“Road to PS5”: Sony reveal more technical specs of the PS5


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12 Responses

  1. Arnie says:

    In related news; Xbox Series X wins out the specs race. Sony was bad and should feel bad.

    P.S. it should be noted that while officially Vitas’ PSP backwards compatibility was lacking, unofficially it is 100% thanks to people like to TheFlow. This could potentially happen with the PS5 but who knows.

    Either way, went out and bought a decent gaming laptop and will enjoy the xbox exclusives.

  2. evilpaul says:

    It looks fast enough to actually run games at 1080p60, finally. Loading times won’t be terrible, as well. Both consoles are just looking to be caught up to a decent gaming PC. I wouldn’t expect 4K60 on the flashiest looking games.

    • stranger alien says:

      Tell that to youtube comments section where kids think this will do raytracing AND 4k@120 (xbox) for $600 USD or whatever.

  3. susan says:

    why dont’ PS1 and PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility 🙁

    • Gumi says:

      Because it won’t bring any money for sony, they rather still continue “supporting” psnow and just a bunch of retro games. They just don’t give a ***.

    • 808080 says:

      because to support PS3 they will have to insert PS3 hardware. they could support ps1 and 2 through emulation though, but why would they do that if they can sell “chosen” games again?

  4. Pav says:

    Don’t forget that the Xbox X is a potentially a pricer console and when microsoft anounce the cheeper version (that most of us can affored) it will be the same or even worse than the ps5. What I’m trying to say is dont juge before we hear the prices. In the end the ps5 maybe more officent in terms of price\power. and also specs is not everything.

    • Geoson says:

      I think PS5 will be in the middle with Xbox Lockhart being the lower end and Xbox Series X at the top specs wise and also price wise. Most likely Sony will price PS5 for $449 USD and Xbox Series X will probably be $549 USD and Lockhart will be $349 USD. But if MS is aggressive they can price Xbox Series X to be just $499 USD. It’s only great for the consumers. Both are really powerful consoles. With Series X having better raytracing and PS5 having better SSD and 3D Audio.

  5. Kronos says:

    Wasn’t the compatibility issue related to the boost mode? If I recall correctly most PS4 should just work out the box but to use the boost mode to upscale/get better fps is being tested because not every game was programed to work with certain features.

  6. Anon says:

    sooo it can do everything my 3 year old pc can do? 😛

  7. nebu_187 says:

    i will buy a PS5 when PS6 is 1 year old 🙂