Switch News: Team Xecuter shows SX OS 3.0 running on Switch Lite giving concrete proof to their claims!


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  1. DJPlace

    about time.

  2. Dulet


  3. PoppaD

    I’ll stay skeptical until it’s been made public. Even the most naive person can disassemble and swap out the internals between the two boards. Some people will go a long way to put up a front, but tbh I have no skin in the game and can’t care much more than atmosphere and my free legit mod that lets me play as linkle.

    Course if Nintendo didn’t suck and supported mods then I wouldn’t hack my games in the first place.

  4. nfiectenc

    please team xt explain more about if its run with the adapter rcm jig or is soldering modchip into the motherboard.

  5. BobbyDigital

    I think you may have meant RetroArch on the PS Vita instead of the PS4.

  6. Slarty1408

    Interesting news i swear tx have just decrypted the soc and flashed moded ver to adafruit trinket M0

  7. rdnerdz

    hmm be carefull ,
    something is weird when the game launch and the camera between 0:43 and 0:46