Sony open their bug bounty program to the public, and this could be bad news for PS4 jailbreak


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21 Responses

  1. bololo

    This is good news! Maybe they patch known exploids in the latest software and dev will make them finally public

  2. mgplayer 47

    the flow

    • David

      Yes lol I’m so tired of every YouTube video having comments with 500 likes that say nothing more than “hurry up and get Def jam fight for new York on the ps4 on 7.55 for me”

  3. Padla

    there ll no exploit releazd until ps5 is out, or in 10 years

    • Money_maker

      ooooh, they will not only be released, but be unleashed. Unfortunately to Sony, not us.

      Money, money, money…you know the lyrics 🙂

  4. MrFox

    That might close some exploits that could be useful on PS5’s retrocompatibility mode.

  5. Money_maker

    Money, money, money…If I had a little money. Money rules the world!!!

  6. MrFox

    This is bad news, they might close exploits that could be available on PS5’s retrocompatibility mode.

    • Danger

      You´re right a unsafe console could bring a lot of benefits like homebrew, but remember only a fraction of console users run cfw / Kernel exploits.. Security leaks could enable hackers access to ACE and therefore steal information run malicious code and so on.

  7. Joshua Taylor

    This make me wonder if PS5 is no more than a souped up PS4….and both consoles would be in trouble moving into the next couple years. Exploit 4, maybe easy exploit to 5…

    • Fallenleader

      They are likely to run an updated Horizon OS, since it isn’t an entirely new architecture. Horizon is quite stable now, so it makes sense.

  8. PsCashGrab

    Honestly the “Ps Comunity”doesnt matter 🙂

  9. mgplayer 47

    why flow why

  10. evilpaul

    I figured he wouldn’t be releasing ***.

  11. berk can

    I dont find this bad news, because there are already a private exploit for 6.2 and good exclusives like spiderman can run on that version so I can update from 5.05 to 6.2 and still have most of games playable, after that I can safely update to latest version to play new games like cyberpunk avengers with price no problem

  12. Kalle Anka

    Oh, they really sold their souls to the devil then. Well, cash is king..

  13. Dukowski

    Good article Wololo, good to have you posting again!

  14. Atolm

    Hacking consoles lost its appeal long ago. You lose access to online features in exchange for subpar emulation performance. Developers have realized this and there’s less and less support.

    In the case of the PS4 you get what? Something any MiniPC or barebone will crush on every aspect while being cheap, less noisy and much smaller. Get a Ryzen APU and you can even emulate PS3 & Wii U.

    The times of the Xbox homebrew scene are long gone.

    It still remains very attractive woman n handhelds though,because the “legal” alternatives are the GPD alternatives.

  15. sfa2miki

    Scene hackers gave us all for free, others guys got the credit just posting on youtube, forums, blabla. Many other do money with those hacks. No mention, no thanks, nothing. In the comments people only put claims and demands, rushing them and posting silly things.
    I think they finally thought a little about themselves.
    Many thanks guys, I always appreciate your work and efforts.

  16. lightyagami

    Nothing in life is free. Bruce Lee said famously after first failing in Hollywood and retreating to Hong Kong “In life its always something for something, there is no such thing as something for nothing. You want something, you give something.” It’s as simple as that. It applies to everything in life from business to love. Hackers hack for fame and street cred, that can then be used as leverage for a career.
    That’s it. It was never for free. Sony has simply taken the veil off the charade. Good for the hackers they can now make money off their skills directly as opposed to the round about way in the past.

  17. dablakmark8

    I have a great saying i used all my life,been in the hacking scene since 2005 with the psp.
    Nothing is free in this world…something gotta give somewhere not even breathing is free