PSVita: You can now create separate game bubbles for emulated games – Thanks to newly-published guides!


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  1. Adrenaline boy

    Oh sweet! Now i can add my tekken 7 on my….. oh wait adrenaline is not supported yet.

    Well atleast theres hope… thanks for this

    • chris

      Adrenaline was the first thing to get custom bubbles. Download the Adrenaline Bubble Manager from Github.

      • Bruno Jenso

        Yeah but it only does PS1 and PSP. No Vita, Homebrew or Emus

        • d4rk51d3

          PS1 and PSP (Adrenaline) was what he was asking for.

          • Bruno Jenso

            Point totally missed. He wasn’t asking for PS1/PSP or anything else for that matter so what are you talking about?

            His comment was pointing out to those who don’t know that we already have a custom bubbles method – via Adrenaline Bubble Manager – but the whole point of this article is to explain that we can do more than was previous available bubble-wise with clear guides. So his comment was effectively saying ‘hey we could already do this’ – which is not true – ABM was limited to just PS1 and (non homebrew) PSP. I was just pointing that out, so new people would no dismiss this new method’s value.

  2. mgplayer 47


  3. Bruno Jenso

    This is great for Mario 64 in particular!

    But if the kind folk making these guides are listening – and would be able to make a guide for custom bubbles (and custom names) for NATIVE Vita apps and homebrew (for stuff like OpenTyrian and Chocolate Doom – and very ugly official bubbles like Sly Cooper has) – that would be the Icing on the Cake

  4. Adrenaline boy

    Any updates?

  5. No, no no, no no no

    Thank you.

  6. towef


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