PlayStation 4: Sleirsgoevy’s FW 6.72 jailbreak reported to have pretty low success rate requiring hard resets at times – Stay on FW 5.05 for now!


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  1. Alex

    nah, too late. Already updated to 6.72 and tested. Was able to apply on 7th attempt. Games work, on the first game trying to quit it PS4 crashed. So yeah, so far not good. But forbidden fruits are already starting to appear on unspoken sites

    • spok

      i hope after move from 5.05 it will be not just about ability to play new games but also more homebrew PS3-like Multiman/Showtime..

  2. Bl4ckbl00d

    So I don’t know much about how the exploit works but I assume there is a race condition here and this method’s success depends on whether or not a thread carrying the exploit executes before others, am I right?

  3. edmike attard

    thanks for the effort guys nice work still

  4. KovalSky

    Al Azif is her?

  5. Saito5

    Wait a second !! she already updated her servers to host some FW 6.72 !!! I thought Al Azif is a man ?!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shavata

    Exploit is pretty stable but in specific order (13 tests : 10 success 3 crashes)
    1. Click on the link that says JB and wait for “You’re all set!”, followed by “There is not enough free system memory”. DO NOT PRESS OK, PRESS “CLOSE (INTERNET BROWSER)!!! If you press OK chances to crash are huge.
    2. Run the Browser again 3. Click on the link that says MIRA and wait for “You’re all set!”, followed by “There is not enough free system memory”. This means that everything has gone well.

    PS4 Pro FW 6.72 (2 times crashed after step 1, once after step 3) Video proof :

  7. spotanjo3

    I am smarter and wait. I am on 5.05. HAHAHA!

  8. Kor

    Second attempt for me 😉

  9. LeGenD_ArMoUR_

    Second attempt for me installing first fpkg right now on brand new out the box PRO

  10. TheTechDoc

    Genuinely surprised to not see a flood of 5.50+ fpkgs all over the usual sites already, must be insanely unusable as of now.

  11. Alex

    Spider Man and Days gone already installed. Waiting for KH3, Judgment and others. Having very low success with JB activation but doesn’t matter since Rest mode works

  12. lollypop

    whats the chance that ..
    all these webkits exploits get a recompile into a ..
    linux and windows standalone executable
    with all the payloads cat to the exe …
    with an external payloads dir for newer or external …

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