Switch & Emulation News: GameCard Installer NX 2.0 released with faster install speed & more while Citra gets savestate, New 3DS & texture upscaling support!


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  1. muddafcka says:



  2. Gandolf says:

    Isn’t a tool of this sort used to be called the ROM dumper back in the olden days? There seem to be a disconnect in the current generation of console hackers and the old ones or people just think its not trendy any more?

    • unknown stranger alien says:

      Kind of, because this is not a ROM dumper per se. There are ROM dumpers and this is not it. This is just an util to take a cartridge and fully install it (e.g not requiring the cartridge to be there anymore) on NAND. And you could potentially take this install and make a ROM out of it but most people wouldn’t even know where to start, so that would be a stretch to even say it allows you to do that.

    • Zakin says:

      Not really, they aren’t ROMs anymore. Haven’t been on most consoles for a couple generations.

  3. Prof955 says:

    is “texture filtering ” thing were real? i tought it was an april fools joke.
    C’mon… even preview for this feature, screenshots just seem like a smudge on screen 🙁

    i don’t want to believe someone used energy on this. No one wants that. old games are great as they are. resolution upgrade / save states / integer scale ect. those are great features. but changing how game look is something else imho.

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Emulating 3DS to play minecraft must be the dumbest thing one could posibly do.

  5. enderzombie says:

    Kinda wishing I hadn’t sold my hacked switch now. The community for it is doing some amazing things.