Switch & PSVita Releases: GameCard Installer NX for the Switch letting you install cartridge games on NAND or SD Card & Quick Power for PSVita adding Stand-By/Shutdown to Quick Menu


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  1. cbxbox


  2. Jefphar

    This app in Nintendo Switch will open the flood gates to piracy

    • WakuMan

      Nah, you can just download the games right now, this is just for people who thinks piracy is bad but doesn’t want to carry their gamecarts.
      Imagine being a pirate and have to rent or buy the games to install them… That makes no sense dude.

    • TotalJustice

      I think the piracy floodgates are already wide open in the switch scene, although I don’t feel like my app promotes it.

      People could borrow a game from someone then install it, that would be piracy, but that’s probably as far as it would go. There’s much easier ways for pirates to pirate a huge library of games if they so wanted.

      • zfreeman

        You could argue that this actually fights piracy, as it requires you to use a legitimate copy of a game.

  3. Snake218

    Can a mod please ip ban or user ban that idiot posting the same over and over? Some people (me included) are taking the decision to not read comments anymore (or even the post)

  4. Youffie

    Woaw . . . Really. . . Team eXcuter SXOS already provide game card dumping since 2 years already !!

  5. TotalJustice

    I designed this app to ensure piracy increases on the switch. I hope Nintendo suffers financial pain with my app. Thanks the write up Z.