Davee teases Infinity 2.0 – Adds PSP E1000 support, provides bug fixes and other improvements!

The Zett

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  1. Greiga

    Yes! THANK YOU!

  2. Renato

    I bricked my psp street. Will I be able to get my baby back again?

  3. Joseph

    Is there a point on installing this over the infinity cfw version 1 on a psp 3000

    • yesman


      • Gregor

        Not really, version1 works fine just as is on a 3000. Stahility is vague. Also thread states and is the only point one might want to
        “Davee also fixed some of the issues that the older versions of Infinity used to have, such as some PSPgo pause feature and XMB theme bugs. Infinity 2.0 will require PSP firmwares 6.60 or 6.61.”

  4. feredt

    finally swapped account

  5. Rowjack

    Can’t wait for this, Something to Perma patch the Go and 3000 with

  6. OpenEdition-A

    Davee is a LEGEND. Respect. Wasn’t expecting him to still work on the PSP.

  7. Edward

    Does this support PSP 2000 models?

    • The Zett

      This supports every PSP, but it is a bit redundant on the PSP 1000 and the old hackable 2000s.

      This is mainly for the newer ‘unhackable’ 2000s, all 3000s, PSPgo and E1000.


    This is awesome news!! Can’t believe the PSP hacking community gets to live another short while longer. I got my 3000 just in time!!