Xbox Series X Leak: We now know what ports the Series X will have


I love Nintendo, Sony, and the hacking groups for them. :D

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  1. Duke says:

    Either not final or fake. At this point they should aready be adding DisplayPorts on these things

  2. darthwaldi85 says:

    damn i really like this box design 😉

  3. Tony Valanga says:

    One must be idiot for leaking images without hiding the serial number…. unless he wants to be found.

  4. Milo997 says:

    i sincerely hope they do plan to add the HDMI input port again. this is a mandatory requirement for Microsoft’s vision of a family of devices. i for one won’t purchase the new Xbox otherwise.

    but i also won’t buy it either if they don’t update to some more modern standards. HDMI? really? SPDIF? really? so much for modern gaming on a console. i might just have to save up some extra money to upgrade the PC.

  5. hslick says:

    imagine still having a SPDIF port in 2020.

    I mean *I* still use SPDIF, but I still use 4:3 monitors.

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