PS4: Hacker TheFlow releases Kernel exploit for firmware 7.02


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29 Responses

  1. Senas

    Holy ***. A legend.

  2. Jesse

    Let’s goooooooo

  3. Bl4ckbl00d

    the hero we definitely don’t deserve

  4. zizi

    ***. 2019/dec/19. quite a few games will be playable since god of war 😉

  5. lightyagami

    Great job. Win win for both. Legend, absolute Legend.

  6. lolshito

    Great news. Hopefully The Flow isn’t really retiring.

  7. berk can

    so if we have 5.05 can we update to 7.02 and with this exploit can we play games with <7.02 firmware need?

  8. Cracker

    isn’t the Kex released for the FW 6.72 !?

  9. JustAnotherOne

    its been a couple or a few years since i last turned on my PS4 and PS4 Pro. wonder what firmware they are on.

  10. Xhadaa

    So… he *** us? This exploit could have been in the newest firmware – but he wanted the $$$?

    yeah… what a ‘legend’…

    • Ugochukwu Ibe

      You are lucky you are getting any. You should appreciate his hardwork. Most of the jailbreak you get is free, these spend months on this. The least you can do is to appreciate.

  11. Xhadaa

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake is 7.02

  12. padla

    wait another 2 years 🙂

  13. alterego

    How long it was 2 years ago from KEX to JB? 🙂 Just asking.

  14. Aamiey

    After almost 2 years…
    Was worth the wait.

  15. Billywizz

    In the PS4 scene for the length of the lockdown and smashed the PS4 scenes head raaaaaar in!!
    The legend that is thefl0w

  16. Nuno

    What big games can I play.
    I think days gone, dreams and FFVII remake.

  17. Hashem

    what about 7.50

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