PS3 & Emulation News: Rebug 4.85.1 LITE (CEX) released & RetroArch 1.8.0 is out with highly improved Material UI for mobile devices + better video driver switching


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5 Responses

  1. Ryan Sawyer

    Hope the emulator works well

  2. JI11

    Great post!
    I was wondering if you could give us some details on using minivitatv in combination with retroarch!
    2 Player with a Dualshock4 each would just be great – particularly with one of the new vita docks ;P !
    I am just really confused if i need to download a special build or if there is a trick to get everything running in retroarch 1.79/ 1.80?!
    In any case best regards! Keep the work up!

  3. jym

    Retro arch PS3 , stall have the problem on not loading the shaders since 1.0!!!!!!!!