PSVita Release: Graphene releases CoreUnlocker80000H, a plugin allowing games & homebrew to use the PSVita’s 4th CPU core that’s reserved for system processes!


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  1. bolo

    Great news for Vita TV users – won’t make much difference for regular Vita though as the most limiting factor of Vita’s performance is actually the power delivery. Vita can BARELY deliver the power to its SOC making it underperform – just compare it with the performance of Vita TV using the same settings – you would never believe they are the same machine – Vita TV works so much faster as it doesn’t need to worry about the power at all.
    Making the extra core be used means making the SOC eat more power and there we go to the power delivery problems….

  2. Juankhagen


  3. Robert Matheson

    Interesting, we’ll see if it can improve games.

  4. Joe G

    That’s a really good news! Personally, I want to see RE2 Revealations and Most Wanted performing at the top.

  5. Joe G

    Also wonder what it would mean for Rinne’s N64 emulation!

  6. mgplayer 47


  7. Schadows

    First thing I would use it on Jak & Daxter (1st game). My beloved PS2 platformer, but the PS Vita version is unplayable with such low framrate, even with OCed CPU/GPU