PSVita News: Diablo I port making use of DevilutionX released and DaedalusX64 1.1.8 (N64 emulator) is out with performance improvements


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  1. Johnathan Place

    if conker and dr mario 64 work with this n64 emulator i would PEZ my pants

  2. matiascel

    Thanks for keep on sharing the news of the scene, your articles are very detailed, well written and accessible for all users.

  3. gokuhs

    Wow! Thanks for the new Aurora!

  4. Mário Moreira

    Can’t we have a mouse on the PSVita? This would solve the unplayability.

  5. refered


  6. Unknown

    for now D1 non playable without adrenaline imho..
    drastic 2020 open source is delicious news, thx

  7. Chad gilkup

    Tried installing Daedalus 1.18 using adrenaline 6.61 when I try to open Daedalus goes to black screen. Doesn’t crash but just black screen. Please help