PS4 kernel exploit and 6.xx/7.xx Jailbreak: what we know so far


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  1. ano

    “note: compatibility with beta firmware 6.80 to be confirmed).”

    has this been proven or denied yet? because if so then we would be able to play 6.80 games and updates too.

  2. dablakmark8

    i was wondering about this downgrade.I am on 7.05 now but if i fully factory reset my ps4 and corrupt the data i technically can downgrade it to the factory firmware on it.Which is 6XX.With the help of sony software idownloaded a few months ago.I repaired a ps4 this way .Is it possible cause i had a boot loop error and it could only boot into safemode ,then i downloaded a software thing from sony site and added in the firmware in the update folder and it worked.
    So can i do this again or is this rom hard coded now with 7.05

  3. spok

    this why PS4 scene sux – it is just about games with higher FW but absolutely no homebrew like PS3 has

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