PSVita: Graphene releases Thread Optimizer – a plugin and configuration app letting you modify game threads to use the 4th CPU core reserved for system processes!


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  1. ZpectroO

    Once the .dat (capture) file has been created and edited, how do I load the new configuration?

  2. TiCoKH

    It is possible to play Jak & Daxter Trilogy with this around 30 FPS? I remember I stuck with Jak & Daxet 1 Vita in the underwater levels because of poor framerate. After that I switch to the PS3 version and completed the game with 100% and platinum around 20-hours play.
    And same with Sly Trilogy what was realy hard on Vita because of poor framerate it was easy in the PS3 version.

  3. yes

    This does improve fps stability

  4. Tony

    Idk about anyone else but it doesn’t even work for me, i made sure everything was setup correctly but when i save snapshots it says it was saved but opening the homebrew app says that there is none saved, vitashell also shows a blank directory at ux0:data/ThreadOptimizer