugged it to my computer. Not sure I plug it to the wall through phone chargers though, not really my style.

  4. illiac4

    To me it looks like a corosion.

    • wololo

      Thanks, could be. But why only that one line, though… I though one of my kids might have spilled some juice on the controller, but I assume that would have damaged more lines.

  5. Notn4

    It’s weird since only one trace was damaged, usually if the fault originates from liquid damage then there would be signs of it surrounding the burned trace, this one is clean and I don’t see any damage to the surrounding traces.

    It might be just a manufacturing defect, where the coating on the traces wasn’t applied 100%, this could cause the copper to slowly oxidize, that would explain the color as thin copper traces turn black when enough oxidization has occurred.

    The failed trace is also on a part of the film where it has the least amount of area, thus maybe being more prone to vibration damage.

    A lot of ifs and maybes so probably just best to be happy with having it working again and not worry about the cause, if it would break again at the same place then there must be an underlying cause and would need to be investigated more closely.

  6. wi11iam

    Nah~ its normal for film type to have it like that. Even keyboard (those cheap keyboard using membrane not mechanical switchies) typically have it. You could try to repair it with conductive silver glue(or whatever it was called in your place) to repair it though I recommended to just replace new.

  7. OriginalLobster

    yeah… DualShock 4 controllers are of a rather poor quality.

    since the PS4 has first launched i have been through at least a dozen controllers. ( not including exchanges ) and have purchased replacement parts several dozens of times. i have so many dis-assembled and broken controllers in the closet. along with a large variety of spare parts.

    the very first DS4 controller with my PS4 didn’t even work. Sony would do nothing to replace it, putting the blame on me. after purchasing a new one at GameStop, it had to be exchanged 7 or 8 times before getting a controller that worked worth a damn.

    and even then, there was still a flaw on the controller that was discovered when trying to play GTAV. that the right trigger wouldn’t let me accelerate to max speed. i assumed it was a problem with game, because acceleration worked fine in other games.

    however, it appears that early DS4 models suffered from a flaw that affected about half of all produced controllers at the time. only REAL solution was to purchase multiple sets of pad replacements. then trial-and-error until getting a properly working set of trigger pads.

    and the d-pad is terrible too. unless you press on a direction perfectly, it will get multi-direction input. in the past, the d-pad on PlayStation controller has always been the main appeal for me. on all previous PS controllers, you had to press very hard firmly on a single direction to do this. in other words, it was pretty much impossible to do on accident. whereas the DS4 requires perfection to avoid accidental multi-directional input.

    over-all, i really don’t like the DualShock 4. *so sad*

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