Switch News: First SX Core and SX Lite units start arriving to approved testers – Team Xecuter to release installation instructions & SX OS boot.dat soon!


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  1. DavidB says:

    Boom 1st whatttttt

  2. Bl4ckbl00d says:

    I hope Team Xecuter receives a cease and desist from N

    • Blu3bl00d says:

      They won’t.

      • Bl4ckbl00d says:

        Also that this hack’s users get banned or better, have their switches bricked. I really hope so.

        • ProjectZX says:

          Why so aggresive?
          Doesn’t this support other payloads? Aside from sxos, I mean.
          Sure, it may be overpriced and whatnot… but I don’t see anybody else hacking mariko & lite.

          And if you just don’t support hacks….what are you doing here? xD

          • Bl4ckbl00d says:

            I support hacks but only for dead systems like the vita and 3ds. Hacks for current platforms kills them and I want the switch to last as long as possible.

          • Vorde says:

            Hacking online is the issue I have with it, but most people who expect to use this won’t play online.
            What was the last game console killed by hacking? I’ve never seen it happen before.

        • FFTW says:

          yeah right, the Xbox 360 was TOTALLY dead after it was hacked within a year of its release. Same for the OG Xbox, the PS2, the PS3, the Wii, and literally every single CD based system prior to this generation >_>.

          Seriously, ***. Not only do you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about, but you are wishing ill on innocents just because of your ignorance and stupidity.

        • Wheth says:

          It won’t happen, but your tears sure taste nice.

  3. cir9 says:

    i respect team xecuter devices but i am wait wide notices about the development of the dragon injector project

  4. shyu says:


  5. Leonardo says:

    Eu concordo com o Black Blood pois isso afasta o investimento das produtoras, o online da plataforma encolhe com relação ao número de hardwares vendidos pois estarão na sua maioria invadidos !
    A Nintendo possui uma enorme desvantagem com relação ao suporte de jogos multi plataforma , um hardware peculiar para ser portado, um esforço que na realidade de uma invasão na metade da base instalada ( suposição ) não iria valer a pena.
    Precisa pensar muito ?

    • Raikonen says:

      What happened my man? You seem oddly invested in this.
      Also, keep in mind that you can still get the chip from a Chinese based site that stocks from mainland. Stocks in US or Europe will suffer, yeah.

      • Bl4ckbl00d says:

        I don’t know, maybe it’s because a Team of a*holes is trying to ruin my favourite console. Or maybe the reason is that social distancing makes me get invested in stupid things like this. If I was a jobless slob I would probably be cheering for the hackers.

        • Digital957 says:

          Hacking a console in no way ruins it. As part of the PSP homebrew community. Having that system opened up did so much good for indie and homebrew development. I have a job and all the game I could want on the switch.There are a lot of cool uses for this that have nothing to do with Piracy.

          • Bl4ckbl00d says:

            Trust me I know, I’m a developer (not games tho) and I’m all about open hardware too. But >90% of the uses for this units are towards piracy and I don’t need sources for that, I’ve in the hacking scene since the release of chickHen for the psp and by now this is just history repeating itself once again.

    • CarlTrek says:

      Xecuter won’t die that easily even if you willing so. Their factory and dev team are all in China which is famous for middle fingers towards intellectual properties.

  6. wrty says:


  1. May 21, 2020

    […] and use pirated games”. However, Nintendo also made direct mention of Team Xecuter’s upcoming SX Lite and SX Core modchips in their lawsuits stating its intention to also go after those taking pre-orders for these hacking […]